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Rash on Top of Feet


I have a red rash on top of my foot that is made up of 4 lines approximately 1 cm in width that turn circular to my toes.
My dermatologist has never seen anything like it. Does anyone know what it could be?

By Pat from RI


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By Rudy (Guest Post) 08/01/2008 Flag

Hi folks, Enough said above. Here is what you need to do.
1. Go to a dermatologist.
2. Before you make an appointment, find out if the dermatologist treats feet with rash, fungus or what ever problem you are having with your feet. Not all dermatologists are specialized in the same field.
3. When you get there, pay attention. Before any treatment is prescribed, the dermatologist should take a sample of your skin and send it to a lab for testing to diagnose the correct infection. If that is not being done, tell the dermatologist politely to have a sample of the infected area sent to a lab for testing. The reason why this is important. They are several types of feet infections that look the same and all the cures are different.

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By Kris 2 05/12/2009 Flag

I have this problem also. Last summer I had a rash on one of my feet for most of the summer. Then this spring as soon as I started wearing flip-flops and flats it flared up. The rash is red, very itchy at times and almost blistered. I used a high strength hydrocortisone, but it didn't seem to do much.

My doctor and I finally figured out (I hope!) that it's actually photosensitivity (a reaction to the sun). She thought I might have had a sunburn on that foot at one time. I also take high blood pressure medication (a diuretic) that can cause photosensitivity. I've been wearing socks or sunscreen for a few days now and it's improving a lot.

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By Nancy 1 12/10/2010 Flag

I had a red itchy rash only on the tops of both feet for 6 months. Nothing I tried worked to stop the itch. I finally went to a dermatologist and he diagnosed it as an allergic reaction to the leather straps of my very expensive sandals. I own another pair that I wore all last year with no problems, but the newer pair apparently has something different in the leather. I stopped wearing the shoes, took an antihistamine for the itch and applied a prescription cream. After one week the rash is totally gone. I will try wearing socks the the guilty shoes to see if that will work. They are just too expensive to give away.

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By Lisa 2 656 04/15/2010 Flag

Did your dermatologist make any recommendations? I used to work for a doctor, and I know there were times when he would consult with other doctors if there were challenging cases. If nothing else, maybe he could recommend someone for a second opinion (or you could find another doctor on your own).

Best of luck. I hope someone is able to diagnose your problem soon!

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By StellaBell 179 146 04/15/2010 Flag

Have you bought any new footwear recently? I know there was a story awhile back of a woman who bought Chinese made zories from Wal-Mart which gave her a chemical burn on her feet after just one day of wearing them.
Hear is a page I found about it:

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By cecile marie buteau 12 7 04/16/2010 Flag

Hi! It looks to me from a shoe worn such as a flip flop made of synthetic materials. Wear and tear such as moisture underneath the top bands of shoe ware may cause such a rash. Another cause would be wearing shoes that you are allergic to. It is highly unusual to have such a pattern naturally, since there is no anatomical structure that would correlate to muscle or tissue to show this kind of damage.

My suggestion: Change your shoes and dry out your feet, and apply a fungus medicine such as fungi cure.
Good luck.

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By Lilac 20 1,329 04/16/2010 Flag

Buy some shoes not made in China. They use toxic chemicals even though they say they don't.

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By Deborah570 18 04/16/2010 Flag

Lime disease - it makes a circular pattern on the skin. If you have a test for Lime disease too early you can get a false negative. This happened to my Son-in-law 10 years ago. The germ can lay dormant and can flare up in neurological disorders. My SIL is now suffering from Bell's Palsy as a result of Lime disease. I'd go back to my doctor if I were you.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 04/16/2010 Flag

I would either go to a podiatrist, or find another dermatologist.

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By tahlula 4 203 04/18/2010 Flag

It might be Lime Disease. Get a referral to a specialist. Good Luck.

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By Corine Anderson 3 6 04/18/2010 Flag

Do you have shoes that have that pattern on the top? It could be an allergic reaction if you were wearing them without stockings. It also looks more like a sunburn from wearing patterned shoes/sandals. I've never heard of that particular pattern from Lyme disease as some have suggested, but it is always worth having yourself tested for that. I'd suggest getting some Neomycin (triple antibiotic ointment) to put on your foot. It won't hurt and it might help get rid of it.

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By Molly Ringer 45 05/31/2010 Flag

Really looks like a sunburn! Yikes, hope you've figured it out

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By Gary 2 07/10/2010 Flag

In regards to the problem with a severe rash on top of your feet, I have had the exact same problem. From out of nowhere 3 months ago, I developed a very severe rash that started on one foot, hardly noticeable, but red dots that itched like crazy. As time went on the rash became more severe and covered both feet. Listen closely, 3 months ago I changed my Contact Lens solution from Alcon to Baush and Lomb RENU, 2 days ago I realized that my contacts were also giving me a lot of trouble, so I swithched back to Alcon. Presto, the rash stopped itching and today the 10th of July, 2010, I have no itching, and no burning. The very first time in over 3 months. I have enclosed a picture that was taken just 3 days ago of my right foot. You can see how severe this rash was. I will post pictures on Monday the `12th of July 2010, and you can compare the results. Hopefully this will help some of you, if you are contact lens wearers. My original post that was posted this morning, has already been removed by some unknown source. Heads up, I think I'm on to something.

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By Gary 2 07/11/2010 Flag

Updated pictures as of 7/11/2010 on my progress with my rash. All I have done is stopped using the Baush&Lomb RENU contact solution. This is amazing.

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By PioneerShelly 4 12/21/2010 Flag

I've had this weird rash on top of both my feets for about a month now. I heard I could have had a reaction to a new pair of shoes I just got. I don't know but when it first began to appear my feet were swollen and red on top. Not just one feet but on both of them. It began to itch so I used a poison ivy cream. It seemed to be fading a bit but I still feel a bit of itchy. So now I decided to use lime to help reduce the red color and the itchiness. I hope it disappears completely though I'm not so sure if it would. Can somebody please give me some advice onto what can I do to make it go away ?

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By Carmen F 1 05/11/2011 Flag

Last summer a similar thing happened to me. I wore a pair of sandals I had worn numerous times for the last couple of years. One day after work, as I was getting into my car, both of the top of my feet, under the straps, started itching really bad. I couldn't stop scratching! I thought maybe some type of powder or plant had caused an allergic reaction. This lasted for 2 months. It got red, inflamed, gray and scaly, and was very itchy. I thought that maybe it was a type of poison ivy.

I used an eczema cream, a triple antibiotic, nothing. I used an anti-fungal cream, nothing. I finally used an allergy ointment and it went away. I never used those sandals again. Now, after the long winter, I began using sandals again and a brand new pair has now caused the same reaction. Weird! I'm thinking it is an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the straps. This is very weird. And the "rash" is in a line just as the strap on the sandals touched my skin.

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By Sharon 1 06/27/2011 Flag

Be sure to wear all cotton socks and use Bag Balm on it. My husband had this problem and the all cotton socks and Bag Balm worked.

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By susan 8 1,368 06/27/2011 Flag

Have you been wearing sandals with metal against the foot (from holding on a flower, beads, or any other design feature). It may be a metal allergy. I am allergic to metals and cannot wear many sandals because of this problem.

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Hi There! My name is Vannesa and I'm new! This is a great site. I have had a problem with my feet for a few months now and I need help, I get bad itchy skin on the tops of my feet, after I scratch the the itch it gets worse until I break the skin and bleed, Only then the itch stops for a few days then returns.

Archive: Rash on Top of Feet

I have had a problem with my feet for a few months now and I need help, I get bad itchy skin on the tops of my feet...

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