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Rotten Egg Smell in House


What could be causing a rotten egg/sulfur smell in my house every once in a while? I'm not sure of the cause and not real sure where it's coming from either. Is there any danger in this? Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

By Teresa from Richlands


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By Cassy Roberts 2 10 09/29/2009 Flag

You might want to consider a few things:
1. Are feminine products being flushed down the toilets? Sometimes sewage systems will "burp".
2. Is your outside trash can near the heat/cooling unit or near the dryer vent?
3. Do you smell it more when it is hot or very wet outside? There may be an animal/rodent that is leaving feces in a hidden area inside the walls/eaves/attic.

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By cyndee kromminga 17 12 09/29/2009 Flag

We live in the country and have this smell when our propane tank is almost empty. If you don't have a propane tank, call your gas company and get their advice. You may have a leak.

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By Maryann Welden 5 6 09/29/2009 Flag

I do believe I have heard that natural gas has an ingredient added that smells like rotten eggs. This is added because natural gas has no smell. You may want to call the gas company and ask them about the smell and see what they say.

Mary in Camden, MI

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By Linda 28 10/01/2009 Flag

Yes, they have been running a commercial around here saying that if you smell something that smells like rotten eggs to call the gas company immediately.

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By Pat 1 10/04/2009 Flag

I've had that same smell in my house and a plumber told me, since I'm remodeling and have a drain that has not been used for several months, to make sure water stays in the trap so that the sewer smell does not leak into the house. Since the drain is not being used, I have to manually add 2-4 cups of water to it periodically to keep it filled.

For me, this smell is different than the gas smell I've detected in the past. However, it's always better to be sure and check all possibilities.

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By Darla 24 179 10/08/2009 Flag

I remember reading a clip about some houses having trouble with drywall being installed that was imported from China. It stated that the problem would cause a rotten egg smell.

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