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Keep a Greeting Card File

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To save money on greeting cards, keep a card file! I am always on the hunt for bargain cards/note cards to send for birthdays and other occasions. I even have get well, and sympathy cards on hand.

I find them at dollar stores, thrift shops, and even as gifts from card manufacturers. I just got sweet cards for hubby's birthday in a box of cards. I also keep a calligraphy pen set to write in personalized greetings; especially in note cards without any greeting inside. Your recipients will have no idea that the card priced at $3-4 on the back was gotten for $.25 or less!

By Pamphyila from LA, CA


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By Robyn Fed [394]07/18/2010

I like this idea! I am going to do this and file my cards! Great idea!

By Debbie Dzurilla [28]06/22/2009

I sometimes make cards on the computer. Often times I'll buy cards at the discount card shops or Dollar stores. Also I am always on the look out for nice cards at garage sales and thrift stores.

At a garage sale I found this neat card file box. It not only looks real pretty but came with dividers. When my Mom died I took a bunch of unused all occasion cards from her house and it sure was nice to get them all organized.

This was a good idea! It's always the thought that counts and I think if you can find nice cards on sale or make them yourself, why spend big money on Hallmark!

By Debbie Jennings [3]06/20/2009

I try to make my own. I have a card program and can personalize the cards for each person. I do habve a box that I keep them in. You can keep the cards in there by month or by type or both.

By Frances Adams [11]06/19/2009

You can also buy the little boxes of general grettings, some stores have them at 20 for $1. I remove these from the boxes, and turn them sideways in a shoe box, using the cut up boxes to make dividers, then label them sympathy, female birthday, boy birthday, baby, get well, etc. Even the blank ones can be filed this way.
It saves alot of time and money!

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