Easy Pour Laundry Detergent Container Leaks


Why does the easy pour laundry detergent always leak? I put it on the shelf above the washer and make sure the cap is on securely, but it leaks. I tried standing it on the side and the detergent seeps out creating a real mess in my laundry area and wasting a lot of detergent.

By lessisbest from Wilmington, MA


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By Vicki [24] 03/28/2011

More than likely your detergent bottle is not leaking, it is the cap leaking after you have used it. (After you put it back on, the remaining detergent begins to seep out.) Try pouring the soap into a disposable cup (or another cap you have saved from an earlier bottle) and see if that's not "it". It is an annoying feature of liquid detergent.

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By Dandylion777 03/28/2011

The same thing happens to me, it isn't the cap leaking it's the actual carton. Here's a thrifty tip I used to fix it: I took a used, empty dryer sheet box, folded the lid back, and slid it under the container. That way the dryer sheet box is under the spout, and the container drips down into the box. Problem solved, no more gummy, sticky messes to clean up. Hope that helps.

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By Judy = Oklahoma [60] 03/31/2011

The same thing happens to me. I thought it was just a defective bottle, but after it happened with 4 different bottles, I quit buying the easy pour bottles. And I always rinsed the cap out with water before I put it back on, so I know it was the bottle leaking!

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By lessisbest [5] 04/03/2011

I'm glad to hear I am not the only one that has experienced this problem. I think the bottle is not designed properly. Detergent leaks out the seam. I had the problem with ALL, and TIDE more than once. I think it the because the bottle is sitting on wire shelving so it is not getting enough support for the weight and the liquid slowly leaks out the seam. Im surprised more people have not complained because most laundry rooms have the white coated wire closet shelving like ours. I like the notion that I can keep the bottle on a shelf above the washer so I am going to place a piece of wood under the next bottle I use to add more support and see if that is the solution.The bottle I have is so weak and even now that it is properly supported the detergent leaks out the seam. It is such a waste and all the hangers that use that shelving are sticky from dripping detergent. Does anyone know how to voice this complaint to TIDE or ALL? the label on the bottle I have now is all washed off due to the problem.

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By joco121756 07/16/2014

I have purchased 5 bottles of All liquid detergent over the last 2 years. They have each leaked out of the bottom seam within a day or two of purchase. Yes, before they were even used. The first bottle sat on my drier, the next one was on a sturdy wooden shelf. The others were stored on the floor to reduce the possible mess. Each time I purchased I thought it was just a random bad bottle but I believe the quality of the container has declined. I love liquid All but won't be buying it any more.

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