Bleach Tablet Stuck in Toilet


I accidentally flushed a bleach tablet down the toilet and now it is stuck. A plunger won't work. Is there a way to dissolve it? Help!

By Chick


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Whatever you do, do not use anything other than warm (not hot) water to try to dissolve the tablet more quickly! Don't even use something as simple as baking soda or vinegar because anything with chlorine bleach in it can have a dangerous chemical reaction mixed with 'any' other chemical! If waiting for the tablet to dissolve is not an option and plunging doesn't work then snaking the toilet should do the trick.

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By thinkfast 3 09/05/2010

Same story here. I accidentally flushed down one of those hard, drop-in-tank toilet bowl cleaners. Now it's lodged in the pipes and the bowl won't drain except while plunging vigorously. Is there any chemical or other method that can be poured down the toilet to dissolve the hard disc? It is designed to dissolve gradually over 4 months in the tank, but I can't wait that long to get my toilet back! If not dissolve it, any other suggestions?

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By thinkfast 3 09/05/2010

By the way, thanks Deeli for your words of caution. I worked with chemists and other scientists for 2 years in a company that made its money by promoting safety, and I agree completely. Don't mix products formulated with bleach with any other chemicals unless doing so in a highly ventilated area (i.e., outdoors or under a certified laboratory fume hood, not in your residential bathroom) and wearing certified protective equipment certified for respiration, skin, and eyes.

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By thinkfast 3 09/05/2010

I've been pouring pot after pot of hot water down the toilet for a couple hours. It's starting to drain faster. Any other suggestions?

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Thinkfast, did you try using the snake I suggested? It will greatly help break that tablet up! You can purchase one at any hardware store or places like Home Depot or even rent one from an equipment rental company. Personally, I would just purchase one and have it on hand for future plumbing needs instead of renting. And thank you for stating you know professionally about chemical reactions I mentioned! Let me know how the plug up problem is faring. :-)

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I put a bleach tablet in my toilet and some broke off so now the toilet doesn't flush well and the water does not go down.

By Mary Ann from Stockton, CA

RE: Bleach Tablet Stuck in Toilet

Have you tried plunging it with a plunger yes or no? (06/30/2010)

By britneynickole

RE: Bleach Tablet Stuck in Toilet

Scoop out as much water as you can then put in a couple of spoonfuls of bicarb soda followed by a cup of white vinegar. (07/01/2010)

By darnit

RE: Bleach Tablet Stuck in Toilet

The chlorine tab should not be a problem, it will naturally break down. However if you have other stuff in there then it might be holding it, time to plunge it. I put mine in a onion net bag. Tie a knot so it doesn't fall in, and put a slice towards the top to put in the tab.

Ria (07/02/2010)


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