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Cleaning and Organizing My Room

I really need advice on how to clean my room. I spend almost every weekend cleaning it but I am just not organized enough to keep it clean. If any one has any tips please help.

Danielle from Kent, WA

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I have found the best thing to do is start small. If you have an excess of items that you haven't used in more than 1 week, it's time for it to go. Many charities will take these items in good condition. Then you will have more space to work with.

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OH-MY! What a kick! My adult kids live in or near Kent, WA! ...Below is the book that helped me like you wouldn't believe! It's an easy read that's also funny too! There's simple tips about how & where & when to clean, plus info about exactly WHAT kind of "Messy" you are. For example, I love to craft & sew so much I'll go from one project to the next without cleaning up in between, & if you do this for a month straight you don't even know WHERE to BEGIN cleaning

I used to just stare at the mess, not knowing where to start! The author suggests you start by the door then follow around the walls in one direction. She says you always need 3 - 4 empty boxes whenever you clean. One for things that go elsewhere in the house. One for give away & One for throw away. This means you won't be running all around the house each time you need to take something to the kitchen or wherever. This book has changed my life!


http://www.amaz … ng/dp/0800757262

THE MESSIES MANUAL: about $3 (the original written in the 1980's)

http://www.amaz … ty/dp/0800759796

PS. Instead of cinder block under my bed (which are REALLY heavy) I used a stack of tiles that I taped together w/masking tape. As long as it's sturdy enough to hold your bed up, it'll work to raise your bed for more storage underneath!

Another thing that really has helped me with my little things (like sewing & craft supplies) is, I went to the Fred Meyer in Kent & bought some of their shelving strips that hook to your wall (they also have some free standing wood shelves for super cheep that can be painted)

Then I went to the Dollar Tree in Kent (on the corner where Kent-Kangley meets 240th Street) & bought a bunch of Square Plastic Dish Pans. These I arranged on the shelves to store things in. At "Dollar Tree" I also bought about 8 clear "shoe" boxes for storing smaller items. (they don't sell them at "Everything is $1, the other dollar store)

At the "Big Lots" in downtown Kent (across from K-mart) they sell a single bed for only $99 that comes with 3 drawers under in. Big Lots also have nice (free-standing) shelves for only $39. Big Lots is the best place to buy under bed storage boxes. That's where I bought my ("veggie") stacking Bins (where I keep my tools) I eye-bolted & wired them to the studs in my wall so they wouldn't fall over & they are now stacked to the ceiling full of tools.

---> But Danielle, You really have to make a decision. Do you want to spend 15 minutes a DAY cleaning your room, or a WHOLE DAY on the weekends cleaning it? Me, I usually go for the latter & WISH I'd done the former. <*grin*> GOOD LUCK to you!

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First I think its great you want to organize and clean thats wonderful! Try getting some storage containers to start with to get your stuff organized. If you have space under the bed get some of the containers that roll under the bed to store stuff. As for cleaning once stuff is organized what I do is try to schedule my cleaning times. When I'm really busy I do a little between appointments or whatever so your not so tired. And frustrated.

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Pick up after yourself. If you pick it up, put it away. Handle things only one time; don't put it down and think you'll get to it later. You won't; that's why the room is messy.

In the morning, EVERY MORNING, make your bed and take a two-minute swipe at your bathroom with sanitizing wipes while you're getting dressed. On your way to the kitchen for breakfast, take any dishes or laundry with you.

These four simple steps will go a long way to keeping things neat and inspiring you to further order.

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Decide a few things: When is the last time you used or wore an item, can or will you use it again, and (be honest) does it fit? If you have many coats, keep two. One for everyday, and one for dressy occasions. same for shoes. Be selective and ruthless. Just think, if you donate to charity, it can be tax deductable, you give to someone not as fortunate as you, and you feel good. Win-win situation!

Books: Have you read it in the past year? Will you read it in the next six months? If no, donate it.

Bedding: I keep three seperate sheet/bedding sets, one heavy (winter) one lighter (summer) and one just cos I like it. Get those spacebags that you can vacuum out the air...just make sure if you do that route that you know that if you open and close those bags too much, I find that they do not stay airtight, and start to split...for my children (4 and 7), I keep two complete sets of bedding. One on the bed, one in the closet for when I change bedding.

oh, this should have gone with books, but: Magazines. If you buy it every month, subscribe, you'll save money. Then, after you have read the magazine cover to cover, if there is an article you really like, scan it into your computer, then donate it to local doctor or dentist offices or hospital waiting rooms.

As for storage: Don't forget that you can build UP as well as across. Stackable cubes, bins, etc. but one of the best things for keeping things neat: get in the habit of putting it away right when done using it...don't fall into the 'I'll do it later' routine. Also, before you go to bed, give your room a once over. Any dirty laundry that needs to be put in the hamper or clean that needs to be put away? Desk clear? Everything picked up from the floor?

Trust me, it may seem like it may take forever, but it won't, work steady, thoroughly and methodically. Slow and steady wins the race. If you are not sure, most likely you can get rid of it with very little exception.

Watch HGTV for those organising shows, as they often give inexpensive, creative and very cute ideas. Then watch 'How Clean Is Your House?' (check local listings) or Clean Sweep (again, check local listings) and see how bad it can really get, if you do not get ahold of it now.

Good Luck

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April 5, 20080 found this helpful

Just go to and she will help you. It is a free service.

I have been involved with this site for over 5 yrs and love the tips, ideas and support that is offered.

The most important tip in my opinion is to keep your running shoes on in the house.


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April 5, 20080 found this helpful

I think the best advice is to take baby steps.

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I just helped a friend and one thing that really seems to have worked to make the room STAY clear is to put everything on the walls. Make your room like a store where everything is in plain sight so when you want to put stuff away you just throw this over here, that over there, no opening and shutting stuff. I hung tie racks up for necklaces, a shoebag rack on the wall for all the shoes (no more rooting around on the floor way back in the closet). A towel bar holds all the headbands, and a towel below that is on a second rod hanging there, and all the earrings hook into that. We went through the clothes and all the seldom-used ones went into the basement (warm dry basement). A set of bookshelves now has all the pants and tops, open and ready to grab. She didn't have a file cabinet so I bought a portable one, labeled categories, so now her photos and papers are safe and 'findable'. Her dirty laundry basket is at the foot of the bed, under a table, so it's sort of not so obvious yet a slam-dunk away. Good luck!

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It is probably because you have too much in your room and that will make anyone stressful. Having less, means less stress or have lots of drawers to put the excess into. Also, dusting the furniture every week and cleaning the floors. Windows seasonally. Washing curtians, seasonally.

Donate the excess that you do not want or have a garage sale or auction. If you can keep up with the extra it is okay, but if not, get rid of it.

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I cant keep my room clean. It is just too hard. I'm only 12.

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Start with your closet get some organizers and some storage bins together. Put them on the ground in your closet then get some shelves that are easy to install and replace. Put your small things in the organizer, medium sized things in the bins and large items in the shelves. Make sure to put them in neat or your will have a hard time finding them. Put your clothes on a rack in the closet if you have room or space. Use these tips and you can have a tidier closet and a neater room.

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August 28, 20080 found this helpful

Please please please help. I live in my room which is a constant mess. I clean it every day and it gets no better. I am a uni student. I study fashion design and I work where i sleep basically. I have papers ever where, and a fabric bin and loads of shelving but nothing seems to be working. I throw things away like there is no tomorrow and get really stressed at the sight of my room. I throw away black bags of stuff and my room never seems to be clean. HELP any suggestions for storage or how to sort my room out?

jahmayze AT

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September 13, 20080 found this helpful

My room is messy and does not look cool! I need a way to organize and decorate my room, without spending money! I'm only 11!

by mj

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September 23, 20080 found this helpful

I try to keep my room clean but it just gets messy a few days later. I hate doing it. It's so boring. What can I do to keep my room clean or make cleaning my room fun?

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I share a bedroom with my son and my fiance, and it's constantly a mess. I want to organize it, but every time I try it becomes cluttered. I am out of ideas. Can anyone HELP? I am also low income, and can't afford much. We are running out of floor space.

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October 26, 20080 found this helpful

I can study in my room. I love to make my room better. I am only 12 years from Australian.

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January 10, 20090 found this helpful

We all know its not fun or easy,but to live a healthy lifestyle,your room should be at least some clean. Did you know kids on average with a cleaner room do better in school and get good grades? Anys ways back on how to clean your room. If you get laundery always put it right away! And if you play a game clean up right after you're done. This way you won't have to clean a HUGE mess in your room later when you are tired and want to sleep. Hope this helps



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February 22, 20090 found this helpful

Thank u kayrn, the tip about the running shoes in the house was really helpful to me becausse it seemed to increase my eneergy level alot. Now can u help me get my clothes put away. I have only one little dresser for my little girl , two shelves no closet ? ps I am on what I like to call the cash free biudget. HELP PLEASE

tks again jessica

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Danielle, repetition. Spend the time to see how you use your stuff then design storage based on your usage pattern. Start putting items back where they came from every time.

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April 3, 20080 found this helpful

I really need help organizing my room. I don't have alot of stuff, just books and craft things, but whenever I pick my room up, it just gets messy again! Somehow stuf finds its way to the floor or bed! I'm 13 and need help on how to keep my room clean.

Bookluver! from Fallon, Nevada


Cleaning and Organizing My Room

I can't believe no one responded to your post.

I think one of the ways to keep a room neat is to have a good system for where to keep things. First decide what is really important to you. What do you have or have a lot of that's really important? Clothes? Games? Videos? Computer desk? Art supplies? A doll collection or stuffed animals?

Whatever they are, you need to see what you have that you MUST keep in your room or you'll die without. So if clothes are really important, maybe you can get some parent help to redo your closet for maximum use and maybe even put your dresser in there or build in drawers so there's less furniture in your room. If you have a collection of something but the stuff gets in the way, maybe you can build a shelf along the ceiling a couple of feet down and put that stuff out of the way but still displayed.

I suggest the best book to read "Organizing from the Inside Out for Teens".

By Allison

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

We had this request before:

There are step by step instructions how to clean your room.

By Susan

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

Yes, I know how you feel, having a messy room is no fun. Also wanting to start a new page by rearranging your room is a good thing to do before starting middle school. Start by just picking up your clothes and hanging them up, dust , vacuum etc. Then ask for an adults permission to rearrange your room. Instead of having your bed boring against the wall. Put it at a diagnol or change its posistion completely. Everynight before bed tidy up what you had taken out that day. If your parents see how clean you can keep your room, they may consider redesigning it.

by Abby

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

I have lived in tiny dorm rooms to sharing tiny apartments- tips from a 26 yr. old girl

1) Raise the bed by bed risers your parents can buy or cinder blocks.

Under the bed, keep plastic bins and label them. The plastic bins are good for keeping out of season clothing or shoes that you don't wear all of the time. It also keeps the dust out. Clear bins are a must- you have to see your goods. These will last a long time and you can take them to college!

2) Use cardboard boxes and cover them in magazine paper. Make collages or use funky wrapping paper to decorate them. You can also cover coffee cans. These can be used for desk storage. I personally like shoe boxes of the same size. You can stack them and keep momentos.

3) Laundry storage. Take 3 narrow trash cans with good flip lids. Provided you have the space, you can use these to sort clothing instead of dumping them into one giant hamper.

4) Cd storage is a biggie. Eliminate tons of cd racks and invest in those carry cases. They have stylish zippered "books" which hold up to 200 cds without cases. They look like binders but zip closed so dust stays out.

5) Instead of a nightstand, get a trash bin and cover it with a inexpensive sheet or end table cover. You can make it look like a fancy table but underneath hides the clutter. They have glass top rounds which are at any discount store like Walmart. Put it over the table cloth and it provides a sturdy surface to place your alarm clock or mini lamp. Store stuff that you don't always use but might need- like blankets. Just don't put anything in there that you will need to get to on a regular basis. It would be a pain to take off everything just to get to the bin!

6) Those mesh or plastic shower carriers are great for holding makeup. It hangs with a hook and can be folded up. You can see what you need to grab and it saves time digging through a makeup case. Plus, you can tote it with you and then fold it up when not in use.

7) HAve a school zone where you keep all your things in one place. Store your coat, gloves, hat, etc. then bookbag. If it is all in one place, you will never rush around in the morning. Set up school outfits the night before.

Keeping clutter down is really important to a clean room. If you haven't used something in one school year, ask yourself why you are saving it. Keep a box of those items you might want to hold onto incase you change your mind. Before tossing or donating it, limit your maybe items to a small box. When the box becomes full, you will realize that you were able to do without it and will most likely get rid of the clutter.

Have a clothing or item swap with friends at the beginning of summer break. Make it a sleepover party where everyone brings a box of stuff they'd like to part with- exchanging rules must be you swap one for one. If nobody wants the item, do not take it back with you. If you can't donate it somewhere, trash it.

Good luck! Cleaning your room shouldn't be a chore if the room stays organized!

By wheelbarrow_1

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

As hard as this may be to do (it is for me), you need to start by making throw away and give away piles. It is almost impossible to organize clutter. One thing you could do if you have a hard time parting with things is to pack them in a box and place them in the garage or attic for 6 months. If you haven't needed to open the box by then, donate the box - try not to open it and go through it first. Of course, I'm not talking about momentos!

By Ann

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

I use this idea in my children's bathroom. We have five kids so it worked great! But I also did it in my two youngest daughter's bedroom.

I bought those hanging shoe pocket organizers and hung one in the bathroom and one in their room.

The one in the bathroom had the oldest (and tallest) kids' lotion, dental floss, brushes, hair stuff, etc. in it. The lower ones for the younger kids. The only rule was that the oldest daughter could not put her razor in her pocket and had to leave that put up in her room.

In my youngest daughters room I put one for all of their beanie babies and stuffed animals that were that size or smaller. It was a miracle worker!

By Tawnda

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

Read about the Flylady at She'll tell you what to do to clean it and keep it clean. Also, declutter. Try not to accumulate more things (books included). Each time you buy one get rid of one. You cant organize clutter!


By Carol in PA

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

OK...I have some advice and it is going to cost a few dollars but I will tell you right now: IT IS WORTH IT! You need to go to Walmart or the dollar store and buy plastic shoe boxes with lids. At Walmart they are only 88 cents and at the dollar store they are, well...a dollar. Anyway, they are great for art supples, make up, hair stuff, desk clutter, crafts, jewelery, nail polish, treasures etc. I label them and stack the 5 or so tall. I have the everywhere: bathroom, pantry, bedroom, laundry room, craft room, toy room. Even if you just buy 10 of them it will cost $10 and it will help so much that you will be waiting for your allowance to buy more. Your mom will be so happy she will offer to buy you more! Good luck and I hope you are willing to try this amazingly helpful hint! (03/20/2006)


Cleaning and Organizing My Room

Here are my suggestions:
1.) Purge what you don't need- more stuff means more time maintaining it (cleaning, arranging, storing.)
2.) Stay on top of things- do a little each day. That way, it doesn't become an insurmountable task. You would be surprised what you can accomplish during a 3-4 minute TV commercial break! Also, get in the habit of putting things away after you use them.
3.) Make sure there is a "home" for everything you own; if there are not enough "homes", you have too much stuff. (03/21/2006)

By Claudia-MD

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

I taught myself to keep it neat by giving myself one goal at a time instead of the WHOLE. Like every day for a month, the bed. the next month the bed and the floor. By the end of the year you'll look back and wonder what happened. Take the work you do for yourself personally. (04/21/2006)

By jeanne

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

It might cost a little, but it's worth it. You can go to Kmart or an organization store and find some great woven baskets with liners. You can fill them with clothes, books, CDs, etc., and stack them on a shelf. They look very neat and organized.

By Organization Freak

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

The best thing to do is to get rid of things. Look at each piece of clothing individually. If you haven't worn it in the last three months and don't plan on wearing in the next three months...pitch it! Better yet, donate it. (07/27/2006)


Cleaning and Organizing My Room

Try breaking down every part of your room into categories. and give one category to a different day of the week for example

1. monday: bed (under and on top)
2. tuesday: bookshelf (inside and on top)

Then just keep it up from there and your room should stay clean for a very long time. Also like everyone suggested it is a good idea to buy storage bins or woven baskets for a little extra organization. good luck (10/08/2006)

By hypnotic eyes

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

I think having a schedule everyday, wherein you can clean thoroughly a part of your room using only 3-5 minutes is effective. I usually clean my study area on Mondays, bed on Tuesdays, upper closet on Wednesdays, lower closet on Thursdays ceiling on Fridays, tools on Saturdays and general cleaning goes on Sundays. just be sure to follow your schedule so you won't mess around. (10/11/2006)

By Arlan Alzaga

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

I have the same problem as you the only word I can think of is "declutter". It helps so much. I'm from England. Over here we just go to Ikea and it has loads of those to clip on to your wall draws. Spend a whole day just "decluttering" then get into the habit of just putting stuff back where it is meant to be! Ok? Also, try find a home for everything you own. (08/26/2007)

By Sara..x

Cleaning and Organizing My Room

I just set up a schedule if I'm busy. I have 15 minutes each day, tidy, tidy.

By Yes

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