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Plastic Left Residue On Wood Table

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How do I clean a wooden table that a plastic drop cloth left marks on? Thanks.

By Judy from Manistee, MI

Recent Answers

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By Adriaan DAniels01/21/2015

Has anybody discovered a solution to this problem?

By Debbie [1]08/10/2010

Clean the entire top with mayonnaise. Put @ a teaspoonful directly on the wood and then distribute it with a soft cloth and rubbing until it no longer streaks. It's the only thing I use to really clean my wood furniture and it does a great job on kitchen cabinets.


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Question: Plastic Cover Left Table Sticky

How do I remove sticky residue from my new dining room table? I covered it with a clear plastic cover, and now the wood is stuck to the cover. I believe it has something to do with the wood not breathing. I have to fix this. Help.

By Melissa

Most Recent Answer

By Robyn Fed [388]12/27/2011

Here is a link about what to do if plastic is burned onto the wood....some of these might work with your situation.
Hope this helps.

Blessings, Robyn

Question: Plastic Table Cover Left Residue

I had a clear plastic table cover on my wood dining table that left a residue. What will remove the plastic residue from my table?

By Sonny H.


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Archive: Plastic Left Residue On Wood Table

I got a new dark wood dining room table. I put an heirloom table runner in the center. To protect the table runner from my cat and grandkids, I put a clear plastic table cloth over the runner. When I removed the plastic several months later I found that it had left a residue on the table.

I know now that the sun on the plastic caused the problem. I tried lots of obvious things like Goo Be Gone and vinegar, WD40, etc., nothing works. Any ideas would be welcomed.

Michelle from Milwaukee, WI

RE: Plastic Left Residue On Wood Table

I would try rubbing alcohol. I know it will not hurt wood, but make sure it's okay with the stain on the wood. (04/30/2008)

By Melissa

RE: Plastic Left Residue On Wood Table

Try toothpaste. The fine grit may be able to take off enough of the dampness white. (06/30/2010)

By Moonbeams

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