Removing Burnt on Grease from a Stainless Steel Stovetop


I would like some suggestions for the removal of burnt on grease on a stainless steel stove top. Thanks.

By Ron C. from West Sacramento, CA


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By Sandy 5 11 09/12/2011

Try "Dawn Power Dissolver". This stuff is amazing. Most stores have it on shelf with Dawn detergents.

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By Shirley Darby 7 47 09/13/2011

Get a box of "20 Muleteam Borax," it's in the laundry section. Wet the burned material, sprinkle on a thin layer of the powdered borax and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. It's okay if it dries. Wet a plastic scrubber (the "crocheted" kind) and get to work. Depending on how thick the burned grease is, it might have to be treated in layers, but it's pretty amazing how this works on what seems to be impossible burned on food. I use it on pots and pans and even for dried on food on plastic items. Save your "elbow grease" for other projects! The borax is also good for cleaning greasy/dirty hands, from cooking, gardening, plumbing, or car repair.

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