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Applying Polycrylic To Painted Countertop


I just finished spraying my bathroom counter with the Rustoleum Accents yesterday and let it dry overnight and all day. Then I put polycrylic on and used a sponge brush. The paint started to smear and half of the counter has light black streaking. Should I continue with poly or resand and repaint. I guess I am not sure how to apply the poly. Help please!

Sandra from Earlville, NY



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By Sharee Acosta 1 4 10/09/2008

Hi Sandra - There is a great message board on this site called painting laminate countertops: with a lot of nice people that will give you some great ideas of what to do.

I know what you are going through though. I used the rustoleum spray on my counters and ended up accidentally smearing some before it was dry. What I did was let it dry thoroughly and lightly sanded that area and sprayed it again. (a little thicker in that one spot and then a little spray out to the sides to help it blend) You can't even tell on my counters.

I was using envirotex to cover mine not poly-acrylic. So if you think that the smearing has anything to do with the poly go to the above mentioned message board and ask some ?'s I know there is a lady on there who used rust-oleum spray and did poly on the top and hers looks great! Maybe she can give you some tips.. I think her screen name is Shannon430.

I really hope this helps!

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Question: Applying Polycrylic to Painted Laminate Counter

I have finished priming and painting (marbelizing) a laminate bathroom counter using acrylic paints. I'm now having difficulty getting a smooth finish with the polycrylic (Minwax). The sponge roller leaves bubbles and bumps. After sanding, I tried applying it with a soft brush, but it leaves brushstrokes. Thin coats and heavier coats have the same result. Any suggestions?

By B.A.

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By Sheila 2 07/24/2012

I painted my kitchen counter with special countertop paint. I then sealed it with water-based urethane. After the first coat of urethane dried, I sprayed water on it and hand sanded. I have a total of three coats, wet-sanding after each one. Very smooth finish.

Hope this helps!

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