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Does anyone remembers a tube balloon stuffer from the early 90's, called Pump a Present? It is 3 tubes pink, purple, and green, you put a large balloon on one end, but somehow a small present goes in then you hand pump air into it. The present is in the balloon. Anyone know how it works or have directions? Please let me know. Thank you.

By Tina


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By Kitty 1 03/26/2011 Flag

Hi Tina,
Yes, and it's funny that I saw your question posted, I was searching for balloon company's online to order some balloons to pull mine out to do a fund raiser. Well, anyway, the tubes go in descending order large to small depending on what you are stuffing. The large tube holds the stuffed item, you put the balloon over the opening of the large tube after you place your item inside, then the medium, then the small --the small one is the one you pump with. For small items you just use the medium and small tubes. Use the mini clips to snap and close off the end of the balloon. Then tie your ribbons and/or stick your bows on your present.
Hope this helps.

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By tina 1 5 03/28/2011 Flag

Hi there, thank you. It's not easy like the machine I've seen. Since the tubes are what I have, I will have to keep trying. The balloons, I find on eBay. I got only 6 though to try it, and they stretch well. Try thats her site, and thats the most reasonable I have found. Thanks again.

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