How To Kill A Tree?


There is a useless tree outside my house which I would like removed. The council will not remove it. Everyone complains about it and I cannot cut it down for obvious reasons, plus it is quite tall. I have tried to kill it (without success) as the council will then have to remove it. Any ideas of an obtainable weedkiller or liquid solution that will kill the roots and do the job?

By Roger


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By dupperdog 3 25 05/11/2011

Poor tree! Well anyway, you could girdle the tree. Remove al the bark in a circle all the way around the tree. Remove about 6 inches to a foot of bark so there is an area completely around the tree with no bark. This will stop food from going from the leaves to the roots and the tree will die in a year or so and then the council will have to remove the dead tree.

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By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,644 05/23/2011

Since you want the council to remove the tree I'm assuming you live on council housing-if so, and you do anything to cause that tree to die that they can figure out you had a hand in, you'll find yourself in very serious troubles indeed!

In Scotland even if we own the land we need to let the council know about a proposed tree removal as many species are protected. If you own the land the tree is growing in, why don't you have a professional come in and remove it at your cost-after, of course, apprising the council of your intentions to have the tree removed.

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By Tapestry Lady 2 197 05/12/2011

I'm not sure if you're in the UK, but you might want to be careful. If the tree is protected you could be facing a hefty fine for damaging it.

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By joanfry 28 74 05/23/2011

What do you mean by useless? What do you not like? Can you send a photo?
Start a petition with your neighbors to ask the council to remove it.
Why do you want to kill it?

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By Patricia Hamm 4 150 05/23/2011

I killed a tree once not meaning to by pouring gasoline where the roots were. I didn't want the children in the gasoline so I was disposing of it. Killed the tree deader than a door nail.

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By jeannette 4 98 05/23/2011

Where will the dead tree fall? On your car, maybe in the neighbors yard? I think you better just cut it down instead of killing it off.

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