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Permanent Marker Inside Dryer


How do we remove permanent marker from the drum of a dryer?

By Bill from Dubuque, IA


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By Nancy 6 37 03/01/2011 Flag

Huh? Why bother?

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By Grandma J 54 1,040 03/06/2011 Flag

Permanent maker won't come off on clothing, the heat just keeps setting it into the metal.

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Archive: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

Does anyone know how to get permanent marker off of the inside of your dryer? My daughter and her husband do laundry all the time at my house and he forgot to take a permanent marker out of his pants from work and now we have a mess! It's all over my king size comforter as well and I'm almost afraid to run anything through it because I don't want to ruin anything else. Any ideas?

Robin from Washington, IA


RE: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

Alcohol often removes permanent marker from glass, metal, and some plastics. It can "fade" the marker on fabric, but rarely totally removes it from fabric. (12/05/2005)

By Teri

RE: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

The stain on the comforter is probably permanent. Maybe a dry cleaner can offer some suggestions. Usually once anything is dried in the dryer it's almost impossible to remove. Try using alcohol or Goo Gone (Wal-mart usuallys stocks this in their laundry or car section) on a rag or sponge to remove the stains in the dryer. Be sure to wipe clean any cleaning residue in your dryer. My friend has rewritten over a permanent mark with another permanent marker and quickly wipes it off. The solvent in the fresh marker acts as a dissolvent and may remove the marks. She has used this method on some plastics with success. Good luck. (12/06/2005)

By mkymlp

Archive: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

How do I remove marker from the inside of dryer?

Bellafonte420 From Long Beach, CA


RE: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

Two words: "nailpolish remover". I used it after a sharpie was in my mom's dryer and it works great (06/19/2007)

By Justin 16

RE: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

Dawn Power Dissolver! It is the best! (07/15/2007)

By jjachkc

RE: latex paint inside dryer drum

I had a sock fall into the dryer that had latex paint on it. The paint seems to have bonded to the drum during the drying cycle. It is not rubbing off on the clothes during the drying cycle, what should I do to remove the paint from the drum? (11/19/2007)

By Scott

RE: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

I used nail polish remover to get a orange sharpie highlighter stains off the inside of my dryer. It worked great as long as I kept my rag real wet (01/24/2008)

By Sarah

RE: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

I washed industrial permanent marker in the pocket of my work suit. Much like everyone else my dryer looked horrible, so far, with A LOT of effort, WD40 + finger nail polish remover it looks pretty much new. Still need to re-go over some areas when I get more finger nail polish remover.

Now to remove the grease from the wd40 (and what's left of the marker) I plan on using some chemicals from work; bio-t 300 citric acid soft solvent degreaser. Don't know how easy it is to get a hold of this stuff, but if it works well I'll post. (02/25/2008)

By Eli

RE: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

FANTASTIC advice! I just found my dryer COVERED in red permanent marker. I ran to my computer and found the advice on using Dawn Power Dissolver. My dryer was spotless in 10 minutes. FANTASTIC results! You saved my dryer! Many thanks! (06/11/2008)

By Kathy - Chicago

Archive: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

My son left some indelible markers from work in his shirt pocket and put it through my machines. The dryer? Oh my, what a mess! I tried many suggestions. Bleach soaked on towels did a fair job, but still left behind unsightly marks.

My husband uses "Deep Woods Off" (insect repellent) to get pen marks off his desk at work and it worked like magic on the dryer? I had spent a fair bit of money on various products, but nothing worked like this.

Just remember, this is a flammable product so much caution is needed when using in a gas dryer, and protect your nose and mouth from fumes. Turn off the gas and clean out the dryer well after using. Hope this helps.

By dryer

Archive: Permanent Marker Inside Dryer

How do you successfully clean permanent marker, that has exploded, out of your dryer?

By Trista from Nashville, TN

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