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Flat Top Stove Cleaner Recommendations

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I have a glass flat top electric range. I don't want to buy the expensive cleaners that they recommend for them. I used to use Bon Ami, but can't seem to find it anymore. Is there something that I can clean it with that will not scratch and that I can buy or make to clean it?

I have tried Soft Scrub and it really does not do a very good job. I have tried Comet no scratch and it smells awful and leaves a terrible smell on my hands. Can anyone help me find a good cleaner for this job? Thank you.

Linda from Mount Morris, PA



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By (Guest Post)02/27/2009

Thanks to you all for sending your recommendations to me for cleaning my glass top stove.


By susan [5]02/26/2009

I put some water on my stovetop, turn on the burners to get it warm, then shut them off and pour some baking soda on. I combine the baking soda with the water to form a wet paste, making sure it covers the dirty spots. As the top cools, it evaporates the water, and loosens the grime. Just make sure the water isn't boiling, just warm.

By Marion (Guest Post)02/26/2009

I use my cleaner that I use for windows and just about everything else! I mix 1 part ammonia with 1 part rubbing alcohol and 2 parts cuts through the grease and dirt and leaves an awesome shine! My stovetop keeps looking as new and clean as the day we got it! Good luck!

By angelheart (Guest Post)02/26/2009

I also have an eletric glass top stove.With mine it gave me these instructions and I have been doing this to mine for 11years and it looks like new.Spray with any kind of liquid cleaner and let set a minute or two then take a single edge razor blade and use at an angle and just scrape off everything on glass top. Use more spray as needed. Be careful and don't hit the rubber gasket that frames your glass top. Everyone I know that has a glass top loves this idea and is so easy to keep your glass top clean and sparkling. I use a paste every now and then for stove top glass and just buff it to help spills not settle as bad.Hope you try this.It really works and want scratch your glass. God Bless all of You Thrifty Fun Friends out their that help us with our problems. Love Angelheart

By Elaine (Guest Post)02/26/2009

I have used Bar Keepers Friend which is much like Bon Ami. The soda works great if you want to leave it sit but I like to get my kitchen cleaned up and be done with it.

By Grandma J [46]02/25/2009

My favorite all time cleaner for everything is BASIN TUB & TILE CLEANER by LYSOL. High chairs, table, stove, sink, baby stroller, etc. Spray it on, let it bubble and wipe it off. I did daycare for many years and this was the only thing I used.

By Jim Soules02/25/2009

My wife makes a paste with water and baking soda and lets it set over night and then just wipes the top off. It comes clean every time.

By jaspermyyorkie (Guest Post)02/25/2009

Dampen the stove top with water, sprinkle on Bar Keepers Friend (it's a cleanser like Ajax or Comet - only better!) then proceed to clean with a sponge. I use this for my glasstop, stainless steel pots and pans, our fiberglass tub, our fiberglass boat, you name it. This stuff rocks! I find it with the cleaning supplies section at Walmart.

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