Blocking Bathtub Overflow Valve


I just moved into an apartment with a claw foot tub. The tub is located below a set of stairs so there is not shower capabilities. There is a hand held nozzle that I can use but I'm getting comfortable with the idea of taking baths daily.

Here is my problem that I am searching for suggestions. The main drain has a stopper that works excellently. There is a separate drain about 5 inches below the faucet that if the water gets to that point will automatically drain it out.

I won't lie, I'm not a size 0 person, so I need more water to cover my body than a smaller person might. When I fill it to a point (with me in it), where it covers my body it takes about 10 seconds before the waters drains out super fast and then I'm back to square one.

How can I keep the second drain from draining automatically, both so I can soak in the water but also so I don't have to hear that loud gurgling sound while I'm trying to relax? Any and all suggestions are much appreciated!

Danielle from Hoboken, NJ



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By Cathy (Guest Post) 06/25/2008

I would just stuff the corner of a wash rag in the hole. It worked fine for the short time I was in there...smile.

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By Tara D. 7 24 06/25/2008

I had the same problem and just bought an over-flow cover for about $5 from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's called a "Deep Water Bath" and here is a link to it from amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&am ... 149124061&ref=pd_sl_9l6nzkn9yu_b
It works GREAT and I have nice full baths now.

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Archive: Blocking Bathtub Overflow Valve

My bathtub overflow valve is set too low in the tub, and I can't fill the tub up past my thighs. I love hot baths, so this is really cramping my style. I remember at one time, Bed Bath & Beyond sold a clear plastic cup-like device that clamped on over the overflow to block it, but I can't find this now. Does anyone know where I can buy one, or know of another solution for my over-zealous overflow?

Kelly from Dallas, TX

RE: Blocking Bathtub Overflow Valve

I had the same problem in my last house. I unscrewed the round overflow plate, just enough to loosen it, then turned it so the hole was on the top of the plate instead of the bottom. At least it gave me a few more inches. Good luck! (01/18/2008)

By ladyostuff

RE: Blocking Bathtub Overflow Valve

I think Miles Kimball sells a plastic cover with suctions. I'm sure I've seen one somewhere recently; in fact, I had one for years and threw it away when I could no longer get in the tub. Also, try Home Trend catalog and Carol Wright Gifts catalog - these are some other catalogs that I receive. If all else fails, you might try Googling "Bathtub Drain Covers". Good luck and God bless you. (01/18/2008)

By tedsmom

RE: Blocking Bathtub Overflow Valve

I too got mine from Miles Kimball catalog years ago. I would look at hardware stores or home supply stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. Or maybe an organizing/container type store or dollar store. It is always a case of seeing them everywhere until you need to buy one and then they are no where to be found. Good luck! (01/18/2008)

By K

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