Tea Tree Oil as Insect Repellent


Instead of spending good money on expensive insect repellent, dab a few drops of tea tree oil on most of your pulse-points like your wrists, behind the ears and knees. Don't forget to dab a drop atop of your cleavage, ladies!

I have used this for years as a repellent and if you forget to use it, it will also heal bad insect bites. I personally love the smell too.

By Jeta from Cumbria, UK


By Sandra B. 2 2 07/26/2011

I, too, love tea tree oil. It is also good as an antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial medicine.

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By dorothy wedenoja 170 111 07/26/2011

Sounds great, but where can i find tea tree oil? Health food store?

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By Jeta 4 1 07/28/2011

I live in the UK. We can buy it in any supermarket eg. Tesco, Asda,etc.
Most probably in USA, it's the same. I know that healthfood shops carry it too, over here.

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By Mohd N. 1 02/23/2014

Is it effective against Mosquitoes?

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By yomama1971 3 38 02/24/2014

I'm sure you all know to keep it (and you wearing it) far away from cats and some dogs. It's been known to cause seizures and sometimes death.

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