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How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Have Puppies?

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How many weeks does it take for a yorkie to have puppies?

Traci from Fairburn, GA



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By Johnathon A.04/03/2012

My dog is having babies.

By Rottweilers4Life05/21/2011

Thanks for the amount of days I was getting worried.

RE: How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Have Puppies?


It takes about 59-63 days.

By Kaye03/03/2009

Actually a bitch will whelp 63 days after ovulation (not mating) +/- 4 days. Sperm is viable for a minimum of 48 hrs which can effect the gestation period. I have been breeding golden retrievers & german shepherds for a number of years.

By Hannah (Guest Post)02/18/2009

Thanks for your help every one. My dog is pregnant. x :)

By (Guest Post)11/06/2008

It depends on what type of dog you have the days can very by how many puppies they have, how old they are, and the breed of your dog and the father.

By (Guest Post)10/17/2008

It takes about 2 months for a dog to have babies. Y will notice by the way it acts it will be fatter and it will like to rest a lot. Remember to feed it more food for the babies can be nice and healthy.

By tina (Guest Post)08/26/2008

She is on day 65, now should I be worried?

By Hannah (Guest Post)08/02/2008

I got my dog breed back in the middle of May or sometime. It is now August and she still hasn't had any puppies. But she is showing every sign that she showed before she had her puppies last time. For about a week she has had a milky substance on her tits and she has been nesting in the extra bedroom. And still no puppies...

By ashley (Guest Post)07/27/2008

How can u tell if your dog is pregnant? My dog did it just today so I was wondering how to tell if she is. It is her first litter to so any help plz answer.

By jmc (Guest Post)07/14/2008

What sign should I look for? When my dog is getting ready to have the puppies?

By mara (Guest Post)05/27/2008

My girl is 61 days and she hasn't been showing any signs of pregnancy. She hasn't been making a nest or showing any signs to the babies but I can feel and see the babies moving so they are alive. Is she just not ready or not sure what to do? It's the first time for her to have babies.

By jukie (Guest Post)05/19/2008

It takes anywhere from 59 to 65 days, but it's best if the puppies are born after about 62 days.

RE: How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Have Puppies?

By prince (Guest Post)04/12/2008

It takes about 59-63 days. Anything before or after 59-63 the pups might be dead!

By jonathan (Guest Post)12/08/2007


RE: How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Have Puppies?

By (Guest Post)06/21/2007

it takes 63 days

By Judith Muelling06/01/2007

From what I've seen on the Discovery channel, it's 63 days.

By Glenda (Guest Post)06/01/2007

63 days

By cashman67 (Guest Post)06/01/2007

I always use 60 days as a guide. She will tell you when it's time if you watch her closely. Mine gets ansty and sometimes clingy on the day of delivery.

By Dana [1]06/01/2007

When it comes to a pregnant Yorkie, please take her to the vet! I believe in thriftiness, but your dogs life is not a good area to economize. Please please PLEASE, avoid life threatening complications by taking your dog to the vet.

By (Guest Post)05/31/2007

Usually 57-65 days. Good LUck!

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