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Super Glue On Hands

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How can I remove dried super glue from my hands?

Mrs. Umar


Recent Answers

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By Angela12/22/2009

Thank you to all posts! I had an incident today with super glue all over my hands. Nail polish remover was not working so I tried the Vaseline and nail file trick. Instead of a nail file though, I used a large buffing square - worked really well. Took some time but it worked. Thank you!

By Ariana Victoria05/20/2009

All I did to remove a thick coat of superglue from my fingers & back of my hand was use a nail file.
I filed away at the superglue spots for about 3 minutes and WALLAH! All of it was gone, and left my hands soft.
I was concerned that using a nail file would rub my skin raw, but it doesn't at all...just softens it. :)

By (Guest Post)10/17/2008

Nothing worked for me. Any other ideas? Do you use the nail file while the neosporin is still on the fingers? Any ideas how to get it off corian counters?

By alldeepblue (Guest Post)08/01/2008

Terrific tips! I just had super glue all over my hand and no access to acetone. I didn't have petroleum jelly or neosporin, but I used petroleum-based lip balm that I had in my work desk drawer and a nail file. whoo hoo! All gone.

By Ryan Platte (Guest Post)05/31/2008

So thankful for this page! We didn't have acetone or Vaseline, but we did have A&D ointment based on petroleum jelly. It worked, zero pain and as if nothing happened.

By Sunshine (Guest Post)05/14/2008

I just wanted to say that, I had super glue all over my fingers and of course freaked out, I checked this post and tried the neosporin and it worked like a charm. You rub it on the areas that are affected and then I took a nail file and it really worked great, thanks for the advice.

By Nancy (Guest Post) (Guest Post)04/05/2008

I just got Super Glue on my fingers and while I was reading these posts, I thought of something. I recently bought a Ped Egg that removes dry skin and calluses from feet. I tried it on the places where the Super Glue was and it worked. It took the glue off without hurting my skin.

By Eric (Guest Post)03/02/2008

Petrolium Jelly, followed by dish detergent. Better than hand cream or acetone.

By Deb (Guest Post)02/13/2008

I would like to know how to remove Super Glue from you fingernail, can you help me?

By (Guest Post)02/13/2008

I would like to know how to remove Super Glue from you fingernail, can you help me?

By Deanna (Guest Post)08/01/2007

I just got Super Glue on my thumb and didn't realize it until it was dry and uncomfortable.

I used a little hand lotion and rubbed it on my thumb for about 90 seconds and it peeled right off in big pieces.

Simple solution that I wish I'd learned sooner!!

By suzanne [240]05/24/2007


RE: Super Glue On Hands

By Negin (Guest Post)08/18/2006

use neosporin it worked for me

By tricia ashley [1]07/22/2005

My daughter recently got a bad cut on her arm and the doctor super glued(yes, real super glue)it instead in stitches. The doctor said not to apply neosporin or petrolium jelly to the wound because it was the antidote for super glue. Give it a try!

By Missy07/19/2005

I had this happen to me last night. I was using super glue and didn't bother to use the tip that comes with it and got glue all over my fingers. That is the worst feeling! I was out of nail polish remover so I used an emery board on my fingers instead. I basically sanded the glue off! It worked, I used lotion on my hands after washing them real good and this morning you can't even tell I had glue all over. They're so soft!

By corkey (Guest Post)07/18/2005

I have gotten super glue on my fingers and use hand cream to work into it and comes off with some rubbing the hand cream into skin. Alot easier on fingers than nail polish.

By Catherine (Guest Post)07/17/2005

Nail polish remover w/ acitone.

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