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Value of a Granville House Doll

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I have a Granville House Doll that was included in the purchase of the entire contents of a storage unit. I am not a doll collector myself and want to sell her. I have an interested buyer and just want to make sure that I am selling this doll at a fair price.

I have searched the internet and cannot find anything in particular about the Granville House Doll Collection. I would appreciate it very much if anyone knows anything about the history of the Granville House Doll Collection or the value of this doll.

By Gadgetgirl from Montgomery, AL


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By Cheletta [1]05/04/2009

Cool! Thank you so much for your interest and time in answering my question! Your post alone has provided me with enough information on what these dolls are worth. 8 )

RE: Value of a Granville House Doll


I don't know anything about the history of the Granville House Collection, but I did find 2 of the dolls for sale on eBay. Maybe you can take a look at them to get an idea of how much you should sell your doll for. Both dolls are in the original box and both have a stand.

23" doll. The buy it now price is $29.99 or make an offer and get it for less. ... ewItemQQptZDolls?hash=item413a35021e

19" doll. The buy it now price is $19.99. It also has a certificate of authenticity. ... f91d2d20&_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116

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