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Candle Wax on Polyester

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How does one remove melted candle wax from a polyester tablecloth?

Marcee from Ellijay, GA


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By Jenna from MI (Guest Post)12/29/2008

It worked like a charm! My 12 year old was playing with a candle and spilled in on the SLEEVE of her pajamas from hollister! She was so worried it wouldn't come of and so was I especially cause it was on the sleeve!

By Ilovelucy54 (Guest Post)02/24/2006

Try this: Take an ice cube and freeze the wax, scraping off as much as you can. Then take a paper towel, put it over the remaining wax stain, press a warm iron over the paper towel, the rest should melt into the paper towel. Wash as usual, putting some shout on the stain. Good luck! This works for me!

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