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Scrap Printer Paper Instead of Note Paper

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Reuse scrap computer paper by tearing into quarters for note paper. Use the unprinted side for notes, shopping lists etc. Once you no longer need the note paper, shred it and add to your composter to make compost for your garden.

By sweetsoo from Hamilton, Ontario


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By Chuck [17]02/07/2011

I've been doing this for about three years now. Price of commercial sticky notes is outrageous. Many advertisements arriving in mailed envelopes have blank reverse sides too. If one really gets serious about recycling, some of the envelopes can be turned into note paper. I use one of those cheapo envelope 'slicer-openers'. They're generally free and last forever. Way easier to use than scissors.

I custom-built a cardboard box to hold them. A rubber band stretched around one end serves to keep them together -- and allows you to pull each page out without disturbing the others in the pile.

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Archive: Scrap Printer Paper Instead of Post Its

Why buy Post 'em notes? Why not just tear off the unused portion of the computer paper that has been used to print something, but no need to keep the full page or when you go to toss a sheet? I have a drawer that I keep all sizes of computer paper that I've "saved" thus saving me money of buying Post 'em note paper when all I do is toss after the reminder is no longer needed. Use to write down appointments, phone numbers, etc. Every penny helps.

By Carol from Valparaiso, IN

RE: Scrap Printer Paper Instead of Post Its

Absolutely a great tip. I have a lot of 'scratch' paper. I have even reused the printer paper to print on the blank side. (07/26/2007)

By Pine

RE: Scrap Printer Paper Instead of Post Its

Great idea. I use scrap computer paper for my son to color on. You could also shred this paper and use it for filler for gift baskets. (07/26/2007)

By tthompson

RE: Scrap Printer Paper Instead of Post Its

We've done this for years, along with using junk mail envelopes. Time shopping for post it notes, other note pads, shopping lists, etc. has not only been saved, but money, too! (07/28/2007)

By badwater

RE: Scrap Printer Paper Instead of Post Its

I cut my paper sheets in fourths and have a container on top of my microwave that I use to keep them in. Whenever I need scrap paper, it's there.

I also save my paper that is printed on just one side to use when I run off rough copies of reports, term papers, etc for school. Since I'm only going to proof them and mark corrections on them, there's no need to use a clean sheet. I use my printer on "Fast Draft" to save ink too. (07/28/2007)

By susanmajp

RE: Scrap Printer Paper Instead of Post Its

I have also used scratch paper for "post it notes" I cut them down to size, and use some glue on one side, wait for them to dry and you have your own post it notes. (11/11/2007)