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Longhorn Steakhouse's Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

I am looking for a recipe for Longhorn Steakhouse's stuffed mushrooms or anything similar. Does anyone have a similar recipe?

By Rose from Palm Beach, FL

Recent Answers

By Patty Hamburger [1]12/14/2011

Start with jumbo mushroom caps, grill them for couple minutes.
Herb spreadable cheese (like a gourmet spread)
Panko (chinese) breadcrumbs, grated parmesan, provolone and a white fondue type sauce (to mimic their pre-made sauce).

Put the White Fondue Cheese sauce on bottom of dish. Stuff the mushrooms with the Herb Cheese, top that with the panko breadcrumbs that have been mixed with the parmesan, top off with provolone and broil till melted.

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