Removing Advertising Logos From Coffee Cup


Does anyone know of a way to remove the advertizer's logo imprint on a coffee cup? I have 2 cups, and love the base colors, but would like to get rid of the company logos on them. Would naval petroleum jelly work? I've tried a scratch pad, and citrus stain remover but no luck. Thanks for any ideas to try.



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By Jo Bodey 1 234 01/07/2005

If the logos are under the glaze they will never come off.



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By Kathleen Klocko (Guest Post) 01/08/2005

I agree that they won't come off if they're under the glaze, but how about painting over the logos with a food safe paint? Worth a shot...

Or you could just make a fabric "wrap around" that just fits around the mug and obscures the logos...

Or you could make a virtue out of necessity and collect _only_ logo mugs. It would almost become a conversation starter that way!

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By Mari (Guest Post) 01/09/2005

You might contact a ceramic class. The teacher might have a decal you can put right over the logo and then fire it again to set the decal into the glaze. It's worth a try.

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By Anonymous (Guest Post) 02/21/2006

We had several mugs with logos on them...and we were able to remove them with nail-polish remover, and some scrubbing...hope that works for you too :)

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