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Canning in the Oven

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Canning in the Oven

There has been a lot of discussion about this alternative canning method. This is a guide about canning in the oven.



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Question: Canning in the Oven

I need to know about canning in the oven. I have everything but the how long to leave in the oven? I know the temp is 200 just don't know how long to leave in the oven.

Lynn from Sarepta, LA


Most Recent Answer

By MarieJ08/02/2011

I have canned in the oven for decades. I have never lost a jar of food by doing so. The oven is 200 degrees and I make sure that each jar of tomatoes or beans, etc., is boiling and bubbling before turning the oven off. Prepare your jars, lids, and rings by first boiling them. They need to be hot when filled as you first blanche your vegetables for 3 minutes (then immerse tomatoes in a cold water bath - ice water, preferably- to get their skins removed). I bake the jars for 2 hours and keep watch to be sure each bubbles and boils. Leave 1" or more at the top for this when loading the jars. I remove the jars with canning tongs to towels on the counter and gradually tighten the lids as the jars cool. With green beans, I add lemon juice for acid in each jar. I have used the big canning water bath pot method and it ruined the top of my stove in a previous house as the pot overhangs the burners on the electric stove and ruins the porcelain around each burner. I will not use this method as I have a quartz glass top induction stove, which is gourmet quality. The oven canning method has always been perfectly safe for me.

Question: Using the Oven for Canning

I have heard you can use your oven instead of a hot bath for canning and wonder if it's true? It would be a lot easier, but I don't know what to do as far as safety and oven temperature and time. Any ideas?

By Jennifer


Most Recent Answer

By Andree09/01/2011

I have tried the sterilization process in the oven when I make my freezer jams. I do boil some water for my lids though. I have never tried it for other preserve projects, but would most definitely like the opinion of a professional to see if it is safe.

Question: Oven Canning

What is canning in the oven? How do you go about doing this? I have for a long time been interested in canning. This may be something I may want to do. Please someone reply. Thank you.

By Warren from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Tapestry Lady [2]09/02/2011

Oven canning means processing the filled jars in the oven as opposed to a boiling water bath or pressure canner. However, unlike the other two methods it isn't considered safe. Ovens don't provide the reliable, even heat required to kill some nasty bacteria including botulism. Plus jars may crack or even explode. Some people do use this method but it isn't recommended.

Canning is a great thing to do and I hope you try it out! Do an online search for the USDA guide Principles of Home Canning or try the Ball Blue Book to start out.

Question: Canning in the Oven

I need step by step instructions.

By Elizabeth from Big Spring, TX

Question: Oven Canning Dry Goods

I have oven canned my dry goods, all was successful. I do have a question, has anyone ever oven canned dehydrated onions?

By Gale O

Solutions: Canning in the Oven

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