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Getting Rid of Moles in Your Yard

Mole Digging Out of Hole into Open Air
Moles can make your yard look really messy in a very short period of time. They are notoriously difficult to eliminate from your yard and often require professional assistance. This is a guide about getting rid of moles in your yard.


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July 21, 20041 found this helpful

Moles don't like castor oil. Try this solution and be sure to let us know whether it was successful.



Pour this solution around the perimeter of you garden or lawn and keep some on hand to pour on mole mounds when they appear. Continue doing this for a month.

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April 20, 20102 found this helpful

I have been bothered by moles routing through my garden eating my earthworms. I read that the castor bean was poisonous. I grow castor plants, so I put a dozen seeds in a run. The seeds were gone in a few days, and I haven't seen any signs of moles since.

By Jerry W. from Wells, VT

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April 12, 2016

Several years ago I had a mole/vole problem in my decorative plant garden and lawn. I use a pine, walnut shell, or other natural cat litter for my cats. These products often have instructions right on the bag to use them once used on inedible plant beds as mulch. So I poured the used litter from my several cat boxes into the mole/vole holes and voila! The little critters disappeared! It's been a long time and they haven't returned, but if they do, I'll surely put the kitty litter in the holes again. Any odor from the used litter disappears, especially after a rain.

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August 26, 2011

From what I have read, moles are difficult to get rid of. There are lots of things that people try with mixed results, such as putting garlic down the holes. The best solution I found was using castor oil.

The theory is that worms, which are part of a moles diet, are coated in castor oil which makes them less tasty and the moles will move on to another area. There are castor oil repellants commercially available, but I was able to find a recipe on WA state fish and wildlife page.



  1. Combine and blend in a blender.
  2. After the first mix, add 6 Tbsp water and blend again.
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  4. Take this concentrated mixture and add 2 Tbsp to 1 gallon of water, place in a sprayer and spray liberally in areas where the moles are active and areas that you want to be protected.

This works best in areas where the ground will be watered from time to time. The treatment should last 30-60 days and may need to be reapplied before the moles relocate.


By StellaBella from Manchester, WA

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April 28, 2009

My neighborhood has an extremely bad mole problem. The only yards that don't have mole holes are the homes where people let their cats go outdoors. I think it's just the smell of the cats that keeps the moles away, because my cat doesn't hunt them.


When we first moved in we had a mole hill every few feet, but now that we have an indoor-outdoor cat our problem is solved! We didn't notice right away, but after several months the moles got the message and moved on. My neighbor paid $250 to have the little buggers trapped (and they came back) all we did was get a cat that needed a home.


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April 29, 2013

I heard that instead of trying to get rid of moles, which can be difficult, it is better to get rid of their food source. Here in Florida, they love grubs, so by eliminating the grubs the moles will move to another area.

I just treated my lawn so time will tell, I guess. My dog makes it worse by digging along their trail in an effort to catch them. I hope this treatment is effective.

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June 18, 20050 found this helpful

Put a galvanized hardware cloth in the bottom before adding dirt. This will keep voles/moles from eating your plants. Without it the critters think it's their buffet! Also, putting plants in wire cages helps too! We have so many of these critters.

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August 25, 2005

I live in Illinois and this Summer we hardly had any rain and it's been extemely hot. I have lived in my house for 14 years and this is the very first time that I have ground hogs or ground moles making tunnels in my front yard. They have eaten up my entire Hosta plant. What is the best way to get rid of this pest so it doesn't come back next year?

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By guest (Guest Post)
August 30, 20050 found this helpful
Best Answer

The main reason for moles is that they are after the grubs(an insect) in your yards. So the easiest way to get rid of them is to go to the garden center and get something to kill grubs and the moles will leave too. It's no too hard really, you could pay a professional to rid your yard of grubs but it is not hard to do your self.

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By guest (Guest Post)
June 23, 20080 found this helpful
Best Answer

Theres no reason to kill the little fellow, just do what I did and find his hole stick a water hose in it and then fill it up. Surprisingly you will see him come out of the ground from another hole that you weren't aware of and then you can put him in a bucket and take him to the park and release him safely. If your lucky when ever you go for a walk at the park you may see him building a new home and then feel good that he is still alive and happy. Thanks for reading, from Kevin L. in Arlington, Texas.

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By 0 found this helpful
October 11, 2010

Is there an easy way to rid my yard of voles, moles, and gophers? They are destroying my lawn and shrubs.

Hardiness Zone: 5b

By Dee from Long Island, NY

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November 16, 20100 found this helpful
Best Answer

Castor Oil and Cayenne pepper work pretty well. The Castor Oil has to be an industrial grade (you can see if you have Murphy's Castor Oil around the house). They don't like the smell of the pepper or oil.

The trouble with moles and voles is they dig, and most products out on the market only hit the surface. If you're only concerned about your garden or other small area, try stirring up the soil a little and put some cayenne pepper and castor oil in there. Ammonia is also a strong smell that will deter them.

I've also heard of using human hair. Never tried it, but some friends told me if you stir it in the soil that will repel them as well. I've even heard someone say they used to put a donut in the holes, and it actually worked! :)

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By 1 found this helpful
May 1, 2017

I live in Graham Washington. We have run out of ideas on how to keep the moles away. We've used the poison bait, and even bought the ever full proof, money back guaranteed black hole mole trap and haven't caught a single one. I would also like to add that the soil where I live is very very rocky. Seriously it is unlike any I've ever seen and I think that may be playing a part in why the traps aren't working. Any suggestions?

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May 2, 20170 found this helpful

Try a marigold and daffodil barrier.

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May 2, 20170 found this helpful

Have you tried the electronic devices? I used one once and it worked.

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May 2, 20170 found this helpful

From Better Homes and Gardens:

Bury a 24-inch metal or hardware cloth barrier at least 1 foot below the surface and bend the bottom out at a 90-degree angle.

Because moles like moist areas, you can try improving soil drainage to discourage them.

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By 0 found this helpful
March 27, 2012

How do I get rid of moles? They are terrible this year in our area.

By Ginny

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March 28, 20120 found this helpful
Best Answer

Treating for grubs is very expensive and is only about 50% effective. If possible, encourage owls to your area. Talk to your State's Game & Fish Commission; if you have trees, install an Owl House.

The one nice thing is, once they nest and have chicks, they return every pre-Spring and do their hunting in the evenings. Nice to hear them chatter away because I know they're looking for those nasty little critters to show themselves.:)

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By 0 found this helpful
July 4, 2011

We have moles and maybe voles in the yard, leaving little mounds of dirt everywhere. When it was just in the lawn it was bad enough, but now something is in the veggie garden. How do we get rid of them?

By Zippy

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July 5, 20110 found this helpful
Best Answer

You may need to put hardware cloth under the planter beds to keep the burrowing critters out. Easier to do when you have raised beds, of course, but you could do it by digging out the regular bed soil, putting down the hardware cloth in a "U" shape, and re-filling the bed. Good luck!

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By 0 found this helpful
July 24, 2010

I live in Cape Town, South Africa. Does anyone know how I can keep moles out of my garden?

By June from Cape Town South Africa

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July 25, 20100 found this helpful
Best Answer

Good grief, from Portland, Oregon, to Capetown, those pesky diggers are everywhere. My sis in law tried hair and steel wool down the holes and only minimal success. I would think anything physical that would impede comfortable digging for them, since their skin is sensitive. Maybe she didn't use enough hair.

They do aerate the soil and bring up minerals for plants, but that's no satisfaction when your flowers are imploding.One might put down wire screening of some kind in flower beds about 12 inches down and form it into a box with sides and replant dirt and plants.

Or if one had access to a thorny bush lay branches about 16 inches below plants. It would take some time to decompose, probably good for 2-3 years. Perhaps rose bush clippings.

Anybody know what discourages moles in nature?

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By 0 found this helpful
December 2, 2009

We are having some serious issues with ground moles and the many tunnels they keep digging in our yard. Our next door neighbor keeps throwing bread out in her yard. Can someone tell me if moles also feast on bread? She will not stop doing this. We also have a problem with ground squirrels and the many holes they too dig. This is getting out of control. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

By Sandy from IL

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December 2, 20090 found this helpful
Best Answer

I don't think moles eat bread. They eat insects and are especially fond of grubs. If you can find a biodegradable organic insecticide (I think there are such things) spray the yard. With no food, the moles will leave. If insects are eating the bread then the moles might just move next door.

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By 0 found this helpful
March 23, 2009

Do mothballs really get rid of moles?

By Beverly from Kansas

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March 24, 20090 found this helpful
Best Answer

You need to get a lawn fertilizer type product that contains grub giller. Grubs are these gross white worm looking bugs that live in the roots of the grass & attract the moles as the moles eat the grubs. Follow the package directions. It is usually best to do the application before a good rain and this is also a good time of year to do this. Be sure to by enough product to get the job done right the first time! If you don't get the problem under control it can become quite costly. Friends of mine actually had to remove their whole lawn and replant it. Good luck!

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By 0 found this helpful
July 26, 2011

Would anyone know how to help get rid of moles in my yard? They're turning it into a sponge. I've tried all the commercial products and the spinner things to no avail.

By Crystal F.

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April 2, 20120 found this helpful
Best Answer

Getting rid of moles is a problem for a lot of people. I learned if you have moles you have grubs which is a white worm that lives under your grass and you would never know they were there until you see the moles, and they are what the moles feed on.

I found by running a rolling spike across your lawn which puts holes in your lawn, which is called an aerator (you can probably rent one or borrow one from someone who has a farm). This helps with the getting rid of the grubs which you will then have to buy some Grub Ex at your local home improvement store. Spread it over the lawn using a spreader with the holes in the ground.

It makes it easier for the grub ex to get into the ground to do what it was made to do, get rid of the grubs. The primary goal here is to get rid of the grubs first and once you get rid of them you get rid of the moles.

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By 0 found this helpful
May 25, 2010

How do I get rid of moles in my yard?

Hardiness Zone: 8b

By Debbie from Fremont, CA

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June 2, 20100 found this helpful
Best Answer

My ex-husband swears by using cotton balls soaked in caster oil. After soaking cotton balls you just drop them in the mole holes or open a tunnel and drop in the moies don't like the oil on there skin and I think the smell also.

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By 0 found this helpful
December 31, 2010

How do I raise asparagus in mole heaven?

Hardiness Zone: 7b

By Bill from LaPlata, MD

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December 31, 20100 found this helpful

I am not sure moles eat asparagus--I suspect your culprit is more likely voles.

http://www.mole  stions/moles.htm

As for the asparagus, plant it as deep as you can, I like 18 inches. I don't think any rodent is going to get at the roots this deep. If you find them damaging the asparagus, you might try a pepper spray. Call your local agricultural extension service, they should have some ideas for mole remedies.

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January 3, 20110 found this helpful

The moles are there for a reason, probably going after grubs along with your vegetables. There are mole traps that you can use, but it would also be wise to get rid of what they are after. Dig up some ground close to your asparagus, see if you find grubs, little fat white worm looking things. There is stuff you can get to kill the grubs. Good luck.

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January 8, 20110 found this helpful

In Michigan we use those solar sonic sound that you put in the ground they work if your yard isn't to big 1 will do about a 20 foot span. We have not seen a mole in about 3 years. bought them at harbor freight for about 10$ each on sale. Good luck.

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December 5, 20090 found this helpful

How do you get rid of a mole?

Hardiness Zone: 4a

By Roz from IA

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December 5, 20090 found this helpful

Moth balls. Lots of moth balls where ever they have their tunnels. They are cheap and easy.

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December 6, 20090 found this helpful

If you find a sure way to get rid of moles, please, let me know. I tried at my mom's house, chewing gum, garden hose water down their tunnels, to flood them out, and now I have moles where I live. I understand that moles are after insects, so in a way, moles are a good thing. But moles destroy lawns, as I've so many times stomped on the lawn to put it back, wondering what the neighbors thought I was doing outside, when I was trying to push the lawn back down into the soil. Jumping up and down on the lawn at my age, and what did the neighbors think I was doing?

Right now, we have a mole or moles (voles,) that has gone around the perimeter of our garden for the past couple of years, but not destroyed our garden. I just know that the moles/voles--eat pests. So I'm thinking that when the pests are gone, the moles/voles will leave, but I'm not sure yet.

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December 10, 20090 found this helpful

Moth balls will only make them go away for awhile just to come back again. Moth balls are not really very good for the environment either. I think traps are the most effective. My son had problems with them until he got a Jack Russell dog. The dog got everyone of them!

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By 0 found this helpful
March 6, 2009

I'm going to try using the Castor oil/detergent remedy to rid my lawn of moles. How do I go about applying it to a large lawn?

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March 7, 20090 found this helpful

I use 2-3 $1 store pin wheels in my yard. Haven't seen any moles since. I didn't believe it till I tried it, amazing.

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December 5, 20090 found this helpful

I am having a big problem with moles digging up my lawn. How can I get rid of them? Thank you.

By craftylady31 from Sicklerville, NJ

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July 29, 20090 found this helpful

Does anyone have a way to get rid of moles? I have tried a yard spray of Castor oil, sonic noises, and Jerry Baker's suggestions. Nothing has worked for the long haul and this year they are back with a vengeance. The only good thing is I don't ever have to aerate my lawn.



How to Get Rid of Moles?

My husband had his own lawn care business, he is an agronomist. He suggests that you more than likely have grubs, that is what the moles feed on. So you should have your lawn treated for grubs, if you plan to do it yourself, use extreme caution and follow the directions to the letter. Really gross when the grubs begin to die. But it worked on our own yard and many others he treated. He had his applicator's license.

Hope this helps. (07/22/2003)

By 5ofus

How to Get Rid of Moles?

We had moles that made tunnels all across the back of our lot a couple of years ago. After much research we finally went the trap route. That is the only thing that worked.
Betty (07/24/2003)

By ThriftyFun

How to Get Rid of Moles?

A good trap is best; and you know when you kill one. Second, or simultaneously, get some "mole beans" (seeds from the Castor plant). Poke holes throughout their tunnels and drop the seeds in. CAUTION: The seeds are poisonous if ingested. I got mine many years ago from a friend and harvest fresh crops in the fall from the tropical plants that I grow throughout my yard. They are really hardy and provide a lush, jungle atmosphere.

By Dr. Jose

How to Get Rid of Moles?

We have used Juicy Fruit Gum (Sticks not Chicklets). Put a stick in each of the holes and they seem to go away. (08/15/2004)

By Sharon

How to Get Rid of Moles?

Buy a cheap transistor radio, tune in to any station playing music 24/7, switch it on, (loudly) wrap it in a plastic bag, and bury it. The radio will play as long as the batteries last, but by then the moles will all have left home. (08/16/2004)

By Veronica

How to Get Rid of Moles?

Rat poison and giving them heart attacks? What's wrong with you people? I got rid of them just by putting one of those whirling flower things you stick in the ground. I also rescued a baby mole from my dogs and it was completely blind and helpless. It was also very cute. Why is the answer to some of you always murder? (07/16/2005)

By Vic

How to Get Rid of Moles?

I finally gave up other methods and buried flashing in my yard. Flashing is the stuff on your roof. A 14 inch x 50 feet roll. It stopped them from coming in from the neighboring field. Just dig a 15 inch slot in your yard and bury it vertically.


By Mike

How to Get Rid of Moles?

Read about using Chocolate X-lax. Tried it and it got rid of the moles in the garden. Put one piece of chocolate x-lax in their run about every three feet. There have been no signs they are still in the garden. (08/03/2008)

By Madia

How to Get Rid of Moles?

We tried it all. Nothing worked except my husband seeing the dirt one day moving. He got a shovel and pushed it down the middle of the hole and cut it in half. We had spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on all kinds of grub killer, mole trap, mole bait, the battery things that you put in the ground. Nothing worked. Just get them with the shovel. One mole ruined our whole back yard. If anyone wants to have one as a pet, be my guest. They are pests in my book. (10/25/2008)

By Sharon

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December 2, 20090 found this helpful

I have moles that are tearing up my yard and I don't know how to get rid of them. Can anyone help me with this problem? I would appreciate any suggestions.


Joanie from LA

Use a Pitchfork

There are lots of chemicals, traps, and weird devices that people will tell you will work, but I hate to tell you, none of them will do any good in the long run. I found one way that works, but it is a little gruesome. First step down the fresh mole tunnels, then come back in about 30 minutes and stand there quietly and watch for movement.

If you do this in the morning hours it won't take long, 5 or 10 minutes tops. Now comes the part you might not like. OK, take the pitchfork in your right hand and jab it in the ground two or three times in rapid strokes. The reason you do that is the tines are far enough apart that it will sometimes miss them on the first jab. I know it sounds awful, but it is far better than the traps or poisons; because your there to dispatch them in a hurry. If you can't do it, pay a young kid $5 a mole. I thought I had 20 or 30 moles in my two and a half acres, but after getting four this way, they were all gone. Good luck and happy hunting.

By Thomas

Try Juicy fruit Gum

Put on thick gloves and into each hole stick a piece of Juicy Fruit gum. The moles eat it and then choke on it. It sounds silly, but it is supposed to work.

By Laurie

Relocate the Mole

I dug where the newest holes were and stuck the garden hose down the hole. It took about five minutes of running the water when I saw it moving under the grass. I got a shovel and put it in a bucket and relocated it.

By Tammy

Sonic Repeller Might Work

These suggestions, particularly the chewing gum are inhumane. I'm on a quest to find a humane way to do it. So far, I've found a sonic repeller and will look for other methods.

By Lucy

Cats Hunt Moles

The outdoor cats I feed (they have adopted us) bring us dead baby moles, so perhaps an outdoor pet cat might solve your problem?

By Ann Marie

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November 24, 20090 found this helpful

I have a garden mole destroying my lawn and garden. Is there any sure fire way to help me get rid of this varmint?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

Pat from Fairfield, CT

Use Mol-Tox

I had moles dig right next to my "mole chaser". My husband and I had a good laugh over that one. I have found after trying many different things (I even tried the Juicy Fruit gum remedy). Only poison really does the trick. I use a product called mol-tox and have had pretty good results.

By Lisa in NY

Try Cat Litter

Put used cat litter on top of each dirt mound. The mole will think its a predator and will move on to another area. An employee at a hardware store told us about this and it worked for us.

By Rose Mary

Use Mole Poison

We tried everything we heard to get rid of moles. We even ran a hose from our car exhaust to a mole run, hoping the gas would either kill one or two of them or bring them out of the ground. The only thing it did was make our whole yard smell like exhaust fumes.

After setting traps, trying the windmill thingies and trying other "natural" things, we finally got rid of them by using a bait called Mole Patrol. We put it in a mole run, cover it up, and usually don't see any sign of the mole again. It took a couple of years of monitoring all the runs, but we finally have them under control. I think we had a total of 2 moles last year, a record low.

By Sharon

Mothballs May Repel Moles

I had moles one summer and the way I got rid of them was putting mothballs all over the places where the holes were; I haven't had any since and it has been two summers.

By boonjaras

Try Getting a Cat

I have 3 cats who are expert hunters. Thanks to them, I can have a pesticide-free garden, and they don't get sick from eating a poisoned rodent. They are indoor/outdoor, but love being outside the most. Every now and then they even share one of their conquests with me and leave me a present on the doormat. It's so nasty, but better than having a ruined garden.

By Barbara

Some Dogs Hunt Moles

My golden retriever mix is a "crack" mole hunter. She lives for sniffing them out and waiting for movement. When she sees the least bit of earth move, she points, waits just a bit, and then dives right in and yanks out the mole. I think last year she got between 15 and 20 of them. I don't mind filling in her holes either, it's better than the many mole runs I walk along to flatten on a weekly basis.

By Mary Moo

Try Drano

I've used Drano successfully. Put a tablespoon of Drano in the hole and add water. Supposedly, it burns their feet and they don't come back. It's worked successfully for me for several years, but Drano is rather expensive. Cat litter sounds like a cheaper remedy, hope it works.

By Candace

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November 23, 20090 found this helpful

Does anyone know how to eliminate ground moles and woodchucks from taking up residence in an and around our home.

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May 1, 20080 found this helpful
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February 21, 20080 found this helpful
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