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Cat Peeing on Dirty Clothes


My cat is 2 yrs old and has just started peeing on our clothing and our bed. Her litter pan stays clean at all times, but she insists on using our stuff to pee on. I punish her by showing her what she did wrong and then putting her in her cage for a time out. Why is that?

By Shaby from St. Louis, MO


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By Julia 147 1,074 07/16/2010 Flag

Sometimes, it's the litter they object to. Just try a different litter and see if that helps at all. If it does, then add just a little of what you're using now in with the new litter and get it used up that way, or save it to put on icy sidewalks or steps in the winter, and you can also use it in the garden if nothing else.

There's something about a cat that pees on her owner's clothing that is trying to tell them something.
Otherwise, she or he would just go on a rug or carpet. She's trying to communicate something to you in the only way she knows how.

If she was spayed before she was a month old, she could have a urinary tract problem too. She would also try to let you know that by doing what she's doing.

I wish you good luck, just don't give up on her yet.
She's a very beautiful kitty.


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By Debby 21 90 07/17/2010 Flag

Yeap, our cat did the same thing when he had a urinary tract infection. Have the vet check her for that. Urinary tract infections can get so extreme that the cat can go into a coma. It's best to have it checked even if this is not the problem.

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07/17/2010 Flag

If it's not physical it's emotional. Since you mention she did not used to do this something is eating at her. Have there been any changes at all in your home? I also beg you to not 'show her she was wrong'! Animals do not think like we humans and you most likely are making the behavior worse by punishing her. She loves you and by you punishing her natural instincts is going to cause all kinds of emotional and trust issues. :-( Wash your bedding and use a vinegar rinse and keep your dirty clothes in a closet where she can't get to them and be sure to have the vet check her for physical problems and ask for more behavioral advice.

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By Lizzyanny 9 1,237 07/17/2010 Flag

My cat did the same thing. It is a marking behavior showing the world she owns (loves) you. I don't leave laundry on the floor anymore. Be sure to have your cat checked for a urinary tract infection any time she abandons the litter box. You can also try a product called Comfort Zone with feliway. Where you spray it the cat will not mark. Good luck. She is a beautiful cat.

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By Candy Killion 10 408 07/17/2010 Flag

Agree with the posters who've said that maybe a vet visit is a good idea, also had a cat who only did that when he had a UTI. Putting her in the cage for a time-out really won't work; doing that after the fact only confuses them and can prompt more unusual behaviors.

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By Dena Roberts 35 491 07/26/2010 Flag

Cats will also do that if they have an ulcer, as one of my cats has every time it acts up, he pees on stuff. Very high strung cat! Take your cat to the vet.

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By Dena Roberts 35 491 08/22/2012 Flag

Be careful with the cranberry meds as cranberries can cause really bad heartburn in some people and animals.

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07/03/2012 Flag

I also recommend a visit to the vet no matter what to be sure she's physically okay but could you tell us if there are any type of changes or stress in your household? Is perhaps someone treating her differently than what she's used to? Is there a new human or animal addition in the home? If a cat does urinates on clothing it could mean an infection and/or that she is really upset about something.

I once had a cat, Niki, who never urinated outside of her box but then when I had a young lady move in temorarily because she had no other place to live my cat started urinating on clothing or towels left on the floor. Turns out the young lady was not a very nice person and I truly believe Niki simply sensed that. Once the young lady moved out Niki never urinated outside of her box again.

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I have a cat who is 2 or 3 and she has started peeing on our dirty clothes. She has done it before once or twice, but now it's getting to be every other day in the same spot.

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