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Freezing Green Peppers

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Can you freeze green peppers once you have cleaned and sliced them? If so, how long can you keep them?

Thank you.

Hardiness Zone: 8a

By Jennifer from SC


Recent Answers

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By ms. carmen [16]06/29/2010

My favorite way to eat peppers is to clean them and char them on the BBQ. When the skins are black put them in a large bowl, cover, and let them steam for a 1/2 hour while you grill your other foods. Peel off the skins, slice and dice and put in freezer bags. The flavor is wonderful. I don't know how long they last in the freezer because I use them frequently.

By Linda [3]06/29/2010

About a month ago, I bought a bag of sliced red peppers for $1.00 from a local restaurant food supply fruit market. I think it was about 3 pounds. I could not believe my luck. I rinsed them and put them in a bag in the freezer. I have been using them in my cooking with great results. If I ever see them again, I will buy them up!

By kayrayriggs [3]06/29/2010

I usually blanche mine first, then chop, dry off, and freeze using my foodsaver in half cup portions for use in recipes all winter. And I always parboil fresh ones before making stuffed peppers - if you don't, they will have a bitter flavor.

By xintexas [28]06/28/2010

I have been freezing green peppers for years. When they are in season, I buy at most inexpensive time. I cut, chop and dice them and put them in baggies. I use them all winter for a wide variety of dishes. No need to defrost. You can use them frozen for any type of cooking since they are already cut and ready. I also clean out whole peppers and freeze them that way. They are easy to stuff while still frozen. Make plenty of mixture and stuff them later if you like or right away. It dosen't really matter. They also can be cooked while still frozen. I loved stuffed green peppers in the winter. Any green pepper should keep for 6 months stuffed or unstuffed. That goes for any chopped peppers too.

By Joan [13]06/28/2010

I dice peppers and put 1/4 to 1/2 cup in baggies and toss them in the freezer.

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]06/28/2010

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Question: Freezing Green Peppers to Stuff Later

How should I freeze green peppers to stuff later?

By Linda from Carlisle, PA

Most Recent Answer

By connie leigh [1]07/27/2011

Hi Linda
I just clean out the seeds and rinse them and let the peppers drain turned up side down on a towel. Then put in zip lock freezer bags. I freeze some chopped and some in slices that way I have some to use during the winter, no paying sky high prices for me to cook with.


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Archive: Freezing Green Peppers

When I buy red or green peppers, I only use a little bit. Can I chop them up and freeze them for later? I do this with onions, but I'm not sure how peppers would turn out.

Jessi from WI

RE: Freezing Green Peppers

I freeze green peppers all the time, too. They are good to use in cooked dishes, but not to thaw and try to use fresh again. I simply chop them up how I like and put in a zipper type bag and remove all the air I can. If you have time it is handy to spread them on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer until frozen, then place in a zipper bag. It is so handy to have chopped onions and peppers in the freezer for a quick meal ingredient. By hvnlyhills

Archive: Freezing Green Peppers

Should I (or can I) blanch green peppers before freezing them?

By willow23 from Wakefield, MA

RE: Freezing Green Peppers

I'm going to assume you're talking about bell peppers. For years all I have done is take all the seeds out and the stem, cut them into slices then put them in a freezer bag and pop them in the freezer. I like to put bell pepper and onion in my tomatoes when I put tomatoes up in the freezer. So last week while my tomatoes were blanching, I chopped the bell pepper up and what I didn't use in the tomatoes, I put in the freezer. I hear you can freeze onion, too. (07/01/2009)

By SusanLee

RE: Freezing Green Peppers

You can blanch them. Probably about 3-5 minutes. If you are going to use them as halves for stuffing, I'd blanch for appearance and texture. If chopped, maybe not bother. (07/01/2009)


RE: Freezing Green Peppers

I freeze my own seasoning mix for soups and stews by chopping onion, pepper, and celery and mixing it all together on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and freeze for about an hour or so. When it's frozen just lift up the wax paper off the cookie sheet and slide the veggies into my freezer containers for future use. It's a great time saver for me. (07/01/2009)

By binkylou

RE: Freezing Green Peppers

You do not have to blanch green peppers, onions, or celery. I've frozen them for years. If you chop the peppers, celery, and onions they are ready to use when you want them. They do not have to be defrosted when put in something being cooked. I cut some peppers in half for stuffed peppers. (07/01/2009)

By dajavooi

RE: Freezing Green Peppers

I've made stuffed raw bell peppers mixing the rice, ground beef, onions, and garden tomatoes and placed the mixture inside the raw bell peppers and put in one gallon freezer bags. They kept well in the freezer until ready to use. Just put what you need in a covered pan with a little water in the bottom to help steam them done and the taste was the same as when made fresh.

Also, I've cut up raw bell peppers from the garden that didn't grow very large to use as additional pizza topping and just took what I needed from the freezer bag and resealed and put back into the freezer til the next time. It's a good way to salvage smaller peppers besides adding to a salad. (07/01/2009)

By Lorelei

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