Can You Still Buy Console Televisions?


I want to know if any company still makes console televisions. I mean the kind that look like furniture with wood around the screen, and sits on the floor. My old TV just quit on me, and it is really part of my living room furniture. I do not care for the black and silver kind. Thank you so much.

Margeth Marjorie from Michigan



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By duckie43 (Guest Post) 07/02/2007

I'm not sure they still make the console tv, but if you really like the concole you already have, find a tv that will fit in the opening, take the old one out, build a shelf for the new one to set on and you're good to go. I did this several years ago. Couldn't afford to buy the tv and entertainment center at the same time.

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By Jess 125 743 06/28/2007

I'm not sure if anyone still makes those anymore but you might consider buying one of those armoire entertainment centers and buy a TV that will fit inside. That way, you can close the doors and hide the television until you wish to watch it.

Good Luck!


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By Beth 5 131 06/28/2007

I know this may sting a bit, but I think they do still make "old-fashioned" or "retro" styled televisions. I'd google "retro television" or something to that extent and see if you get anything. Good luck! I think they're neat looking, too.

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By (Guest Post) 07/02/2007

I know they do still sell some- our appliance place in town has several that look just like the older versions- good luck in your search!

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By john vivenzio (Guest Post) 07/10/2007

if you have any idea about places selling console televisions in springfield mass. please let me know

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By Dawn 5 108 09/10/2007

I would suggest checking out www.craigslist.com as there are many people who are getting rid of their console tv sets and you can get for under $100


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By Robert K. Tompsett (Guest Post) 10/20/2008

Or can you have a HDTV custom fitted into the old console cabinet?

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By olenda 08/03/2014

Yes I am picking up a new one Tuesday. Find them at any good electronic store. Check Zenith web site.

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