Problems Making Fudge

When cooking fudge, do you have to have a pot that evenly distributes heat or will any pot do? Is there a secret to knowing how the fudge looks, when it is ready? On two separate occasions, my thermometer did not read right. Thanks!


By Faith from Clyo, GA

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My Mother and I always just used any cheap pot that we had on hand. For many years my Mother didn't even own a candy thermometer. She checked for the right degree of doneness by dropping a small dab of the batter in a cup with a little cold water in it. If the dab formed a soft ball that meant it was ready to take off the stove. She then added some butter(never measured it, it kind of looked like it might be about 1-2 Tbsps., you should also add vanilla to taste.) Then she set the pan in some cold water, I don't remember for how long, and after a certain period of time she began stirring it until it lost it's gloss, then poured it into a greased pan. When it was completely hard it was cut into squares. I just checked in a church cook book and found a recipe that must be similar to the one my Mother used and I did get the directions right.

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I have one of the easiest fudge recipes, and it has always turned out perfect. I use my microwave oven to make it. I use a large Corning Ware dish with lid.


2 cups (12 oz.) Semi-sweet chocolate morsels

1 1/4 cups (14 oz. can) sweetened condensed milk

1 cup chopped nuts

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine morsels and sweetened condensed milk in heavy saucepan. Warm over lowest possible heat, stirring until smooth. Remove from heat; stir in nuts and vanilla. Spread evenly into foiled-lined 8 or 9-inch square pan. Chill for 2 hours or until firm. Lift from pan; remove foil and cut into squares.

(Makes about 2 lbs. fudge)

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Making fudge can be tricky if it's humid to. have some get remedies for all sorts of cooking/baking. :)

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MCW, that is how I have been making fudge for years, but it isn't the same as the real cooked fudge.

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Hi Faith, I have a perfect fudge recipe every time, no thermometer needed.

3C.semi sweet choc. chips

1 14 oz.can sweetened condensed milk

dash salt

1/2 to 1 C. chopped nuts

1 1/2 t. vanilla

In heavy saucepan, over low heat, melt choc. chips with condensed milk and salt. Remove from heat, stir in nuts and vanilla. Spread evenly in wax paper lined 8 or 9 in square pan. Chill 2 hours. Turn fudge onto cutting board, peel off wax paper and cut.

This is an "Eagle Brand" condensed milk recipe I've had for 30 years. Perfect every time!

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I have just started making fudge, and as a chemist, I am upset that I can't seem to get it right. I've made it the cheating way, with morsels, and it comes out well, but sweeter than I want. I've used the recipe on the Hershey's box (my Mom's old recipe) and it always comes out grainy. I am using a candy thermometer, and follow the directions to the letter, but I've never been able to cool a batch to 110 without it setting up hard. I've also seen directions for 175 degrees, but it even sets up at that temp, and can't be mixed. Last night I made sour cream fudge, but it set up before 175 degrees, so I had to reheat it in accordance with sites about "fixing" bad fudge. Now I've got caramel - ultimately sticky and can't be chewed. Help!

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I just started making fudge with my slow cooker. And it comes out fab. Sets well and has great texture. 500g chocolate. 1 can condensed milk. 1tbspn of butter and 1 tspn of vanilla essence. Stir every ten mins. When you have had 2 layers of skin it is ready. I add peanut butter to mine it tastes like reeces.

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I have a wonderful recipe for making GREAT fudge. I've made it for years and tell people if you can tell time, you can make this fudge that will top everything you've tried.

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I've been making this fudge for years and it has never failed. I have friends who eagerly wait for Christmas, because this is when I make it. If you can tell time, you too can make this smooth, wonderful fudge.


1 large bag Semi-sweet Chocolate pieces (I use 16 Oz)

1 cup Milk Chocolate pieces (or a large Hershey bar plus a row of another) so it equals 8 oz

4 cups mini marshmallows (If you leave them out, they might expand in the warmth of your home, and you wont get measurement. Keep them in the fridge or a cool place til measuring time)

3 cups of chopped Pecans.

Put aside 2 teaspoons of Vanilla to be used later on. Dont put it in the bowl yet.

IN A POT: (Something with a bottom that displaces the heat works best)

1 can of Evaporated Milk

4 1/2 cups of Sugar

1 cup of Butter (cut into pieces)

CONTINUOUSLY STIRRING, bring to the milk/sugar/butter mixture to a boil at MEDIUM heat. (Afterwards, reduce the heat until it is finally on low but the boil continues.)

Now, HERE'S THE TRICK to the recipe. At the FIRST SIGN of it coming to a boil, start a timer set for 10 minutes while continuing to stir constantly.

When the ten minutes is up, immediately add the milk/sugar/butter from the pot to the chocolate mixture in the Tupperware bowl. Now add the 2 teaspoons of vanilla.

Using a large, wooden spoon or something that wont break, stir everything together until it is smooth and no little lumps of the marshmallows remain. Immediately, pour onto parchment paper in a 9 x 13 pan. Refrigerate and cut into small squares. Store in a cool space or in the fridge. Do not freeze.

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Dominos sugar is the secret to getting your candy to set.

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I made my mom's marshmallow fudge. Instead of using MM creme I used whole marshmallows. The fudge set and tastes good, but is chewy and very dense which is not what I was going for.

Any suggestions to repair this batch?

By Lynn N.

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Oh do I have the best peanut butter fudge recipe for you. It is so unbelievably creamy and is foolproof. Comes out great every time. Never gritty or chewy.

3 cups of sugar, 12oz. of Jiffy peanut butter ( I like Jiffy the best), 1/4 cup of clear Karo syrup, 1-7oz. jar of marshmallow cream, 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract (do not use imitation vanilla), 2 Tablespoons of butter, and 2/3 cups of evaporated milk. In a medium pan mix together the evaporated milk, sugar, Karo syrup, and butter. Stirring constantly until a rolling boil. Boil 3 minutes and only 3 minutes. If you cook it longer it is hard to stir in the pb and MM cream. Remove from heat and add the vanilla, marshmallow cream, and peanut butter. Stir until the marshmallow cream and peanut butter are melted and incorporated. Pour into a buttered pan. Cool and cut into squares and enjoy!

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I made the same recipe with the semi sweets and sweet condensed milk. I followed the directions, cooking until melted smooth, then I added the nuts and vanilla. It has been in fridge for 5 hours and has still not set up. What did I do wrong and how do I get it set up now?

By Nofudge

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Put it back in the pan and cook it untill it has thickened some more then it should set up.

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I have a batch of chocolate/ peanut butter fudge that did not harden. Does anyone know how I can salvage it?

By Peggy


Problems Making Fudge

Use it for frosting, don't throw it out. (12/20/2010)


Problems Making Fudge

Thanks for the ideas. I made this fudge for Christmas, two large trays. I cannot throw away either way it can always be ice cream topping. I reheated it and brought almost to a soft ball, added 1/3 cup of powered sugar, and same of baking power cocoa and stirred well. I poured it into a pan and it is already setting up. Thanks for the help! (12/22/2010)

By tfox

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How do I get my marshmallow fudge to set up?

By Linda from E Wenatchee, WA


Problems Making Fudge

Make sure too that the sugar you are using is for candy making. There are some granulated sugars that cannot be used for this purpose, and it should state that on the bag. I made that mistake just one, with a cheaper sugar, so now I use nothing, but a good, name brand sugar. (12/23/2009)

By Donna624

Problems Making Fudge

Did you cook the evaporated milk and sugar to softball stage 240 degrees? I usually cook the sugar and milk at a rolling boil for 5 minutes and that does the trick for me.

If your fudge hasn't set up 1 thing you can do is melt a 12 oz bag of chocolate chips in a double boiler and mix in the unset fudge and pour it all back into a buttered dish to set up or use the runny stuff for ice cream topper.


Problems Making Fudge

Don't make candy on a humid day, this affects the way candy turns out. Make sure the sugar, marshmallow creme, evaporated milk mixture cooks for at least 5 min., then remove from the heat and add your chocolate chips, vanilla, and nuts are stirred in. Should be fine. Fudge should not be put in the refrigerator. Go to fantasy fudge, it's the best ever. (05/21/2010)

By lindarob213

Problems Making Fudge

I put mine back in a clean pan and put heat on medium. If it is peanut butter fudge stir almost continually until it again boils. Peanut butter may stick to bottom of pan. Take off stove and put pan in a sink with cold water and occasionally stir a bit to see it is thickening. After about 15 minutes you can "beat the fudge" and put in a buttered pan. I should "re-set." Worked great for me! (12/07/2010)

By suzyt123

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What can I do to get my fudge to get hard on a rainy day?

Nancy from WV


Problems Making Fudge

My recipe uses only peanut butter, butter, and confectioners sugar. I can make this during any weather and not have any problems. I found out long ago that whatever kind of candy you're making, the house needs to be cool. The cooler the house the better. (01/03/2007)

By Amy

Problems Making Fudge

I have a few little tricks for making fudge.

I get it all mixed up and start to boiling, then clean something. I come back to it and stir it occasionally. I use the drop test, dropping a little bit of fudge in tap water and if it makes a ball it is nearly ready. I usually let it cook a few more minutes, then remove it from the stove and stir it for a bit.

Personally, I don't want to wear my arm out, so I put some water in the sink and set the pot in it and stir it a minute or so, then find something else to do for a bit and come back to it shortly and stir it some more. When it starts to be grainy, I pour it into a buttered dish and let it sit, out of the fridge and by the time it is completely cooled, it cuts into little squares.

If you want the recipe, let me know. It uses no marshmallow cream and no chocolate chips. Completely home made.

I have a good peanut butter fudge recipe, also.
Tina (01/03/2007)

By trbrown22

Problems Making Fudge

I lived in Arkansas where on any given day the humidity is above 60%. My recipe called for 1 cup of whole milk (only making fudge would I use it). I cut it down to 3/4 cup and it came out perfectly. I have one recipe and it came from my Grandma, Old Fashion Peanut Butter Fudge from a Hershey can in the 50s.

I also had a dehumidifier I used when cooking or it was raining, to keep the inside of my house from "sweating", as we didn't have an air conditioner. I know you'll be getting lots of info on here and these suggestions I posted are what worked for me. I moved to the desert so now I use a humidifier. (01/05/2007)

By SweetCali40

Problems Making Fudge

My sister says when her goodies don't turn out right, no one needs to know. She just makes it into a dessert sauce to serve over ice cream, pound cake, etc. and topped with a dollop of whipped topping and garnish as you please. This way no big waste of money and it all gets eaten up. (06/19/2007)

By badwater

Problems Making Fudge

I work in a fudge shop and your never supposed to put fudge in the refrigerator. (10/02/2007)

By Allison

Problems Making Fudge

I had a similar problem, my fudge wouldn't set correctly and I put it back on the stove, heated it up and added 1/4 tsps of Cream of Tartar, put it back in the pan, set it in the refrigerator and voila, it set just fine. (12/05/2008)

By Judy

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I have made fudge 2 years in a row, and each year I make it I put in the refrigerator like it suggests and it turns out gooey in the pan, not like little squares.

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