Uses for Creamer Bottles

Plastic creamer bottles can be reused, for things like crafts, organizing, and storage. This is a guide about uses for creamer bottles.

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I dislike grocery shopping, particularly in the wintertime. I get a head start during the summer. I watch for sales on staples. The more I buy now, the less I'll have to lug home in the sleet and snow.


I mix my own laundry concoction, and really like it. I use ½ of a popular laundry detergent and ½ of a non chlorine fabric whitener/brightener. Often these powders are lumpy when I first buy them, and even lumpier after being on the shelf for a while.

I measure equal amounts of these two into a plastic bucket, stir for a second, and then funnel the lot into clean and dried coffee creamer containers. I keep these filled containers in the laundry room, and at the kitchen sink, where I wash my dish towels in scalding water. (Tip within a tip: I don't use fabric softener on my dish towels. It tends to leave a film on glassware).

The lumps do not reform in these plastic containers. I can dispense a little through the pour spout or remove the lid to measure a cup or so. This idea may not be practical for large families, but for a small crew, it should work well.


Also, I stock up on wild bird seed. I transfer the contents of a 10 lb. bag of seed into these containers. When refilling my several feeders, it's much easier dispensing from these containers, rather than a 10 lb. bag. With a home made inner seal of foil, the seed will stay fresh and bug free.

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Note to Pixie Dust, who doesn't use creamer. You can do the same thing with Mayonnaise jars. I also use peanut butter or spaghetti sauce jars for storing other things.

Harlean from Arkansas

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Yes---good idea. I like to reuse those plastic jars that you get nuts in from Sams Club or Costco for rice or beans also. I make a "lid liner" from a circle of waxed paper to make the lid fit more snugly, and put a couple of bay leaves in for good measure.

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Today's tip is that sometimes, you can still use something even though the lid is missing. I find these creamer bottles without the tops and replace them with juice container lids. Still useful, clear and ready to fill with all sorts of things.

Reusing Creamer Bottles with New Lids

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This is a guide about making a Coffee Mate container snowman. A Coffee Mate container is the perfect shape for making a cute snowman that can be filled with treats for a gift or used as a decoration.

Making a Coffee Mate Container Snowman

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Empty non dairy creamer containers are perfect to use as drink bottles. The smaller ones are great for mixing and drinking from and the larger ones are the perfect size for the 1/2 gallon unsweetened drink mixes.

Reuse Your Non Dairy Creamer Bottles

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For my Kindergarten class at Sunday School, we made Santa toys out of Liquid Coffee Mate bottles. The white bottles have red caps that are shaped as Santa's hat.

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I have stared using large coffee cream containers to store rice and other things. The opening makes it easier to pour into measuring cup.

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I use empty creamer bottles for lots of things, especially food items we buy in large containers at Sam's Club: syrup, dishwasher soap (awesome for that!), hot chocolate mix, strawberry mix, even as a small pitcher of milk for the dining table that kids can easily pour.

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I hope all of you creative people can help me out.

I have many of the big plastic canisters that powdered coffee creamer comes in. We drink A LOT of coffee around here! I'm reusing one to store sugar in. It's great because it has the spout on it for pouring. Other than that, what else could I use these containers for? I'm at a loss, and I hate to throw these canisters out. There's got to be other ways of reusing these. Thanks. and I'm looking forward to all of the creative ideas you have.

Lynn from Colbert, GA

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Just this year I started using the containers from creamers and lemonade for instant potatoes,dog treats, choc. drink mix, spaghetti noodles ( broke in half) pencils,crayons, clips, etc. They come in very handy in our travel trailer. Does not useup much space and keeps ants and other bugs out.

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Take ten of the coffee creamer bottles and fill half full of sand. Glue the tops on with silicone or Gorilla glue. Take a piece of 1/8" thin Luan plywood and paint spots on it in a triangle pattern to make a pattern to set up bowling pins. Set up in your driveway, pace off a bowling lane, and use a soccer ball to make a lawn bowling game for kids or adults. Great for yards parties.

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I have tons of Coffee Mate liquid cream containers in three sizes: 32 oz, 64 oz (2 qt), and 16 oz. I think they would be great to make gifts for young and old.

Could you please suggest ideas and instructions for something easy and inexpensive? I guess I need to get started, the holidays are near. I also want to say thank you for accepting me. I am so excited to be a part of ThriftyFun. I am looking forward to a very long stay here. Blessings.

By Linda H

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Crafting with Coffee Mate Liquid containers - They can be used to storage a variety of materials. I am an art teacher and I would especially save them to make snowmen/women or a nesting doll where you only have one and there are books to read to the kids before creating the art project. There are many colorful books on snowmen and Patricia Polacco has a story called Babushka Doll that would be perfect!

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Does anyone have craft ideas for the larger Coffee-Mate containers with the powder creamer? It seems a waste to get rid of them.

By Michelle

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You can use the container to make a bird feeder.

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They are great for food. I keep rice in one and the little spout is great for measuring out smaller amounts. They are also good for syrup and other liquids. They can also be great for taking soup to work, as the spout again is nice for pouring into a mug. Get the shaker kind of pancake mix and use this to make perfect pancakes.

You can also use them for string or cord in the shop, small items in the craft room (labeled of course), and for keeping change or dog treats in the car.

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I use lots of liquid creamer and have saved the bottles. I want to make a craft the children will enjoy.

By Gidget123 from OK

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Remove any labelling if possible. If not, sand and paint white. Add colorful stripes with tape or paint and number them from 1-10 with craft paint or self adhesive colorful numbers. Weight the bottoms with sand or small stones. Glue the lids on and any pour spouts closed with a glue for plastic or hot glue. Set them up like a bowling alley and use a soft sponge ball (Nerf perhaps) and let them bowl outside or in a basement playroom would probably be best. Or let them use them for building or stacking by adding both letters and numbers to make for some fun learning. Even a large chess set might work using creamer bottles labelled with the name of the piece, like king, queen, pawn etc.

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I have made many banks from those bottles, using mod podge and thin pretty paper. Kids can tear the paper into small pieces and glue them on with mod podge. When it is all covered, put a final coat over all. Let dry an hour or so between coats and then embellish with beads around the top. My grandkids love this. (Use a plastic tablecloth as this can get messy especially with kids. Also, be sure to wash paintbrushes thoroughly with warm water between coats). Have fun!

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I take coffee-mate containers, the ones that are found in the dairy case, and use them for sugar dispensers. You can cut and peel the outside plastic off. You could use these for other dry ingredients as well.

By Janett48 from Stamps, AR


Uses For Coffee Creamer Containers

I also use them for my laundry detergent, generic oxyclean and fabric softener. I hate lifting those heavy liquid detergent bottles. I posted this idea on thriftyfun a while ago. (05/13/2009)


RE: Uses For Coffee Creamer Containers

Uses for Coffee Creamer Containers

Ha ha on me, I wanted to see what everybody came up with. the first picture showed me I need to take a break. I thought you meant those you get from restaurants What a dope, but when I went looking for a pics.of what I meant. I found this site. She has way to much time on her hands
( A coffee creamer cozy (05/16/2009)

By bridget not gidget

RE: Uses for Coffee Creamer Containers

Uses for Coffee Creamer Containers

How about refilling them with homemade creamer for less than you pay for store bought?

  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2-3 cups of milk
  • 2 tsp. of your favorite flavoring extract
Or even better yet, make your own sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup powder milk


By SusLuvsVintage

Uses for Coffee Creamer Containers

I use the Coffeemate ones (with the pour spout that flips open) to keep cooking oil handy near the stove. Much easier to use than the screw-off capped bottles the oil comes in originally. Easier to control the amount, too. Also great for keeping paint handy for touch-up projects without pouring out a big pan full and risking it drying out and getting wasted. If you use a sponge-type paint applicator, you can squirt paint directly onto the sponge! (07/12/2009)

By `republichik

Uses for Coffee Creamer Containers

I have a big dog who will sneak into the kitchen garbage can if any kind of leftover bones are in there. Not a good thing. We used to have to be extremely diligent and take any bones--most especially chicken, which can splinter easily and do the most intestinal tract damage, to the outside trash immediately at dinner cleanup until we started using empty creamer containers for this purpose.

I just stuff them into the container, screw the lid back on and throw it in the kitchen can--and the dog doesn't bother with them. I'm not running to toss out half-full trash bags any more.

These containers are also great for discarding leftover cooking oil or the gunk that gathers in the sink drain strainer ( without having to sprint across the kitchen to dump it there--usually a wet, sloppy mess). (01/11/2010)

By PupperMom

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Got Creamer? I go through at least one of these per week. I thought you might like some ideas as to what to do with the ones you may not recycle.

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I have a lot of those very large plastic creamer containers that hold powdered creamer for coffee. I hate throwing them away and I've got one that I keep my sugar in.

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