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Using Ammonia In Dish Soap

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Can you use ammonia in dish washing liquid?



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By (Guest Post)10/20/2008

I put Dawn dishsoap and ammonia diluted with water to make a spray cleaner for my stove and countertops, great for grease

By Syd (Guest Post)10/18/2008

Yes, you certainly can ... the more expensive Dawn dish detergent has ammonia in it! Use a cheaper brand and add your own ammonia, much cheaper. How much, start with an amount you think appropriate for the size of the container. You can always increase or decrease the amounts.

By KL [3]10/16/2008

Make sure the dish soap does NOT contain any kind of bleach or chlorine products in it. You never want to mix ammonia with bleach as it will combine to make poisonous fumes.

Ammonia is pretty nasty stuff anyway. I would use something else.

By Brenda Hatch10/16/2008

Hi Clyde. If you mean a bit of dish detergent in a pail of water for cleaning the floor, yes. But make sure the dish soap is for hand washing and read the product usage directions on both products.

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