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Help With a Lost USPS Package


I sent out the package on 2/28/11, but today is 3/29/11 and my friend still did not receive it yet? I filed a complaint to USPS. They said that there is nothing they can do, because the package was out using flat rate first class. They didn't sell me the insurance and confirmation for tracking. What should I do?

By yoyo from CA


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By Joan 13 1,482 03/30/2011

They don't automatically sell you insurance when you mail a package. You have to tell them you want it insured for the value of the items in the package. I don't know what you can do, but I do know when you want a package insured you have to ask for it, and if you want a tracking number or something like that you also have ask for certain types of shipping.

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By Deanj 917 03/30/2011

There is nothing more to be done. Just hope that it may turn up at some point. I worked with the USPs for a while during Christmas and was surprised at the number of packages that came through with poor address labels that fell off or poorly packaged boxes that fell apart. None of these packages could be delivered. Not saying this was your case but mailing letters or packages one should always ASK for insurance and registered. That way the package can be traced and the recipient will sign for the package and a receipt will be forwarded to you.

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By Marty Dick 163 958 03/30/2011

I learned the hard way when dealing with USPS. Always, get insurance, delivery confirmation or the service that will give you tracking numbers. I prefer that because you can track the progress online.

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By Ganton 1 04/18/2012

I sent a scarce 1795 silver U. S. half-dollar to ANACS in CO. to be graded on March 10th insured for $1K and w/delivery confirmation. Tracking revealed it got to the sort center in Kent, WA. and no further. I'd much rather have the coin back, but I put in a claim as it's been over a month and no further movement or action has been noted. Someone I know who works for USPS strongly suspects it was "pilfered" (stolen) by some USPS employee at the sort center.

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By jams 1 01/19/2013

This company is the worst. Try a different company.

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Question: Post Office Lost Package

I sent a small Flat Rate box to someone in California on 4/16. I dropped it like I always have in the drop box inside the post office. As of today 4/30 the post office still hasn't scanned the package. I went back to the post office and they weren't helpful. The supervisor was "surprised" the package hasn't been scanned and they said they didn't have it. What do I do?

Long story short I have someone who sends me beads to make up and I send them back to her. She has never asked me to insure it for a certain amount, but I insure for $30.00. When she called me about not receiving the package she was upset saying it was worth more. I need to find this package. Any ideas?

By Marie S.

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By cybergrannie 32 883 05/08/2013

Hi - I hope your package has been delivered but in case it has not - here are some questions/comments.
It appears that you are printing on line as you say that you "dropped" it in the drop at the post office.

If that is the case then you have good records of printing the label but unfortunately you do not have a record of the package ever reaching the post office.
This always presents a problem as your insurance may not cover this parcel at all. How could the post office pay insurance if they have no record of the package ever being in their system? (That could be a recipe for many, many scams of the post office system.)

Truthfully, the post office does not lose very much mail especially considering the amount that passes through their system each day.

Maybe you could try letting your postman pick up your packages in the future?
Your carrier will scan your package when he picks it up and you can check on your item the same evening or next day. This works great for me - I just place packages on my porch and leave my carrier a note as to where packages are located. Never had a problem in over 3 years.
This may not be possible everywhere but why not give it a try? If there is problem with this then you can call for a pickup (24 hour notice I think). They will pick up even one package if it is priority mail. But - carrier is still best idea if possible.
I hope you have good luck with this one but maybe try something better in the future.
Good luck..

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Question: The Post Office Lost My Package

I sent 2.5 oz of pure .9999 gold in a cash4gold envelop. It had delivery conformation on it, and I told the postal employee that I did not feel comfortable dropping it in a mail box. I told the clerk that it was $4,000 worth of gold and he offered me insurance that I could not afford at the time.

The tracking number shows that the package was accepted at the Woburn, MA facility on August 30th at 10:49 am and that is the last update. The worst thing is the gold is my father in-law's. What can I do? I started a claim and that doesn't sound too promising at this point.

By Sam

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By Noella 11 381 09/20/2011

Have him go to the post office where it was delivered. It is possible that the envelope was damaged and the contents were separated. Being that it was gold it's possible that it was taken by an employee, janitor, etc. But most post offices keep envelopes and boxes full of damaged mail and its contents. A few months ago I received an empty envelope and when I went to the post office, they were able to find most of the contents. You might also fill out a police report, though I don't know if it would do any good.

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Question: Package Sent Via USPS to Amazon Not Received

I sent a Kindle by Parcel Select through the U. S Postal Service, July 21 with a return label and tracking label. They have not received the Kindle and are now trying to charge me. What can I do?

By Philip

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By Cindy 1 30 08/08/2011

Hi.. Parcel select is the slow boat method. It hasn't had full time to get there. Give it a good two weeks. Hope this helps. Cindy

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Question: Finding Lost USPS Mail Without a Tracking Number

I'm from India and I had cleared my CCNA exam, but the certificate has to be sent from United States. Cisco is telling that my certificate has already been sent to me, but I had not received it yet.

They have not given me any receipt number to track my certificate. So if any one knows how to get a receipt number I would appreciate your help. It was dispatched on the 16th of March 2011. It has been almost 4 months.

By Guddu from India

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By Lilac 20 1,332 07/05/2011

If possible ask for another to be sent and have them send it signature required if possible.

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Question: Lost Package

I mailed my package and my sister never received it. Now I don't have the tracking number, but I have a receipt. Is there anything I could do having a receipt?

By Kate from CA

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By Melanie Jackson 1 373 04/25/2012

Do you mean that you did have a tracking number, but lost it? The receipt will have that number on it. Look it up yourself on to see how far it got, before it was lost. Then take the receipt to the post office so they can take it from there.

If you didn't get a tracking number, you could ask them to try to trace it, but it's a long shot. At least you'd have the date it was mailed, which would give them a little info to go on.

Good luck!

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Question: Finding a Lost USPS Package

I had a package send to me by USPS Priority mail. He lost the confirmation number; I have tried everything to find it. Can you help me?

By Robert from Santee, SC

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Archive: Help a With Lost USPS Package

I need advice regarding an issue with USPS lost package. I sent a 40 lb. package to my friend in Stamford, CT and it's not delivered though it's been a month. I do not have a receipt/tracking number for it. When we inquire of the USPS customer service, their only response is that nothing can be done without the tracking number. Is there any alternative way to solve this problem?

Sunvam from Somerset, NJ


RE: Help a With Lost USPS Package

I'd start by calling the office manager of the destination Post Office and ask for help. (08/14/2007)

By cookwie

RE: Help a With Lost USPS Package

You also might start with the office that you mailed it from. If you know the date and time you were in their office, I would think that there would be records of all mailed packages from that office. There would be a list of tracking numbers mailed out within a particular time period and you could go from there! (08/14/2007)

By Noella

RE: Help a With Lost USPS Package

I have had a friend track down a package by calling the receiving Post Office directly. You will have to hunt down the phone number. Undeliverable packages go into a storage area, I believe. You could also have your friend in Stamford go directly to the post office to talk to someone face to face. I've always had very good service with the post office and they are my first choice when shipping boxes for the holidays and such. Cheaper and faster than UPS or FedEx.

Jess (08/14/2007)

By Jess

RE: Help a With Lost USPS Package

Don't forget the local newspaper help column and the local TV consumer reporter. They love to do this kind of thing. (08/14/2007)

By Jantoo

RE: Help a With Lost USPS Package

Fill out PS Form 1510 (Mail Loss/Rifling Report) from your Post Office. I've been told that submitting this form almost magically makes lost packages be delivered. Of course this was for books, not a 40 pound box, but it couldn't hurt to try. (08/14/2007)

By Guest

RE: Help a With Lost USPS Package

I am experiencing a similar problem. I sent a package from MO to AZ on March 20 2008. It weighed 67 lbs. It has not arrived yet. I called the 1-800 ask USPS (almost useless number) with no results. I then called 1-800-222-1811 to see where my package was, with no results. Then I called the office where I sent my package from and I was told to file a complaint with the postal inspector ( (1-877-876-2455) with no results. I don't even think they looked into the complaint.

Finally I started to attempt to track my package my self spending numerous hours on the phone with different offices. I called the USPS consumer affairs office ( (602-223-3223) and was told they would look into it for me via email. (not very effective).

I did a little research via the net and found a number for the Dead Mail Center in Atlanta (404-344-1625). They told me that the package was last seen in Glendale AZ on 14 April 2008. Don't know why it would be there. I informed the Consumer Affairs about what I had found out and they where surprised to know. Don't know why they could not get that information. They then told me that they would call and try to find any info.

I was surprised that they actually called me back, but not surprised that they could not get any info. They then told me that they would check the Phoenix Distribution Center (602- 225-3122). I have not heard back yet about them. I then called the Glendale main post office (623-486-2029). They remember seeing the package and I was told that it was put back into the system.

I then called the West Valley office (623-442-6033) with no results. I then called the Tucson Distribution Center (520-388-5043) with no results. All of these offices are within 3 hours from my home and so far it has taken 12 days for my package to make a 3 hour trip (truly snail mail). I check with the local Post Office almost every day (520- 458-0554) and they are anticipating seeing my package almost as much has I am. Just so that I can stop calling.

My next step is to call the Post Master General of both my local area (520-458-0554) and the region (520 388-5101) and call the Consumer Affairs office for Tucson (520- 388-5090) and the Dead Mail Center in St Paul (651-293-3083), and write a letter to my congressman.

It is hard to get phone numbers for the USPS system but with a little sweet talk you may be able to get the number you are looking for. The USPS keeps their numbers very a secret, but after calling everyone and their mothers you can get what you are looking for. Bottom line is that the USPS may seem like a service when everything works. But when something breaks, they are filled with much bureaucratic BS as any other government office. I truly believe my persistence will pay off in the end, but I hope this will help you. (04/25/2008)

By upsetwithusps

Archive: Help a With Lost USPS Package

I sent a large box to son from Rhode Island to Arizona. It has been seventeen days and USPS will not help at all. What can I do?



RE: Help a With Lost USPS Package

What you need to do is go to this site and hit the red complaint button and put your words into "writing". Calling never does any good. Here is the site:

This needs to be addressed. Good luck.

Robyn (04/06/2009)

By Robyn Fed

RE: Help a With Lost USPS Package

I bought my son shorts and t-shirt from his university for his birthday; he never got it. I forgot to insure it so it's gone. When I called the PO; they angrily replied "who gave you this number?" Another time I sent his Christmas gift and he did get it, in February. So, if you don't want it lost, don't send it thru USPS. UPS and Fedex are more expensive, but they can trace your package. (04/08/2009)

By mklema92658

Archive: Help With a Lost USPS Package

In September, I sent to my daughter in Japan a package important enough for me to insure it. It has not arrived, though. I have stupidly lost the USPS receipt.

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