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Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

I have pain in the upper left side of my back. Will the Back2life still help?

By Jegbert2 from Bradford, PA


Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

There are several reviews of the Back2Life in the archives of ThriftyFun. If you look at them, you will see that it worked for some but not for others.


Here is a link to the Back2Life frequently asked questions page. It might help you make a decision whether to try it or not. (04/16/2009)

By Anonymous

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

I own a Back 2 Life. I first heard about the machine while in Israel, our tour guide spoke about how her husband and her use it and how it helps. I had bad sciatica on that trip, though sciatica was taken care of by a good stretch I learned. But the ongoing back problems (no back pain, sometimes a little discomfort), but ongoing numbness in the feet, hard to stand prolonged periods of time and all of those typical symptoms of spinal stinosis. I looked up the machine on the web, as the original machine has a different name created by this Israeli, which led me to the US branch called Back 2 Life. I bought the machine, tried it a few times but couldn't get into it and it just sat there.


Now a year and half later or so I'm using it again, and seeing real REAL results. It works like Advil for me. So far, it helps abut the first 4 hours of my sleep at night, the numbness in the feet (and tightening of the feet) is at a minimum after use of the Back 2 Life. I used it several months ago too, and had some good results, but got busy and was doing other exercises and things at the Y, and chiropractor decompression, and massage, that the Back 2 Life slipped into oblivion again, just sitting there on our bedroom floor, looking at me, but forgetting it had helped me (a bit). But then I had a dream, sounds silly, but Jesus (who didn't look like any Jesus) was a coach and there were a bunch of guys on those blue bouncing balls that you do sit ups on or bounce on for your back, and Jesus (coach) was coming up to the guys and touching their backs, I so much wanted him to touch my back too.


In the dream, he came up to me (as if this was the day of rewards), and I felt a pulse of air go on my back and that was my dream. Well, in the morning I remembered Back 2 Life, and it's repetitive motion, like bouncing on a ball, and thought maybe the Lord was showing me to start using it again (I'll find out for sure when I get to heaven if this was a real vision), but anyway, it was used to help me get back into the swing of things with the machine. I've been using it regularly now, only for about a week, and now I believe in the effectiveness of this machine more than ever. (I guess it was my timing). Really, it is helping me sleep through half the night or more now, much better than ever, and for sure, no doubt about it, it is the machine that has made the difference.


I used it twice tonight and will use it one more time right now (I read you can use it as much as you want). I'm going to adjust the height a little (mess with it for other results). Also I'm going to buy some ankle weights, Back 2 Life suggests for greater effectiveness. I wouldn't write this review or sell you on something unless I really (not just believed, but "knew") it worked. I'm excited about the present results, and don't think I'll backslide on its usage again.

I'm returning to my help (the Back 2 Life machine). I love having my feet less numb, I love sleeping better, and I have a feeling that I am on my way to a full recovery after 8 years or so of this back stuff. I am a 45 year old man and am happy to be on the road to recovery. Thank the Lord. (04/18/2009)


By John Schaffer

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

Hi, I just purchased the back2life machine for my husband. He had back surgery a few years ago and has days where he feels achy all over and just stiff and not feeling well. He was taking muscle relaxants and pain meds more and more lately.

I cannot believe it, but it has really made a difference for him. He seems like a different person. They recommend 12 minute sessions but the brochure says you can use it as much as you want - so, my husband is doing sessions of 40-60 minutes. He is so relaxed while lying there, it just feels good I guess. It has made such an improvement. He feels so much better, and so far no more achy days or needing muscle relaxants/pain meds. Since we have only had this for a few days, I sincerely hope this continues.


I also used the machine for 12 minutes and noticed my back felt better. For me, I have a slight bulging disc that really causes no major pain but a minor ache. After using the back2life, it disappeared. I had never had a day I did not feel the achy area in my back for a year or more. After using the back2life the first time, I took my dog for a long walk and also noticed a difference. I used to blame my shoes or whatever - now I think it was tight muscles. I felt much better, walked a lot and did feel fatigued.

For whatever this is worth, I do believe this machine might help people. One thing, it does not seem it will hurt. If you keep at it, every day and have patience, you might also see an improvement. It is better than taking pain medication.

I have a suggestion, if anyone here purchased one and is not using it, sell it on Craigslist or EBay to others here who want to try it. (04/19/2009)

By greatdaytoday

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

Both my partner and I would LOVE to try this machine. It's just too bad they charge so darn much for it! I wish it was half the price! I think the manufactures know that if you have back pain, you'll pay ANY PRICE for a bit of relief! They basically have you "over a barrel!" (04/20/2009)

By Cyinda

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

Ok, I own and use this machine faithfully. It took about a month for positive results to show up, pain free, mobility, lifting, walking, etc. all pain free! It's done wonders for my lower back. I've had a bad back for many many years and NOTHING worked to help it get better, not pills, stomach exercises, back adjustments, acupuncture, etc. I've tried them all. This awesome machine DID! I'm now pain free! I use the back2life 2 times a day. IF you have lower back pain and give it a try you just might get the same results. Odds are on your side. I have to laugh at some of the machines detractors. The material clearly states that 90% can expect relief.

It's amazing to me that anyone would post negative comments on something they've never tried as a few have. They look ridiculous and idiotic for doing so. You can't just use it a day or even a week and expect instant relief, if you do, more power to you. Well done!

Don't base your decision on anyone's reviews. Try the machine yourself, YOU'RE the one that hurts, it's the only way to know if it will help you! Don't let money get in the way of relief. I charged mine and could care less about $200 vs. pain relief. For those that don't get relief, try something else, and there's always vicodin. (05/01/2009)

By Robert02

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

I had spinal cord surgery about 12 years ago which resulted in foot drop (left side), poor balance, and limited feeling in my right foot and leg. I've also been having trouble sleeping through the night. I have been using the Back-to-Life for a week, usually twice as long because I find it so relaxing. After the second day of using the device, I started sleeping through the night and have been since. But yesterday I noticed something interesting. Since learning to walk again after the surgery, I haven't been able to walk with my heel hitting the ground first. My entire left foot would just flop on the floor.

Now, I'm able to walk with my heel first, and my left foot turns out to the left slightly, resulting in a more natural looking stride (with foot drop, my left foot would turn in). Given that I've been living with the condition for so long, I am amazed. I still have a slight limp, my balance isn't back, and my right foot is still numb. However, I have definitely noticed a positive difference in the way that I walk. If you have foot drop, please consult with your doctor before using this machine because it is not intended for use by patients with foot drop from progressive disorders. I wish you the best. (07/25/2009)

By Ovie

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

Possibly worthwhile. After 20 years working in physical therapy, one thing I know about back pain is that what is helpful for one person may not be for others because of the multitude of causes. I decided to try the Back2Life because of the 30-day return offer. Although it didn't help me, the product is well made and I can see how it might be helpful for some people, especially for relaxing muscle spasm.

However, I found the company lacking in integrity when it came to returning the machine. After spending 45 minutes on 3 occasions trying to get through the 'Return' line, had to endure very high pressure to try it for 'an additional 30 days'. I relented and tried for the extended period without improvement and, since I was nearing the end of 60 days tried to return it. Turns out they give the 30 days extra from when you call to return it rather than an actual 30 days to your original time period. They were very stubborn about not taking it back even though I was only 2 days over 'their' extension (but under 60 days).

Bottom line, possibly a decent machine, but the company is interested in getting your money by any means they can, rather than being satisfied to make their profit from satisfied customers. Be careful! (And if you need to return it, choose the 'want to purchase' option on the phone rather than the 'return' option; they will pick up right away rather than leaving you on hold forever.) (10/22/2009)

By A.J.R.

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

Hi. I saw the infomercial today and went to the website for more info. Despite what some say, I actually found the website and the product's "simplistic" explanation convincing. (Maybe that's because I'm only 27 yrs old, and have had mild to severe lower back pain for about 2 years, due to dancing professionally, poor posture, and high heels - which I no longer am able to wear, all which led to the degenerated health of my spine.) My x-ray and MRI showed that my spine was "fusing" and the compression without the any disc cushioning is causing pain. I can't sit, stand, or walk for very long without pain, and the longer I do any of those, the worse it gets.

Other than to disappear from the earth's atmosphere (lol) that only leaves lying down, which we all know is barely comfortable, even when you're trying to sleep. Vicodin's about the only thing that lets me sleep, but that's run its course. :( My point however, is that since I don't have a herniated disc, or anything requiring surgery - I believe from the product's positive reviews (and from the overall description of how it operates) that it will help me, so I will try it.

Although I have not yet tried the product, I wanted to join the forum to point out a few things.

1) I respect and appreciate the opinions of those for whom the machine did not work. I don't appreciate the negative reviews from people who didn't use it, didn't use it properly, or ignored the return policy. Almost every negative review (if not all) has mentioned something about the company "would not accept the product or refund the money after the 30-day period." I'm confused? Is that not the stated return-policy? I could understand if people were posting "I tried to return it after 1 week and they refused!" But every review says "It didn't work. They wouldn't let me return it because I was passed the 30 days." I looked for 1 review that said "They wouldn't let me return it UNDER the 30-days" for fear of this happening to me, but I couldn't find one. Reviews like this frustrate the other readers because we are looking for reliable information to help relieve our back pain. Not the complaints of someone who didn't read the fine print.

2) As far as the product not working, or having minimal results, as I said, I respect those helpful opinions, and thank you all for sharing. However, I don't think it's fair for some to scream it in all caps and exclamation marks, decorated with bitter sarcasm as if you know for a fact that it will not work for anyone. I understand you want to help, and you want to warn people, but if you really want to help, give a fair opinion: that it did not work for YOU, and why. It may work for others (as we've seen from the positive reviews). One negative review said "If this product really worked, it would work for everyone! Why put 'results may vary'?" Well I disagree in regards to almost any product, let alone a product dealing with such a delicate issue as back pain! Everyone's body is different, and yes, when you're in severe pain, you're willing to try anything. So I only ask that the "screamers" don't scare everyone away, and possibly rob someone of the only thing that might actually work for them! Make sense?

3) I'm very interested in the "legs up on a chair, or a couch" method to save money, as it does sound similar to what the product does. However, I wouldn't go so far as to say that the exercise you can do on your own is the "same" and that the B2L is a "waste of money" for that reason, because one of the B2L's most appealing features to me was that you can relax while using it. (I actually pictured myself falling asleep on it, lol.) So this seems quite different than having to lift or move (or whatever) on your own using a chair, although it does sound effective - so thanks for that suggestion. :) I may have to try that until I can afford one.

4) Someone also posted that if the product really worked "why isn't it sold in reputable stores?" This remark was posted back in February so maybe they know this by now, but while doing my research I found that it IS in fact available at Bed Bath and Beyond! (There, see... I'm not a B2L employee, or I wouldn't have told you that! lol) It's approx. the same price - $199 - cheaper in fact, if it's available in stores w/out shipping, and without the associated risk. This ought to ease some fears regarding poor "Customer Service" or "Return Policy" from the "sleazy company" since we all know BBandB is a major Co. and has a normal retail return policy, not to mention it's right around the corner for face-to-face transactions / inquiries. (You can even return your online order in the store!) Hopefully this says something about the product's credibility, or I don't think they'd carry it.

5) For anyone thinking "easy for you to be so positive when you haven't even tried the product, or been cheated out of your money." Oh I've been cheated, and like a lot of people on here, out of a lot more than a measly $200. I just got a hospital bill for over $1200, and another one followed for almost $500. Both were from the same hospital, and the same visit - which lasted only a few hours, most of which was spent WAITING. The doctor did nothing. He didn't even give me an x-ray or an MRI. He just told me my pain was common and that it was most likely a herniated disc pushing on a nerve. Mind you, he told me this, and then sent me home with Vicodin! (My boyfriend was furious.) They did inject me with morphine and some other pain relievers / muscle relaxers to temporarily relieve the pain, which we're assuming is why the bill's so high - but had I known it would cost that much, it would not have been worth it. Ironically, a few weeks later I went to a different hospital and was thankfully seen by a much more empathetic physician. She DID give me an x-ray and MRI, for which I received NO bill, because I had no health insurance and it was a community health-care alliance.

My point is, if I try this B2L, and it doesn't work, I will not rant and rave and complain that I wasted my money, because as far as I'm concerned, it's nothing compared to the money I wasted on that 1st Dr. visit. (But no one ever questions unsuccessful Dr. visits because mainstream medicine is considered a "normal" and acceptable process in society, while alternative infomercial products are not.) Why is it OK for this Dr. to charge me upwards of $2000 (after meds, etc.) for a useless visit, but everyone gets out their flaming pitchforks when a $200 massage machine doesn't work wonders? Almost every user has mentioned all their prior treatments that *did not work* (hence trying the B2L) yet there is no forum ganging up against "Hospitals" or "Doctors" or... whatever - and they don't even offer your money back! Just saying.

Last but not least, I really admired someone's review that pretty much said no *one* thing is going to be the magic pill (especially dealing with back pain!). So I, too, plan on using the B2L in collaboration with an inversion table. If those two combined don't provide some relief or noticeable improvement, I'm scared for the rest of you with even more severe problems than I! I'm sure 2 yrs is laughable compared to those of you suffering somewhere around 30yrs. But make no mistake, you should know better than anyone that even 2 days is difficult to live with that kind of pain. So the yrs add up when I have to send my boyfriend to the grocery store because I can't walk around for that long, and I can't drive anymore because the seating position, especially in traffic, is unbearable. But I'd gladly trade both activities just for a good night's sleep!

I will be back to report my results, which I pray are positive! Thanks everyone for participating in helping other victims of back pain form an educated opinion on this product, and hopefully aid in their decision of whether or not to purchase it. (11/12/2009)

By OMGBecky

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

Thanks OMGBecky, I just called Bed, Bath and Beyond. My local store does not carry it in stock but will order it and have it shipped to me with no shipping charges since it is over $100. They also sell them for $200.

The kicker here, you keep the receipt for a full refund if you decide it does not work for you. Store credit without the receipt. I asked her for how many days? "No time limit" she stated. I asked her again how long. Again she responded, no time limit. If you don't like it or decide it doesn't work just bring it to a store for your money back or ship it back. She also told me they have regular coupons in the paper for $10 off and at times coupons for 20% off. That's $40 bucks, folks.

My decision is made. I'm buying one as soon as I can get my hands on a 20% coupon. I'm going to ask again at the store about the return policy. I suggest you do the same. That's where I'm going to order mine, and you can probably do it online as well.

OMGBecky, thanks again. Also, those are some good points you make. These are reviews, not rants. Good luck everyone, and God Bless. (12/05/2009)

By Don75

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

I have bought a machine and am hoping it works for me. My physiotherapist has used similar techniques, (micro adjustments). So this sounds like it may work in loosening muscle spasms in the lower back. But I also know that there is only one "cure" and that is the right exercise. One has to develop the core muscles in your back and abdomen. There just isn't another long term solution. Back2life is the first step to relieving the spasms and the searing shots that follow the affected nerves down your leg. (01/18/2010)

By mb73

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

I think this unit mainly affects conditions involving the lower spine. So check with your doctor to see where this pain originates. (01/27/2010)

By mb73

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

I was having lower back pain to the point where getting out of bed was truly painful. The pain would subside after a few minutes of movement, but my lower back seemed "stiff" and picking something up off the ground was uncomfortable. I was starting to feel old beyond my years.

I received the machine yesterday and tried it once. I absolutely noticed a difference. Hours later, getting off the couch was effortless. This morning getting out of bed was much easier, and I also was able to turn over during the night without pain for the first time in 2 years. Mind you, this is after one use, so right now I'm confident in continued improvement. Heck, if this is as good as it gets even with continued use, I'm happy.

I had been watching the infomercials with interest and when I finally decided to buy they tried to sell me countless items to enhance the machine. I told them that according to the adds, this was supposed to be the cure and I'm no longer interested.

I ended up buying mine through HSN because they offered free shipping and $20 cheaper. I decided to try it then because I can count on being able to send it back "hassle free." No risk. As far as "late night" infomercials, that's when infomercials run. It's cheaper advertising. I've found that all companies adhere very strictly to their 30 day return policies. I also wish the unit were cheaper, but that's pretty much the price of one visit to a specialist. I hope it works well for those of you who decide to try it. (01/27/2010)

By Bartlette

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

Beware! If you bought anything from Back 2 Life and got the pills, you will be charged for them. They don't disclose that the bottle is more than a month's worth of pills and by keeping it you agree to pay for them. They don't tell you that! (02/05/2010)

By kat823

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

I ordered a back2life unit on 4/17/2010 and it took 1 wk to arrive. I opened it the next day, tried to connect the unit, and it never worked out of the box. The blue button to start the unit just jams and will not turn the unit on at all. I emailed the company 4-25-2010, and received email 4-26-2010 that they would send FedEx return label. I also called them, their CSR saying it would take as long as 3-5 days to get the FedEx return label. I commented that a 2nd unit would take total wait time up to 3 wks, no comment from CSR as excessive turnaround time. So I waited. No FedEx label arrived; so I emailed again on 5/4/2010 and got a return email from back 2 life on 5/5/2010, says that the FedEx label went out 5/5/2010 (did they forget to send?), and would take 10 more days.

Now it's a month before any re-mailing of 2nd unit. I called C.S on 5-6-2010 and spoke with a Tawnie. She not only spoke over me, but was not accepting of any comments from me, the consumer, customer. I asked for a supervisor and was told none were available. I disconnected from the line and recalled, and imagine this, get the same CSR--Tawnie on the phone. Again, she does not let me speak or vent, speaking over me. How can this company remain in business with this type of business model? (05/06/2010)

By ohiobecky

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

Hi all. I just bought the Back2Life Exerciser and have only used it twice so far. As of late, my lower back has started acting up and my sciatic nerve has really been painfully present. I have been to a chiropractor (a couple years ago) but it got way too expensive. Just recently a friend recommended her chiropractor, and on my very first visit which included xrays, cost me out of pocket 175.00! (I was totally stunned by the amount and later thought that I could have easily spent that money on the Back2Life). Then if I continued my visits, and he wanted $58 every visit and to start wanted to see me 3 times a week...too expensive for me. Unfortunately, there is no way I could afford that.

So here I am now, saved the money to by the Back2Life machine. It wasn't really hard to put together. I didn't realize though that once you start it, it will automatically stop after 12 minutes. However, you can start it again, if you want to go another 12. I also noticed too that it makes a creaking noise every time it moves, almost like a rocking chair makes when you are rocking in it. Does anyone that has one know if that's normal? It only does it when I actually have my legs over it. I turned it on when not using it to see if it would still creak and it didn't. I may have to exchange it if it gets any worse. Otherwise, I still like it very much!

I suggest to anyone that if you do decide to buy the Back2life, buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond. That's where I purchased mine after having read a review on this website. It cost 199.99, but if you have a coupon you can get $5, $10 or 20% depends on the amount on the coupon, BBB coupons never expire, even though they show an expiration date. When I purchased mine I used a 20% off coupon and I got 40.00 off the price, so I actually paid about 160 + tax.

I thought it was a good deal and well worth it. I also asked them about their return policy and the cashier stated that I could bring it back any time I wanted if I wasn't completely satisfied, with receipt of course. So I was truly happy I made the purchase. I look forward to feeling better as I use it and hope that the info I have provided has helped. (06/11/2010)

By dolly59

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

If you have back issues and are considering it, do not use this product! I bought this and used it for a month, while seeing my chiropractor, one visit I asked him about his thoughts, because it seemed to help when I used it, yet my pain was not going away for longer than a day at a time, and I was using it more and more.

Both my chiropractor and Orthopedic spine specialist warn against this product. The motion that it creates only agitates your lower back pain. The movement compresses and stretches your spine in an alternating manner, so if you are experiencing pain, you use the machine, it then feels good at the time, but guaranteed the pain will return and possibly become worse within 24 hours, causing you to use it again, thinking it helps. It is only aggravating your discs further.

If you are willing to invest in this, buy an inversion table instead. Inversion tables decompress your spine with gravity alone, no pulling and pushing movement. They also have the added benefit of doubling as an ab exercise tool. 90% of lower back issues are caused by weak "core" muscles, your abs and obliques. Lack of core muscle strength causes instability in your spine support when you walk and during normal day to day activities, which in turn lead to chronic lower back pain.

You can get a good quality inversion table for $175 if you shop around Amazon and The best quality for your $$ are made by Teeter and Ironman.

Seriously, if you are seeing a chiropractor, ask them, you will get the same story.

I had bought my back2life at Bed bath and Beyond and returned it with the receipt after 45 days without any issues.

I have been using my inversion table for 2 months now, my initial pain level was a 9, very severe, uncomfortable standing, sitting and lying down was the worst. I could not get a night's sleep without waking multiple times. I now sleep like a rock and have little to no pain. The highest level I feel is around a 2 and that is only on days when I do semi-strenuous activities.

Check it out, inversion tables and/or gravity boots, those are your best bets for the $$. Read the table reviews, everyone loves them and reports excellent results! (07/07/2010)

By Dburns2

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

Let's be objective about this. You first must know exactly what your back problem is before knowing if this machine would help you. If the pain is in your upper or middle back it won't help. It only exercises your lumbar area (lower back). Herniated or bulging discs are very common. But if your disc is ruptured (leaking instead of just bulging) this machine may make it worse. But if your problem is a very common herniated disc in your lower back (and it probably is) it may help you very much.

I have had a bad back for many years due to 20 years of poor posture sitting at a computer terminal all day. In addition, I play a lot of golf. During the past 4 years my back has gotten worse to the point where I see a chiropractor every week, take 2 or 3 tramadol pills per day and wear a Lidocaine patch on my back to get me through a round of golf. 5 weeks ago I did too much work around the house and really blew out my back. Nothing helped. Pills, chiropractor, patches, and I couldn't even find any way to lie down without the pain.

I read this web site a few weeks ago and decided to try the back2life machine but stay away from their web site. The machine's concept makes sense if you believe that slow stretching and compression helps heal herniated discs. My chiropractor does as he puts me on a table to do exactly that, but I only do that once per week. I bought my machine at Bed Bath and Beyond for $160.00 (20% coupon). After 2 days my back felt much better. That was 10 days ago and yesterday I played 9 holes of golf with no pills, no patch and no pain. My back is still stiff in the morning (arthritis, I'm sure) but feels much better after my morning machine session.

For those of you that have tried this machine with poor results and you are sure you have a common herniated disc in your lumbar region, I would suggest you may try adjusting the leg length setting to fit you, ignoring the number on the setting dial. I set my dial on 6' 4" even though I am actually 5' 10". Get a setting that actually lifts you off the ground, although only a half inch or so. Also, you must scoot your butt up so close to the base of the machine before using it that you are actually brushing the machine as it lifts your bottom up and down. Otherwise the machine just rocks back and forth and you go nowhere. I also run the machine twice per session (24 minutes instead of 12) and do it 3 times per day instead of 2.

Good luck with fixing your back. (09/11/2010)

By rkh75

Back2Life (Back Exerciser) Reviews

The machine didn't do my mom any good. Even if it works for some, avoid doing business with this company. They're a bunch of crooks!

My mom got some sort of vitamin supplements with the machine, with the guarantee that she could return them and get a refund if she didn't want them. Her doctor told her NOT to take those with the meds she's taking, so she returned them. She waited for a refund, but they didn't refund her money until she called them weeks later. She's now waiting for her next credit card statement to see if they actually did. In the meantime, they sent her a second batch of vitamins, after she returned the first batch. She refused delivery on those. Now they refuse to refund her $80 for that second 60-day supply, something they shouldn't have sent her in the first place. What a scam! She's stuck with an $80 charge on her credit card for something she doesn't have, and something she couldn't use if she did still have it. Search the internet. There are LOTS of complaints about this company. (10/04/2010)

By gandolphgrey

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