Getting Rid Of Tiny Black Bugs?

I am having trouble with bugs. We have extremely tiny black bugs, compared to coffee grounds and black pepper. Our dog had fleas in the summer, but I think we took care of the problem.

I did notice black stuff inside the air conditioner in the bedroom which when wiped almost looks like the bugs, but thousands all stuck together. There is also a huge patch of grass in the neighbor's yard that is completely dead. Could it come from there? I am not sure if these are fleas or other bugs. You cannot see them move, but can pick them up with tape and get several. They seem to be everywhere.

I have bombed the house 5 times, 4 gallons of different sprays, flea carpet powder, DE, salt and borax, salt and vinegar, and even hairspray.

These do bite. I am afraid to go out or have someone over. It has been about 2 months now. Everything in my house was cleaned with dog shampoo, vinegar, Windex and even bug stuff.

By Murphy from Woodbury, CT

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I have these things also. In Central Texas. Got rid of them for a while but they reappeared. The Hot shot bedbug and flea fogger I got at the grocery store completely killed them off for awhile. But I only do that when we will be gone overnight, and I didn't figure out their life cycle, so they will probably be immune now.

I will just have to get more aggressive with vaccuming and laundry. I think I am going to put dirty clothes in a large garbage can on the back porch till I do the laundry. Have tried borax in every laundry load,and including sprinkling on the area rug then vaccuming a few hours later, now going to sprinkle salt each time I add dirty clothing and towels. let em eat that!

Too many possibilities where the infestation comes from. Most likely the post office where I work. There were rats and they were exterminated,but now probably mites from that. The tubs the mail comes in are nasty, and the mail handlers probably too. One guy transfered to our post office and he sneezes and blows loudly all the time, I think he has bugs in his nose. Also went to San Deigo Cali last fall before it started. Maybe I brought them back.

I had a vaccume cleaner and a steam machine repaired at a vaccume shop and also one repaired for my mothernlaw. Could have come from the shop,they had unclaimed vaccums everywhere. I used to be more aggressive with sulfur pellets on the yard, but I got a little lax there. I think these things eat the sulfur,now, but the snakes don't like it. So I put some more out a few weeks ago. You do that before a light rain,and all the pest will be gone. I usually use a spreader and start closest to the foundation or porch and circle around the whole place until the yard has sulfur every where.

I bought a good spreader this year with large rubber wheels. It was convenient (the Scotts brand) with a snap in fertilizer bag. So when I used the fertilizer up, I just made a slit in the bag and added my sulfur pelets in there. Oh, it worked so easy and it came with a switch to make the path narrow when you need to not get it all over the place. The bag closes up at the bottom when you remove it. I do recommend that spreader if you do your own yard, like I do.(we have chiggers her you know, but not with the sulfur treatment). We don't have fire ants in our yard either. I hope they don't eat these other pests.

Occasionally I use "home defense" around the perimeter and inside perimeter of our house. I bought the one with the battery operated sprayer for around $20. There is no odor & it works pretty good.

My next door neighbor has chickens, got them last year, a while before my problem started. She is very clean though. So if she has bugs, I think they were there before she moved in. Her place is very well kept inside and out. The neighbors on the other side have dust mites, and who knows what? I still love them (what rate you gonna do?). They moved in 5 years ago, and I kept it out of my house that long.

My mother in law has a dog. She does not take to the vet and I have to treat her lawn and get her dog store bought drops and spray her carpet. She's 90, and I have seen raid cans in her home. So the weird little bugs that bite might have come from her place?

We have chimney sweep birds, that nest in our chimney every spring. Dogs inside which I don't like (I sneeze and gag), but my husband wants them in, so he wins. That inside thing used to be only in freezing weather, but he retired and thinks the animals are his babies now. Cats too. Got a ferrel cat last year, he doesn't seem to scratch, but the outside only cat does, since we got the other ferrel inside and outside cat. We have had the outside cat since 2006 and never had bugs from or on her.

My neighbor has a dog she only combs fleas out. I use all the stuff for that. Every animal gets drops, which we have to switch brands depending on how they work. That neighbor & I walk our dogs together; so there you go, the uncombed ones jump onto us. Last spring I used flea shampoo,and the vet switched us to revolution, which worked better, and I added flea collars on all the pets.

That combo worked, in spite of the neighbor not using any pesticides. Seems they bite me & that one cat and get in the dogs ears. I treat that all the time, by cleaning the ears with solution and then putting a little mineral oil in ears. There is no black ear mite residue, but I have removed what looked like a tick or large mite.

I made a homemade air cleaner with a fan and furnace filter. It helped a lot, but my husband doesn't like it on, so he keeps turning it off. Remember he does not get bit. They probably live on him, and only eat me.

I found a site for my local ag university. I'm calling them tomorrow to see if I can send a sample for some help. When you rub your hands or wherever you feel them biting, with hand sanitzer, eventually you'll feel a little grain and you can wipe that on a paper towel or kleenex and see them.

Tonight I just kept rubbing my hands and finally they actually fell onto the kleenex. there are a lot more on you than you think. They do not like clove oil and it helps to put some drops of that and a few drops of lavender oil in alcohol and spay yourself and everything. Also some tea tree oil in baking soda sprinkled over area rug and vacuum. I bought a dyson, because of the dog hair. I put it outside after use, because I know the bugs can escape with a bag less vacuums cleaner. I have seen a nest of these things in some dog hair that wandered under the sofa. They also will die with direct application of windex,so i buy that at Sams club. I ain't running out of Windex!

I made some clove oil by boiling whole cloves and poured the solution in a jar. I left it on the kitchen counter and there are no bugs around that. So I put one on the back of the toilet and same there.
I shampoo with Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo and conditioner daily. Bath with Dr Teal's eucalyptus & spearmint epsom salt, sulfur soap, and oil down with Dr Teal's. I use "shea Moisutre" shea butter Camomile & argan oil Baby eczema therapy and clean my face with Burts Bees deep cleansing cream and use the Clinique sonic face brush.

I have used sulfur 8 directly on any itches and rubbing that in will cause one to become a grain I can remove. The Wi dex is sprayed all over the bathroom; including in the tub before I bathe or shower and after.

They also turn loose if you rub vicks on your skin. So I guess they don't like eucalptyus. I am thinking maybe get a mister with eucalpytus oil or a humidifier, with any kind of eucalyptus oil or paste in that tray where the steam comes out, will help. However, I know you need to keep the moisture down, because I see the larger ones in the bathroom. They look like pepper on the floor, and stick to everything. Only turn loose when windexed. I think if you covered yourself with Desitin that would smother them, but then they would return.

What also helps me, is I take garlic pills (the cheap ones from walmart) And evening primrose oil (that's expensive, but parasites dont like it, so I buy that at the health store,and take that). All that stuff helps get the population down, but as long as the animals are allowed inside, I think they will still thrive.

If I sound "matter of fact" about it all, that's just because the panic only affects your health, along with the lack of sleep. I know if I have a sickly house plant, the bugs invade it,so keep that in mind. Take your vitamins, especially C!
If your nose itches, put tea tree oil on a qtip and spread it around in the nasal cavity. That needs to be done through out the day for a while, then you can go to once or twice a day. I even use some of those alcohol wipes inside the nose to clean it out. alternate the alcohol, saline nasal rinse and tea tree oil. Believe me that works way better on a sinus infection than any nose spray the doc will prescribe. And kinda gently squeeze, squish around, or press on the mid part of the nose.That seems to make it open and clear out some. It just takes determination, and diligence, and a year of non stop attacking. I also take probiotics and/or eat yogurt. No serious sinus infection this year. When I really think I can't beat allergies, I will resort to taking zertec, but get off of it when I get better.

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I have the same problem as well.

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That was a very long answer!

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I live in San Diego and this all started about 4 months ago for me and my wife and our dog! We did have carpet beetles before but thought we eradicated them? How are they producing the tiny black specks and white specks tho?

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Woodbury, I forgot to mention Coconut Oil you can get a large 54 oz plastic jar of that (extra virgin organic) at sams and you should eat some and mosturize the hands eyebrows and feet with it. I have some on my hair right now and my hands. I think the tea tree shampoo dries my hair out,but I use a flat iron too. I don't really itch in the scalp much, just do that area as a preventative. Since, I found these bugs nesting in the dog hair.

My coconut oil stays congealed so I just scrape some out. It melts on contact. Watch it in your eyes though. It will irritate and make cloudy vision for a while. I had developed red eyelids, which I thought was from eye makeup, till I mentioned it to the dust mite neighbor, who knew what it was, I think they have had or do have everything. She claimed it was allergies, but didn't seem surprised when I told her it went away with coconut oil. Then I got that in my eyes.

Now I use it sparingly, but I think eating it helps your whole body. I think I'll post for eyery one to remain calm. I hate it when people assume the problem is mentalMy husband plays with me and tells me he can't see them.He is just a chit!! But he makes me laugh.

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Omg reading this made me think I wrote this lol...I also add eucalyptus tree,lemon, sometomes lavender with peppermint to my coconut oil and my defuser ....

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I posted a lot to Woodbury, CT. Mainly this is what to do: Do NOT Panic. Doctors and some of the people on this forum think you have a mental problem. Some folks do, but this black bug is REAL. It does bite and you can feel it. Also, it does not bite my husband, so they get a habit and return to that victim.

They only get one of our two cats. I told him about the posters on forums suggesting that it is in our minds, Now he teases me," I don't see anything." Just try to make yourself and your home a hostile environment. Eat coconut oil and moisturize with it also. Even if you just rub on hands will help. Use hand sanitizer, religiously. Steam clean the floors and Windex is your best friend. I bought the swiffer/bissel steam mop and use it with the swiffer wet. That knocks down the infestation.

They don't like eucalyptus, so you might use mouthwash in a sprayer for the dogs and yourself and just around the doors and windows. The ones I have also don't like clove oil.I'm making my own. Add tea tree oil to baking powder and sprinkle that on the furniture and carpet.

Be diligent! I am going to send some to my local ag university, let them look under the microscope. Rubbed my hands and arms with hand sanitizer till some balled up like a grain of salt.

When you get them on a paper towel or kleenex, the tiny black spot shows up. I live next to corp property, so we have to deal with anything a critter can get. New critters or birds, new bugs. New neighbors, new bugs, ha ha. I do not think these are springtail fleas. As most of you said,"they do not move". In fact it is hard to get them off the floor. They will move if you spray them with windex. Just keep cleaning and alternate oils and bathe with salts and oils. Spray that windex in the tub all the time.

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Murphy, I have window units, also and there was some black stuf in the older one. I wanted to take it out,but the crazy man I live with refuses. I bought a new energy efficient one, but let's face it, we need to save up, get the central air repaired and close off the open invite for bugs. I did get air conditioner cleaner at wally world,and it is easy to use. Took several times to clear the old unit up, but it did. We do not smoke. I think smokers don't have this problem.

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Then I need to start smoking!

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Noone will probably read this as its an old post but what the heck.
Well sounds like what I used to have, especially the sand feeling on your hands when using hand sanitizer. I had biRd mites in my house.
Dr's and bug people will say they don't bite people but that's bull.
Freezing them does not work. I froze some pillows for 3 months and when I used them I got eaten alive.
I went a little nuts trying to get rid of them. Freezing stuff, boiling my clothes, ironing everything I owned including undies. Put diotomicious(sp?) Earth everywhere. All that did was make a real mess.
The way i finally got rid of them was to get rid of any furnture that was fabric, they can live in that. You could cover it in plastic. I turned the water heater up to 195 for wsshing clothes. And moped all the walls and ceiling down with tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. Then i covrred my self in a thick laver of vaseline and rubbed it all over then kept doing that about an hour adding vaseline ss needed. I did that a couple times. The bug need to bresth and they cant breath through vaselineAlso soaked in epson salt. It took a couple months but i dont have anymore bugs. Im loving this, with the bugs i wss almost donr with life. Hope this helps

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Thank you for your post. I have these too and am losing my mind. They irritate my skin terribly. Anymore hints would be greatly appreciated. Do you know if the Listerine works that people talk about? Please, Please any help.

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Thank you thank you thank you! I have these minute specs of fast running bugs that I see on my phone or iPad screen when I am in bed relaxing. I have been getting the most awful itchy bites since January (10 months) and was pursuing the bed bug route until I realised that my critters are way smaller. A mere pinpoint but visible on my device's screen. I think it could well be bird mites! I have a bird feeder and lots of birds come to my garden - beautiful mountain parrots and lots of other kinds of birds. If they are responsible, no more birdseed for them!!!

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I have had these almost invisible bugs for 4 years. This started after I moved into a very nice apartment. I had to move out after 7 months because of the bugs, but they followed me. I have tried everything. This has gotten very expensive. I use the mattress covers. I replaced the last mattress cover when I bought a new mattress. I have hired an exterminator. He sprayed, but it did not help. I have used all sorts of chemicals. I washed my clothes in borax the first year in hot water. Nothing helps. I am an overly clean person and love cleaning every day. I wish someone knew how to get rid of these horrible tiny creatures. Please help!!

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Just wondering if anyone is still dealing with this? I'm afraid wr've been infested. I have found the diatomaceous earth helped reduce attacks when I rubbed it all over my body.. they're alot less now then when it furst began but still dealing with it. And now I see they're stuck in my skin :( amy other suggestions?

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This is a very informative post.

Does your baby have red and crusty patches on its skin? Is your baby just a few months old?

If yes, it is possible that your baby has eczema.

Read on to know what is baby eczema, what causes it, what can make it worse and how to treat

baby eczema with coconut oil?

Baby eczema is visible as patches of dry and often reddish skin. It is pretty common, and the

majority of babies outgrow it.

Your baby can get this skin condition anywhere on its body. Generally, you can see it on your

babys cheeks and on their arm and leg joints.

Follow this link to know how you treat Baby Eczema :

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I used Tea Tree oil, Lavender oil mixed with water and sprayed them instantly they died! You can use this spray before going outside to repel mosquitoes too! I had purchased a bottle of Tea tree oil from Walgreens it was $17 but it was worth every penny. You can also buy Rosemary, Eucalyptus, oregan, lemon, lemongrass, lavender, essential oils add as much as you like with water in s spray bottle shake well and spray away use more oils than water. I hope this works for you and your home will smell great too!!

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I have had the same problem for four months now. It has been totally miserable. I had to exterminators out to no avail, Thruway my bed and recliner replacing it only to find it in habited within 48 hours, I sprayed alcohol to the point I would think it would suffocate them and waited outside for it to clear, I bombed the house twice, I got some industrial-strength spray and did not read me of them, I change my detergent borax and bleach for just about every load which seem to help a little Dash prior to that I couldn't get them on my clothes. I don't think there's anything known to man that I have an already tried, I'm sure I'm forgetting something's because I've been working constantly for four months. I vacuum every single day. I even resorted to taking a bath with a small amount of bleach in it to kill the ones on my body and you can indeed see them floating in the water afterwards. It's a nonstop battle I have no idea what to do but I am so frustrated I cannot stand it. I have been sick had to have an impacted wisdom tooth pulled that was infected and was really down for a bit with that, I have heart failure which slows me down to, and this is just about to break me. In addition I did find if I put menthol beads in my tub and help too. I take about three showers a day because of the itching. I too was treated for scabies and took the cream treatment three or four times. It would get them off my body only to have them return about 24 hours later in the same boat because they're in the house and I cannot get rid of them. Surely someone has figure this out somewhere !

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June 23, 2012

My daughter is having the same problem with tiny microscopic bugs. She says they eat the soles of her shoes, are in her clothing, her hair ties, on her skin, in drawers, and even on the animals. She said some are black and tiny like flea poop. Some she described sound like clover mites can anyone help?


By Karyn M


June 27, 20120 found this helpful

We all have tiny microscopic creatures living on our bodies--it's normal and they cause us no harm. There are also tiny mites, like scabies an chiggers, that can bite us, and cause problems. Animals can transfer some things to us: chiggers, mites, fleas, etc. But I know of none that will cover our posessions, our bodies, and eat our clothing. If these are microscopic, how can she see them? Could it be possible that your daughter has an obsssive-compulsive disorder and is afraid of normal bacteria, germs, and things we all live with? This is hardly uncommon or unheard of.

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No! They are for real and there is a huge epidemic! Vacuum and read what else in my other answer to the guy Murphy from Woodbury, CT.

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Probably, she has black carpet beetles. Black carpet beetle larva can eat fabric, fur, leather, and irritate skin. I caught a few insects and entomologists identified them as carpet beetles. Those bugs live outside and are attracted by certain smells inside the house. I believe, we got them bec a u s e we bought a dog. Our dog is protect e d from fleas, ticks and worms. However, none pesticide/treatments protect from everything. I vacuum and clean 3 times per week, I got rid off many clothing and books. I also bought Raid Max fogger with active I ngredient cyperpermethrin. I will fog all house before we shall go on vacation. By the way, we never has been infested before we bought a dog. I believe, pets can attract and b r ing a lot of unwanted insects inside the house.

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