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Help Losing Weight

I recently purchased the Bowflex extreme 2 and tried to follow the diet with no luck. I have about 40-50 pounds to lose and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions. I would also like to know if there is any diet pills that might help. I am 25 and would like to make a change in my life while I am still young.

Thank you,

Nailfanatic from Poteau, OK


Help Losing Weight

I have lost 50 pounds and I still need to lose about 10 more. The first thing that I suggest is to not waste your money on diet pills or diet anything for that matter. You need to learn how to eat real food because after you lose the weight you are going to want to keep it off and you are not going to want to eat diet food for the rest of your life. How I started is by exercising and I did not cut back on calories until about 4 weeks later. The reason I did that is because I wanted my body to get used to the exercise and to get my metabolism going, I thought if I started to cut back on calories that it would cause my body to think it was starving and would actually slow my metabolism down. The good thing is that during that four weeks you will build muscle and more muscle burns more fat. Once you are ready to cut back on calories go easy on yourself, no starving! If you starve yourself you will only give up quicker and cheat on your diet. Eat breakfast! Your body has gone without food all night long and your metabolism is slowing down, so feed it to jump start it! I like oatmeal and fruit, or a whole wheat bagel. I eat small meals all day long, that way I never even give myself a chance to feel hungry. I eat healthy things, whole wheat breads and cereals, fruit, raw vegetables, cheese, etc. I drink lots of water, it helps you to feel full and is good for you too. I don't deprive myself, if once in a while I want potato chips I buy the small snack bag of chips and eat that, or I buy the cookies that are prepackaged in the 100 calorie packs. I measure all food and I count calories, it is time consuming but it is time well spent. I chew things very slowly and drinks sips of water to allow time for my body to get full and realize that it is full. Most people eat too fast and consume too much. Stay away from fast food, even thought they are trying to get healthier food I just don't need any temptation. The biggest thing is that if you do go on some eating binge, don't get angry with yourself and give up; tell yourself that tomorrow is a fresh start and get back to your diet. Also, don't think that if you aren't losing weight right away that you should give up either. While you are working out on your Bowflex you will be burning fat and turning it to muscle, muscle weights more than fat so you may not lose pounds on the scale but you are actually losing pounds and gaining muscle which will help you to burn more calories!! The hardest part for me was having patience, it took me a year and a half to lose the fifty pounds. I wanted to lose it all in two weeks! But, I kept telling myself that I didn't gain all this in two weeks, how could I expect to lose it all in such a short time? The best thing about finally succeeding is how good I feel, I am stronger, eating healthier, and my back and knees aren't hurting anymore! I wish you all the best in your weight loss program, you are on your way to a healthier and happier you! Oh, and I hope you like clothes shopping because once you lose the 40-50 pounds you are going to need a new wardrobe! Good luck to you, Paula (10/23/2006)


By Persnickety Paula

Help Losing Weight

I saw a commercial for FiberChoice Weight Management (Chewable Strawberry Flavored) Tablets. I figured it couldn't hurt to have more fiber. I purchased it at Walgreens. I've only been on it for a week, but it does help suppress your appetite. I've lost 2 lbs, so that is a start. You are on the right track. (10/23/2006)

By Ace

Help Losing Weight

Heyl, Paula. Rose Anne, here. I can certainly identify with your dilemma, and good for you for actively looking for alternatives!

There are a LOT of diets out there! And one thing I've learned in all my years of searching and trying? The ones which we can live with the most easily are the ones which make the most sense and don't leave us feeling starved.

I'm glad you're exercising! Please don't quit! (It's important, even after you get to your target weight.)

I think there's a style of eating for everyone, but mine might not be yours (and I don't call it a 'diet' anymore: after 15 years of maintaining my ideal weight, it's a way of life, not a diet.)

Anyway, consider removing as much fat as possible from your daily eating? Eliminate cheese, milk, butter, cream and cream-based sauces, anything fried, eggs ... If you like alcohol (as do I) aim for low-fat and low-sugar beverages such as ... vodka and water or soda or gin and tonic.


I recently wrote the following recommendations for a girlfriend who wants to lose 80 pounds.
- coffee/tea without sugar and without cream: 1% or skim milk only (if anything)
- avoid sugar
- substitute PAM or chicken broth for cooking oil
- avoid butter or margarine and all cheese
- avoid pasta sauces containing cream or milk
- drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
- eat whenever hungry (5 - 6 small meals @ day will speed your metabolism, provide non-stop energy and burn calories galore)
- broil, boil, steam or barbecue all meat
- choose lean cuts of meat
- as much as possible eat vegetables raw
add as many herbs and spices (including salt and pepper) as you like
- check all labels carefully when buying groceries; pay attention not to % fat, but to such ingredients as oil (and avoid anything with oils), although high fat % will provide a clue as to suitability (mustard, for instance, can be 0 grams fat, or not, but read the label and choose the lowest)
- drink as much fruit or vegetable juice as you like
- complex carbs (such as whole-grain breads) provide energy; aim for 2 servings/day

When you're ready to cook, let me know: my chili, jambalaya, curry and gumbo recipes are tasty, easy and quite low in fat (I'll send them if you're interested: e-mail me at wordswork AT
- avoid Caesar and Ranch dressings as well as anything with peanuts, avocado, coconut, cream, milk, cheese and sour cream
- undoubtedly, you'll experience serious cravings for something with fat, but it will pass: add a few (1 tbsp.) sliced almonds or peanuts to your salad to help alleviate the craving (nuts are high in fat but also quite nutritious: keep consumption to a minimum).

Dining Out

Fast food outlets and restaurants offer a good variety these days.

Subway sandwiches, for instance, can be easily adapted to low-fat eating by simply omitting mayonnaise, processed meats (sausage), subway sauce and cheese. For flavour, add hot peppers or one of their low-fat sauces.

McDonalds and Wendy's offer salads, but choose Italian dressing.

Restaurants are amenable to adapting menu selections. Salad dressings 'on the side' are common and any sandwich can be made without butter, mayonnaise or cheese. When the item described includes the word, grilled, ask whether it's fried or broiled (as grilling can be either).


Although, in my opinion and experience, this "style" of eating is extremely healthy,
weight loss is inevitable (particularly when contrasted with higher-fat diets). You won't want to continue losing pounds and once you've reached your weight goal, maintenance of that weight will naturally include "treats" (the number and degree will require some experimentation on your part). So yes, once every two weeks or so, have a slice of pizza or a small bag of chips or a wedge of cheese. But continue to weigh yourself first thing every morning and you'll easily learn the degree of treats your body will absorb without weight gain.

Good luck to you! Try this for at least a month (weighing in daily) and let me know if you see a difference?

Rose Anne (10/23/2006)

By wordswork

Help Losing Weight

hi.I have been very thin and after 4 kids pretty heavy. I am now back to thin. I found that keeping constantly busy not sitting for any length of time helps. I also walk whenever I can. If I need bread or can run an errand and walk I do so. Park a few blocks from a lot of your destinations.

When it comes to eating, a few "tastes" ie chocolate : ) of something is fine and if you linger with it in your mouth, it does satisfy. Every time you are hungry and want a snack, as a rule ALWAYS drink a full glass of water first, even before meals.
After every meal eat an apple before you even think about eating seconds : ). The apple absorbs some of the fat you ate and fills you up : )


Hope this helps. (10/23/2006)

By debbie

Help Losing Weight

I lost weight by exercising and eating small portions. Stay away from diets. You just simply need to retrain your eating habits. Don't not eat what you like just half it instead. I love chocolate! And too much of anything isn't good. That where I fall short. Sugar too. But exercise everyday! Even if it's only a few minutes. Move your body daily! I believe that was the biggest success for me. Also it will help you as you get older. I didn't have to exercise when I was young because I naturally was on the go. After around 35, now forty, I notice I have to move DAILY! You really will start to feel better every week. So start by walking. Take a 20min walk. I use an indoor cycle & ride 2miles daily. I also have a total gym. I use it for ten -twenty min. It's the best half hour of my life. Anytime I want to eat, I jump on the cycle instead-it curbs the want! Feed your body with exercise. Remember this is going to make you feel better & look better Good luck! To your health!
Jennifer CA (10/23/2006)

By jjager

Help Losing Weight

This is simple. You need to exercise. By that I mean daily walks, that sort of thing.

Next, learn about a diabetic diet. Why? It's healthy, and it teaches you portions, which is what you need to learn.

BTW, when you get your portions back to normal, you'll be able to afford the better foods in the world. For example, prime petite filet, great salads, healthy deserts and beverages. This is because you will learn how to evaluate food in the store and restaurants. You can pick the best because portions are smaller--thus a lower cost.

In a restaurant, package everything that is more than a portion to take home. Do it before you eat.
Now you have two meals for the same price--a 50% savings.

Millions of people follow this diet their whole lives without a problem. You can, too. (10/23/2006)

By the Oracle

Help Losing Weight

Diet pills aren't the way to go. When I was on them years ago, I thought my heart was going to jump right out of my chest!! The Dr. said to stay away from diet pills, they're no good!! Yes, they're big money products for the manufacturers. I had a dear pal a few years ago, dying due to his use of steroids and power products. He said to stay away from the energy powders, energy pills, energy drinks. He said they'll kill your liver. Best of Luck on your lifestyle change!! (10/23/2006)


Help Losing Weight

I have found the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to go to Weight Watchers once a week. You learn how to portion your food and keep track of what you eat, every bite counts. You have to be dedicated to attending every week as they all have the same problem and discuss how they were successful for the week, how to get through weddings and parties and keep losing.

At the same time, you need to exercise regularly. I go to Curves at least 3 times a week and walk when i can. (10/23/2006)

By Eletha

Help Losing Weight

I don't have any words of advice for losing weight, but I certainly do admire you for taking control of your life at such a young age. Good for you! (10/27/2006)

By tedsmom

Help Losing Weight

What is the diabetic diet? Thanks for all the advice. (11/08/2006)


Help Losing Weight

here's what's working for me. I've never been obese, but always 10-30 pounds overweight. I'm sure this would work for an obese person also.
I started off in April on Atkins. It's now November, and I'm still doing well, but I changed a few things. I'd been on Atkins before, and lost 20 pounds. Only thing about Atkins, I had intense sugar cravings. This time around, I decided that I was going to eat carbs that were good for me, so I went out and bought all the fruits and vegetables that I enjoy. I don't worry about the carb content. I know they are good for me, regardless of carbs. When I want a sweet, I eat an apple or grapes or cantaloupe, etc. I find it keeps my appetite at bay, and I don't eat near as much protein when I've had the carb earlier. Lots of veggies, and drink water, water water. I hate drinking it, but it's something we all have to do for health. Anyway, I've lost 20 pounds since April, it's coming off slow, but I'm finding for the first time EVER, I can stick to this meal plan. I'm not calling it a diet because I think I can stay on this and call it a change in my eating habits. No potatoes, no pasta, no rice, and no bread. It's hard to get used to at first, but now I find I don't miss it. Once in a while, when my hubby and I go out, I indulge in fries and desert, but get right back on track the next day. I'm very encouraged about sticking to this, since I'm not finding it hard or depriving.
Luck to all! (11/30/2006)

By gouligann

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