Little Black Bugs Could Be Scabies

I had little bugs crawling on me, in my hair and in my clothes. I kept finding black specks that didn't move. I would notice glitter on my face in the sun light. I didn't realize this was scabies. I washed, sprayed and bombed; nothing seemed to work. Unfortunately, I gave scabies to my friend. She told me the only way to get rid of these bugs was to get ivermectin.


My tip is if you are having little black specks and feeling like something is crawling all over your body, see your doctor and have them to prescribe ivermectin. :)

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March 2, 20173 found this helpful

Many times they are so small that they can't be seen. They burrow under the skin to lay their eggs and that results in a rash, that sometimes looks like little pimples. You are correct in that it takes a prescription usually to get rid of them. We dispense a lot of the cream for it where I work. You leave it on the entire body, from bottom of the feet to your chin for 12 to 14 hours before washing it off. It affects rich and poor alike, clean or dirty.

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March 7, 20171 found this helpful

That's awesome. What is the name of the cream? Does it have permithium or ivermectin in it?

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August 20, 20200 found this helpful

Can I buy the cream anywhere I have no Insurance i had them off and on 3years. I ended up cutting all my hair off so now I have to where wigs its driving me nuts when I go to hospital they think I'm crazy now they are under my nailseverware

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March 26, 20172 found this helpful

Scabies are NOT visible to the naked eye. U need a microscope to see them.
You probably have unknowingly come into contact with bird or rat mites.
This is becoming a HUGE problem. Almost epeidemic.
Check ur house for bird nest under the eves or in the attic. Or even a tree branch touching your house makes the perfect freeway travel route for bird mites that are left behind in a bird nest after the birds mature and fly away.
Often there is a fungus problem in your house too. Look for damp areas.
This fungus can grow on your skin ( u may not see it) and it attracts mites, springtails and a whole host of tiny critters.
Phorid flies can also cause problems for humans.
All of these bugs and fungus have the potential to completely infest you your house and everything in it. Ivermectin and permetrthin don't see to kill them. It may knock down the population for a few days. But they come back biting mad in less than a week.
Did u stay in a hotel somewhere or at a friends house or buy second hand clothes or furniture? All of these things can have these mites and fungus.
Good luck. Keep your house as clean as you can. Quit using towels to dry yourself with. They r infested. Washing most Lilly will not kill them all.
Use paper towels to dry off with. Do not take bathes take showers. Get several lint rollers. Roll your bed and your body. Get a plastic mattress cover.
Bird mites can and do consume human blood and can and do reproduce on humans.
Most doctors know nothing and will tell you you r crazy.
You are not crazy.
This is real.
Google these words
Unknown biting skin parasites
Invisible biting bugs
I personally believe morgellons and bird mites and fungus are the same thing.
Good luck.
Read as much as you can. Be clean as u can.
Keep reading don't stop.
U will have try what works for u.
Pesticides will make u very sick if u keep using them.

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April 3, 20174 found this helpful

I have moved over 4 times and we are still living a nightmare, my 2yr old dose not know life without them. I'm super sensitive to them and even get attcked outside the house. They are destroying my health. Why are not more people openly talking about this.
I think it's an environmental epidemic.

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August 18, 20202 found this helpful

I just honestly want to say thank you no joke your post brought me to tears because that's all I've been hearing is that I'm crazy over and over to the point I don't know what to do besides just lay in my room and cry while I feel things walking and bitting me I tried everything from sprays to bombing and still feel them . It was alittle better until 2 days ago after I steam clean my rug n now I'm in alot of pain n have a lot of bites I started off with a bad rash that look like eczema even though I'm 36 and never had it in my life I'm always itching Non-Stop and now I'm getting little marks that look like pimples or red marks like that they itch like crazy but also hurt to itch. when they first happen I didn't see anything at all now after cleaned floor(rug) I sometimes see little black tiny itty bitty things on my skin but they don't move or anything but I just wanted to say thank you for giving me some hope and for pointing out fact so now I at least know what to say and what to look for thank you

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August 25, 20201 found this helpful

Thank you for this info. I have been relentlessly tormented for 2 to 3 years now spent fortune at doctors, dermatologist, local pest companies& removing old wet damaged areas & & have basically gone bankrupt! & no one knows anything! Wow! & this page right here backs up everything I have studied & experinced! Judgeed as I lost it never finding relief! We have sprayed so many many times & treated beding, new bed every day that I am wore out but cant sleep cause I can feel everything move & all stages . this at least reminds me...ya I am on the right track& shouldn't doubt it at all! Now what! ? So thank you for backing up my theories on this subject!

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August 26, 20201 found this helpful

Clove oil will eliminate them!!......and fast

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March 27, 20173 found this helpful

I couldn't see them. Just felt them in my hair and on my clothes. The little black specks was their waste.

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May 23, 20174 found this helpful

20 Mule Team Borax with water. Spray everything with that. Bathe in it to get them out of your skin.

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April 30, 20171 found this helpful

I have these theyvbite me and suck blood. Exterminator said not bed bugs can't identify dr either just gave me creams. Looks like pepper going to health Dept to identify. What is in pix. That's them

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May 25, 20181 found this helpful

Ivermectin is rubbish mate, these things need more than that, there is a cover up going on with doctors a joke

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May 27, 20183 found this helpful

Oh my goodness thanks for posting the photo and description. I'm so glad someone else finally noticed the glitter! I have been living a horrible existance with these tiny things for the last two weeks. The dermatologist didn't seem to care much about the tiny black spects I mentioned I could seeand gave me treatment for an allergic reaction to the sun,heat rash and dermatitis combo. No wonder I'm not seeing an improvement. Thanks.

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August 25, 20201 found this helpful

Ha! I have been wasting my time & $$ at doctors for help also! I have been dismissed& ignored! But yet everyone wants their $ broke financially& personally! I am so close to being able to prove some Erin broovich move hopefully before I give in! I just want out of this misery ! Thank you!

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November 1, 20180 found this helpful

Oh finally I read something awful in living and my husband is thinking Im crazy im not Ive took my kids to doctor and they say dry skins is not

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January 17, 20192 found this helpful

Ivermectin will piss them off. I just started taking it. Pharmacuetical grade tea tree oil will help to bring them to the surface. Clove oil will help heal or prevent scaring. The dollar sticky rollers will help you roll them off your scalp and body. Dr. Beck Silver zapper and Pulser will also cause them to come to the surface. These bugs will bite with a vengence when they are dying and forced to the surface. I even use a sweeper to draw them off me. Stevia extract in alcohol and concentrated neem oil will cause them to breed less and larva stage to become smaller, both should be applied to the skin. Some people call this varmit Morgellon but I believe it is more related to Scabies. I develop this after a person I let live with us that claim she had Lyme disease. CDC claims not contagious. I beg to disagree. I have had alergic reactions to fleas in the past but never had lice or anything like it. A long list treating numerous possible things it could be. Doxyclene/teramycin antibiotic is also recommended but have not started taking it. Colloidal Silver or ionic silver was what I used to use when a flu was going around, usually flu symptoms gone in 3 days. It don't work for this. I had to give up my Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, too when I started the Ivermectin cause it would remove it from my system. Though, Perefium cream alone cause these little demons spread faster in my opinion. Though if I was also put on Doxyclene/teramycin antibiotic and Ivermectin at the same time, I probably be cured right now. Now, finding a dermatologist to give me the full protocol I need to follow would be nice. I may have to use livestock and pet products if the doctors refuse to give me everything I need to conquer these little demons. This protocol is what I recommend for myself after researching for an answer. Note:Cayenne pepper, Ginger, Serrapeptase enzyme may prevent you alergic reactions, cause I am not having the alergic reactions others talk about. These demons want my face, ears, eyes, nose and mouth, Thank God for the Tea Tree oil for kinda keeping them off my face and Clove oil for healing the burrowing scars they create. Good luck
Ola Prima Therapeutic Clove essential oil is excellent and can be diluted still searching for a better concentrated tea tree oil like I use to buy. Again good Luck

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May 26, 20201 found this helpful

Clove oil or thrive oil seems be helping lately. Slows down their activity within mins. For pass 2 days been sprinkling it on my sheets and a little on my clothes, Rubbing furniture down. Etc. This have been going on with me over a year been to dr. S ,had exterminators, tried everything. Only one im my house affected. This has a real affect on your life and people think your delusional. Scars are proof that this is real. But im starting to believe this is bird mites ive been fighting.

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August 20, 20201 found this helpful

Hi maam any luck with it I been suffering for 1yr and 3 months family has called me crazy doctors are claiming not to see anything its in my hair and arms I went as far to shaving all my hair off and I had a lot of hair and they are still here tried everything its very depressing my anxiety is always on high would like to hear back from you! Thanknu

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August 25, 20200 found this helpful

Helpful info. In here! Thank you! I have tried many & all remedies to be thought of& oils. I will check out the brand you mentioned to see the difference but I always use doterra e.o. even tho they are pricey they're supposed to be very concentrated& grown & proccessed in themost efficient way.. ? Uve also used the ivermectin for animals. I dont know if I will give another doc or dermatologist another cent! But both together im excited to give it try! Double whammy! :)

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August 29, 20200 found this helpful

Ive been going through the same thing for almost 2 years now I cannot believe it Ive been totally infested my beautiful beautiful new home my family has been absolutely destroyed not believing me thinking Im crazy calling the police thinking Im on drugs and seeing things the police took me to the hospital chain be down to the bed where the things were crawling in my hair I had them in my eye secreting some kind of liquid burning the hell out of me and they wouldnt believe me Im totally traumatized I have tried dermatologist they have called me crazy as well to this day my families parents dont believe me Ive lost total trustI Photos them burrowing under my skin till I believe they bite staying when I try to take a shower its been a year Im going berserk nobody can help thank you so much for this article and I finally found I really appreciate whoever started this discussion I must print this out and show people I have outs been a scientist studying these damn things I want to participate in a scientific study to read these things from human existence I will keep posted and keep reading one thing that has totally stopped them in their tracks is something called demon you can get at Ace Hardware its a powder you mix it with water And spray around the home I actually put it on tissues and rub it on my skin to get rid of them they mostly affect my face nose ears my hair eyebrows thank God not on my genitalia thank god thank god thank God I will keep you posted and keep on reading try demon from Ace Hardware thats the only thing so far and some tea tree oils the dermatologist antibiotics and creams did not work for even a week why do these things keep reinvesting me they seem to be coming out of my vents Does this seem possible please tell me anybody tell me what to do to get rid of these things I am totally at my end of my energy

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April 3, 20202 found this helpful

I finally fund out what IS irritating tHE tINY jumping black almost MICROSCOPIC bug is ...theY are called biting midges ! I lIVE Houston tx and omg the itchiness after they BITE IS unbearable I thought I was trippin when I seen a black dot OUT OF THE CORNER OF MY EYEjumping from one end of the room to the bed etc. One of them landed on me and I watchED it bite me ...I hate Them and I'm researching how to kill these little jerks so far they SEEM undistructable but I will do whatever it takes to kill all the ones in my home MUWAHAHA!

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August 23, 20200 found this helpful

Did you get rid of them?

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August 23, 20200 found this helpful

Did you get rid of them?

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August 24, 20200 found this helpful

So have been spending lot of time in grass and weeds and these tiny roundish dark brown DOTS BITE. I pulled one off mid attack and blood was coming from the bite. Not fitting what I thought bed bugs were Sooo can being out in weeds bring something in? And what exactly are biting midges.

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January 20, 20210 found this helpful

Yes you're right we had scabies and now back with a vengeance we did all the steps perfect and getting them back was a shock there is a 2 pill s you can get that works better don't know if been approved in the states thats all

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