Tiny Black and White Biting Bugs

I started having the feeling like something crawling on me three months ago and started getting pinprick bites. My doctor can't identify what type of issue I have. The exterminator said there are no bed bugs. Even though I threw out 90% of my clothes and my furniture including the bed they are in my new clothes and everywhere.

I vacuum everyday, wash everyday, and soak my clothes in ammonia, but they come back. I sprayed vinegar and water mix everywhere in my house and felt normal for a few hours. But they came back. They must be in different shapes depending on their stage of life. I see black and also tiny white particles everywhere. I can feel them from my laptop and iPhone.

After I started using coal soap and sulfur shampoo I feel a little relief. I covered my body with calamine lotion and spray DEET before go to bed. So I don't get big bites during the night, but feel pinprick bites instead. Sometimes I get small paper cut looking things on my hands. The worst is at my work. I can't clean crazy like at my house and I have a very tall ceiling. They are living in the ceiling and fall on me as soon as walk in. I get them all over me by the end of day. Because I cleaned the floor so well, now they are targeting my hair and scalp. I spray 91% alcohol on my scalp, but they keep coming back. I can see glitter looking particles on my hands and clothes. They are maybe eggs. I thought they are maybe lice, but the CDC said body lice are easy to eradicate by washing clothes in hot water and drying them in high heat. Yes, I have done all that plus cleaning everyday, but it is not working. I'm a very clean person and am wearing clean clothes everyday. Please someone help me.


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Until you identify them, protect yourself with a layer of bug repellant. Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil has no chemicals, but keeps bugs from biting you.

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My Grandchild has this, take a tube of lice shields, rub it on the back of your neck, this will pick them up, I dont know what they are, they look a grain of pepper, I dont know what to do , please help!

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Lye kills them

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I have the same problem I was wondering in you found out what they are. I could have wrote the exact post.


I took everything out of the house it was sprayed a few times but they keep coming back. Can you help. Pest control doesent know what they are.

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Please-return ASAP to your doctor for an overall evaluation and give her/him a copy of this letter to Thrifty Fun. You may have a skin problem that your doctor can identify from your complete explanation here.

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I am having the same issue and I have a microscope photo of them and still can NOT identify them Also the Dr's don't help... they think you need help alright.... mental help!

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I have the same issue with young kids . I'm sorry you're going threw this have you found anything that helps or what it is?

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Just from reading all of everyones stories and having a friend who had a recent encounter with her little boy, all of these stories sound like scabies! I know it sounds gross, because supposedly its considered an STD, but its really not..its spread by skin to skin contact, which is why its spread so easy with sexual contact...its teeny tiny microscopic itch mites and burrow in your skin and cause rash and itches...they get in clothes and they infest rapidly..but look it up!

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Having same problem. Doctors are no help
I have several kinds of bugs living on my scalp.


Ive had this condition 4years. Is there is any help? Please!

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Not scabies... Ppl & Dr's would Know! They stay in little areas & get pussy & grow out (Almost like ring worm). Can get bigger, but Not Bites Like theses ppl & My Husband are talking about!
No See-em's have been Identified, but Can be some of ppls problems?! We Don't have those in S CA. & I haven't seen any little black fly's, but my husband (day or night) will have small itchy bites that have dots like look around them (like a mini rash) so you cant see a bite hole, like flea, spider or mossies!

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I am a coputer instructor in a college and a few years ago, i had this kind of a problem in my computer lab where no one is allowed to eat or drink. it felt like something crawling over my face, neck, body. initially i thought it as lice or something but one day while was writing on the white board, i noticed from a certain angle extremely small nearly invisible insects crawling on the board.


the whole lab was infested but especially on the wall near airconditioners.
after fumigation of the lab and cleaning of the airconditioners, it was revealed that some dead bird was caught in the fans and these insects were eating it up. no problems since then.
some varieties of these insects live and are transported by rats and mice as well.

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Thank you for the information but would need them be a little more help to answer the question by telling us what kind of bog by name it is so that everybody would have a chance to look the bug up and report the bug problem with its original name so that the exterminator can do his job in the correct way ! I do not understand you folks who answering ... if you have had the same problem why in heavens name arent you helping people in the proper Way by telling the species and name ! That would be so much easier instead of just telling what you did for gods sake tell us the name of the bug and not just your story about how to get rid of them without telling the name !!!

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I believe it is mites. They can be carried in by mice or a dead animal around your home. I'm dealing with the same problem. Some things that help.


1. Run a shallow like warm bath and put Tea Tree Oil with Epson salt. Just soak for about 10 min. You will see the small black bugs floating in the water. I drain the water and do it again. Then take a shower. Put tea tree oil in your shampoo, body wash and conditioner. I'm searching for answers.
2. I wrapped my bed in plastic (both box spring and mattress) seal it with tape. Buy covers for your pillows or use trash bags..
3. I wash all day long. I use Borax, Ammonia and yes tea tree oil.
4. Pack away all pillows, stuffed animals or anything stuffed. Put in plastic bag and seal. If you can take them out of your house its best.
5. Vacuum everything everyday and throw away bag every day.

6. There is fogger with Nylar which stops bug growth. It doesn't kill larvae.
7. Clean everything to kill larvae and bugs. I use Clorox and water or tea tree oil and water.

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Wow I'm having the exact problem. They have infested my car no matter how much I vacuum and spray and my work place is awful.

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Yes, they have gone to my skin, the Dr thinks it's all in my mind, they are in my car. Taking Ivermectin helps on my body but I can't get them out of my car. Any one had any success in identification and eradication?

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I'm beyond frustrated with this unknown biting, burrowing bug. Nothing seems to kills them except smashing or burning them. Washing clothes in cold water helps. I freeze water in 16 oz plastic bottles and soak them in the rinse cycle for an hour, then remove them before restarting the washer. Also I soak my feet and ankles in water with the frozen water bottles. It's the only relief I've found for the itching and biting. I've seen them absolutely everywhere. I'm so tired of it. Indoors, outdoors, in my poop and in the stores. On my food and on my cat, I can't think of a place their not at.

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You might want to try 1% or 1.5% hydrocorticone cream to ease the itch. I have the same problem, bitten by some mysterious bugs evey summer. I am looking for answer.

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You have to use kleen green you order it off Amazon bet you want ever see them again but u have to krep using it. It's call the invisible bug syndrome

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I might be able to help you with some of it. There is a phenomena called efflorescence whereby groundwater is pulled up through your walls dragging minerals with it. Little bits of these minerals are probably bursting out of your trim and any small openings and pinging off of you. With your ceilings, the water is pulling the minerals out and creating that really fine powder. I don't completely understand the process but if you aim some space heaters at your walls, blow dry your ceiling, and stop spraying water around (even if its mixed with vinegar) it should stop most of it. You will probably also want to get your home inspected because if its that damp you may have mold.

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October 26, 20171 found this helpful

I've had the same problem for a couple of years and can't seem to get any relief. I've been told everything from 'you're crazy' to fibromyalgia to internal parasites. I've looked it up so many times and find different explanations from morgellans to a type of 'fuzz' bug that comes from overseas in clothes you buy. The only relief I have gotten is from getting rid of the carpet and cleaning in the Mr. Clean Antibacterial cleaner - Summer Citrus scent is that only one that phased it for me. I even add it to my hot laundry water and let it soak. I spray it on things directly just barely diluted, except surfaces used for food and you Have to rinse those completely. I haven't managed to get rid of them yet but I really hope to find a way to. As far as on your body, try Apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Sounds strange but the chemical reaction on your skin seems to help somewhat.

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November 6, 20170 found this helpful

Hi I was looking up the same for my sister and came across mould spores mould mites they can be from laptop to towels in a cupboard but seriously have a look on google about mould mites hope this helps

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February 21, 20180 found this helpful

I have the EXACT same ones and Im start g to get really depressed! They are under my skin now. I do see them and can take them out sometimes. Looks a bit like a larvae

Moth, flea or mites I dont know

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These behave like biting midges (sand flies, punkies, no-see-ums). The only ways to get rid of them are to eliminate their egg-laying places and to eradicate the adults by spraying and trapping. They lay eggs in any kind of standing water in your house. Repeated spraying may kill off adults.

Another expensive option is to have your house heated up to a high temperature, as they cannot live in dry heat.

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I work in the HVAC industry.

This round microscopic Bird Mites are chemically resistant bird mites and or Stick tight fleas.

i have used almost all of the known chemicals over the counter to erraticate these microscopic black round blood suckers.

there resistant because they are bird mites or stick tight fleas from comercial chicken yards that use the strongest chemicals to kill these insects that become immune to New chemicals.

i watched as these dripped from a birds nest in the AC/HEAT unit on persons in an church.

i then inspected the 24in outflow vents and saw the twigs and bird nests pieces in the vent grates... to late they had fallen on me and i also was infected and now have reoccurring bites and infestation.

going to try and get ivermectin because these mites sticktight fleas drink blood. ivermectrin in a systemic chemical that comes in 3..6..12mg tabs.

some people have sold homes over these insects.

also to determine if there scabies...

google mite infestations and read the HORROR STORYS.

then you will have empathy for anyone fighting this microscopic warbattle

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I had them. Put Diamestaceous Earth all over your body and hair, clothes, in your bed and pillows and anywhere else. Do this until they're gone. Remember to wear a breathing mask to bed because the powder is so fine but it works.

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Is that all you did to get rid of them? I cant use DE for my car and work. Any suggestions? Obviously I cant wear clothes dipped in DE to the public.

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I had a small bug i found burrowing into my arm today and i took it off and put it in a glass jar. Turned out to be 8 legged. A mite i might(haha) have picked up outside or anywhere. Bugs are EVERYWHERE. Our bodies are a whole eco-system for good and bad bugs. Millions if not billions of living things are crawling over our skin and hair all the time. I have a feeling many people cant handle that psychologically and end up sounding crazy. Anyway, the bug turned out to be a spider that thought it could bite or burrow in my forearm. Dematillomania may be the culprit in many cases as well. All of these comments remind me of the alien phenomena. Lots of reports and no proof. None of these people ever seem to be able to procure one of these illusive black bugs that not only are in the home but seemingly parachute themselves off ceilings and travel miles to bother the complainer. Please just see a psychologist. I personally had a bad experience with insects as a kid and still have a slightly unhealthy fear of insects and arachnids.

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August 26, 20180 found this helpful

Really? That is what you have to say?? If you could see my face, arms, and chest you would not give that advice. Trust me nobody wants to feel this and the way I look, I wouldn't wish this on nobody. The bites hurt and take forever to go away. I want to tell you where you can go.

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November 16, 20180 found this helpful

there are pictures above....

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September 1, 20180 found this helpful

I have it too. Tiny black bugs in the carpet, little white clumps of stinking matter everywhere, starry white things that float through the air, white & black things in my mouth, my food... everything. Had this over a year, spent fortunes on pest controllers who think I'm crazy as they can't identify them. At night get scratches on my hands and something burrowing through my veins. Covered in bites and broken veins and clothing being chewed. Please, please HELP. Am beginning to get suicidal thoughts now.

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September 5, 20180 found this helpful

OK. I am just happy there are others who have had this experience,
(well, not really!) but I'm glad I'm not alone..as I feel like I'm going crazy..but I know I am not making this up. You have all described the same thing I have.. I believe it is mites...my cat brought them in, and now they are everywhere in the house and on me. I started giving the cat a bath every couple of days, and constantly cleaning it's ears and putting in mite killer in ears. I constantly washed everything, vacuumed daily and washed floors twice a day w/ disinfectant. I sprayed Lysol disinfectant spray all over,as well as vinegar, and "spray anywhere" bleach..I take a soapy shower before bed, and always put the bed linens,pillow,comforter and sheets in dryer for 40 min. (heating it up to hot) before getting into bed.EVRYTHING I use, wear, or touch has been washed, or heated in dryer beforehand, and the same thing after I use it once!! I was putting vinegar all over my skin after a shower, followed by aloe vera gel ( which is soothing to the skin.)I live in Florida..which is hot and humid in summer, which brings them out. I try and keep as much humidity out of( inside air )as possible. I've had these before,and they seemed to go away when it turned cool out..up till then, one must keep persevering.I sprayed the yard with "Insect Disease and Mite control" found in garden section at HomeDepot or Lowes. I've also tried taking B vitamins, and taking sugar out of my diet..(I'll try anything!) In the car, vacuuming the floors, seats etc. helped me, (I take it to a carwash and have them do it) and then spraying Lysol disinfectant in car and letting it sit closed up over night. Hope this helps.

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September 5, 20180 found this helpful

I left a lengthy comment at the end of this article (Dianacc) with
suggestions, but in further reading I saw this bit of information...
Onslaught Insecticide..which can be sprayed inside the house... has
no odor, and (supposedly safe for pets and kids after it dries.), has
time released agent to work over months..sounds really good. I am
going to call the company to ask a few questions, but I am really anxious to try it, as it is a pyrethin..which is for mites..which I think these tiny black (& white) biting bugs are.. so .. look it up. good luck.

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September 12, 20180 found this helpful

It sounds like your problem is Bird Mites. As global warming takes hold Bird Mites are now infesting humans, and yes, the latest 2015-17; research shows that they can live exclusively on human blood. Government agencies and MDs are relying on research done in 1958! This research has been shown to be totally wrong, inferring that Bird Mites cannot inhabit humans. Anyone claiming to have an infestation must therefore be delusional/paranoid.

You will not get any help from these official sources. It has been shown that new research generally takes 30 years to reach the coal face in government. You may want help before then!

A good starting place is

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October 5, 20180 found this helpful

Step 1
Onslaught chemical your whole house.

Step 2
Mix a growth inhibitor like Precor or IGR.

Step 3
You will need a large sprayer like the pest control companies use. YES you must spray WALLS and CEILINGS!!!! Shower walls, floors and ceilings, doors, fans, blinds, curtains, everything!

Step 4
Spray again in 7 days.

Step 5
With Zenprox and IGR so the eggs don't hatch and reinfest you.

Step 6
Bag anything and everything that is cloth.

Step 7
Including mattress and pillows.

Step 8
STEAM and HIGH HEAT is the answer to killing the eggs and riding yourself of the problem. Carpets, furniture, dry clothes extra high heat 2 cycles each load. Washing doesn't do anything. ONLY the drier part. NOTHING will kill the eggs except steam and heat.

Step 9
Now onto your body. Biting is not good. You are still in a really bad situation if you are having bites because only adults bite and only adults lay eggs. REMEMBER the hardest thing to get rid of is the eggs. STEAM and HEAT! Once the IGR kicks in you will just feel them crawling on you. For your 3rd week, spray SteriFab mixed with a IGR.

Step 10
VACUUM EVERYDAY with a SEALED ALERGIN HEPA FILTER vacuum. Empty carefully and discard immediately. Spray your whole vacuum down with a quick spritz of ammonia, vinegar or alcohol.

Step 11
They CAN and WILL travel with you and infest your car, your workplace etc. So getting them OFF of YOU is VERY IMPORTANT and the 2nd hardest thing other then killing the eggs.

Step 12

Step 13
BUY Permethrin 10% on Amazon.

Step 14
Buy Aveno Lotion because it is thick.

Step 15
Mix 2 cups lotion with 2 cups Permethrin.

Step 16
Use a ziplock bag and then cut the corner so you can squeeze it out. Cover your entire body and hair. Careful not to get it inside any body parts and not in your eyes. Smother yourself in it and rub it in the best you can. Go to bed. When you wake up take a shower. Use tea tree shampoo and conditioner sold at Walmart or Peppermint hemph soap, or sulfur soap. You will see immediate relief.

Step 17
The next day use NIX ULTRA. Don't go cheap or generic and has to be the ULTRA because this solution is different then other brands and the regular NIX. It kills eggs and super lice. Use it on your whole body and hair. Apply when you are dry and your hair is dry, NOt while you are wet or in the shower. Leave on for 15 minutes. Follow directions on box. Try not to reinfest yourself but it will happen. Be prepared to do this step alot. The more careful you are the less you will have to do this. LASTLY ALWAYs SPRAY the shower down including the ceiling with vinegar, rubbing alcohol etc. USE only white towels and sheets so you can add a little bleach and borax to each load. Let wash soak.

Step 18
IDENTIFY your bug. If it is mites probably the bird mite or rodent mite. They are the most likely to bite humans. Bed bugs, body lice, head lice, you can see but they are small. MITES are almost impossible to see without magnification. CATCH your culprit by putting a large bowl of super hot water in an area where you feel them on you the most. Try to do it late at night. The later the better. They will be in the water in the morning. Scoop the top layer of water and put them in something like a ziplock. Add a little alcohol to preserve them. If you look at the top of the water from a sideways angle that is when you can see them. Tiny, Tiny white dots! Some companies like Terminex will treat your problem and give you a guarentee. Don't let your guard down even when things seem to get better. The eggs will hatch and you will have to start all over again. GOOD LUCK!

Step 19
Bird Mites- thanks to a guest and their pet staying at our house. Mom, Dad, 3 little kids and 1 little dog paying the price big time. Husband says no more guests staying with us EVER! Oh yeah, quarantine and treat your animals to. They will just carry it and spread it all around your house!

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