Value of Vintage Dixie Furniture?

I am trying to determine the tables' age, value, and if their original color was white? They were purchased at a thrift store. Thank you for any insight you may provide.



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It is very possible that the end tables here original color are white. Dixie made some furniture that was white lacquer and also white grey lacquer. They were part of the Dixie Hepplewhite and the Dixie Chinoiserie Greek Key White Lacquered collection. Your tables look like they belonged to this collection and not the first one I listed. The style matches this collection and could easily be part of it. I did find a dresser in this collection for sale and the asking price is $1995. I think you should contact an antique furniture dealer in your area and ask for some help. It is not so easy to tell with just images and it is best if you consult an expert on this one.

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I'm not sure about these tables as I have not found anything similar to this style. I have a Dixie Hepplewhite bedroom set from the 1940's so I know they do not belong to this group.
I have not found any group with this same style drawer pull and that is one of the items that helps find a group/age.
Dixie did make a lot of white furniture but all I've found is the French Provincial and Bamboo (all may not be 'stark' white) but I'm sure there could be more.

Is this original? Difficult to tell from your pictures but you could look at the back, bottom of table and drawers for better clues as usually there will be some indication - such as over spray.
If not the original, looks like a nice job.

Since Dixie furniture can sell for high prices I would suggest you try to get an appraisal so you'll know what you have.
Most people say to take it to a local shop for an appraisal but I have never been able to find anyone in my cities that was very knowledgeable (had to resort to programs online for information) and want to charge a hefty sum for any information. For this reason I usually always go to online sites and have always had very good results.
I usually go to free sites first (but some of these will not do a free appraisal if the value is under $500) to see what they will tell me. If no information and I'm still interested, I'll pay for an appraisal - usually $20 or less - and I always receive excellent results.

You may want to think about doing some of these sites to see what they tell you about your tables.
If you wish to use them you will need different/better pictures as your pictures are limited.
Pictures needed for appraisal:
Full front of tables (level with tables, not from above)
Back of one table, full front close up showing drawer design/drawer pull, Dixie marking in drawer, full side of table, bottom on table, bottom of drawer, side of drawer (showing workmanship), top of table showing condition.
This may sound like a lot of pictures but these are the type you would need if putting these up for sale.

Your area will also have a bearing on the value as these would be expensive to ship and may need to be sold as 'local pick up only'. This style may be popular where you live or, maybe not. I usually look at local items for sale/sold in my local Craigslist and USA4Sale to see what type is listed/selling.

Here are some site suggestions for free appraisals:

This is a good site: cost is $20

Good information:

Hopefully, another member, Pghgirl will add her information as I'm sure she knows something more about these tables.

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I recently bought a pair of matching faux bamboo 3 drawer dressers at a yard sale. I've found the maker and I've also located some letters and numbers on the back, however I can't find this particular chest on any site.

I was wondering if anyone knew the value. I don't know what year they were made, but I'm sure the numbers on the back state all of that however I still can't figure it out.


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Thanks for sharing your piece. I think someone cut off the legs/feet as I believe this may have been a high boy in a previous life. If it was original, the high boys are selling, not asking prices, but actual sold prices from 300-500 dollars in many settings and cities and sale venues!!

This piece was most likely made between the late 1940s-early 1960s. I am not familiar with how their numbers work.

If you are selling this, it is best to have a vintage dealer look at it in person (examine the bottom) and verify if indeed I was altered. If so, the can tell you how that change alters the value.

Please post back with what you learn! This is considered an MCM...mid century modern piece which is still a hot market item. It seemed like it was fading, but I have been seeing a lot of sales lately, so it is still hanging in for trends!

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I believe you have 2 matching chests as a dresser would be longer than your pieces.
The Dixie Furniture Factories were in Lexington, NC from 1901 but closed all but one plant in 2003. It is difficult to find current information so I'm not sure the plant is still in operation.
Dixie furniture can be quite expensive as the older pieces were well made and still remain of higher value than many popular brands (such as
Chest of drawers are still popular pieces as they are functional and will still 'fit' in small modern apartments.

The company made furniture in what they called 'series' and each series was produced in a different plant but I could not find any sites with dates of any kind. Your furniture is from the Tahiti series but it seems to be rare as I found very few pieces from this series.

You can look at some of the pieces on this site to get an idea of the prices stores are asking for their Dixie pieces.

Since there is very little information available on these pieces you may want to ask your question at one of the antique forums or you can ask for a free appraisal fro one of the sites listed below.
You will need a good full front photo as wells as sides and full back. Also photos of inside drawers if asking for an appraisal.

Ask your question on these sites (read some past questions first so you can get an idea of what to post).


Here is the free appraisal site:

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September 15, 2020

This is the bedroom set I had as a child, my daughter also used it. I was thinking of selling it, but am not sure how or what to ask. Obviously, it's not in perfect shape, but if I were to fix the minor things, is it worth it or do I just sell it on Facebook and get rid of it?

It is very solid, quality wood, just have some drawers with loose slides. And it needs a good polish.


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You have a few options to sell this set. First, you can list this and sell it as a complete set. Second, you can try and sell it off as pieces. You will need to sell this locally and when you advertise on Facebook it should indicate pick up only. The only way to really determine the value is to look around your own area and see how much people are asking for wood furniture. In some areas, people still buy a lot of this type of furniture and in other areas, it is very hard to sell and the price is so very low. Take a look on Craigslist for your area or search on Facebook for your area. Check out what people are selling and the asking price they want for the items they are selling. Look mostly at wood furniture and see what people are trying to sell it for. This is how you will really determine the value of yours and how much you can get when you sell it locally. I would check out some dressers to see how much people are asking. It could be as low as $50 or as high as $150. Where my daughter lives she was able to pick up a full bedroom set for around $175 in her area. This included the bed frame, 2 dressers, and a nightstand table. She has recently moved to a new state and was checking out furniture prices there and the set she got for such a good price is almost double where she is living now. So you see the price is regional and how much a person is willing to pay where you live.

You can try and list the full set for around $250-300 to see what happens. You could go higher but I really don't think people have that much money to spend right now in this economy.

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Amazing! I bought this same style set for my youngest daughter when she was 16 and that was in the 80's (she is now 56). I think we had every piece they made in this set and although she was a 'tomboy' she loved it.
The reason I liked it was because I did not care for 'French Provincial' and this seemed to only have a 'touch' of that style.
I believe French Provincial is a very common style in the marketplace and seems to be for sale everywhere as it was very popular in the 70s - 90s and downsizing is what is happening now.

I think you could clean up this set and try listing it on any site you're familiar with - Facebook Marketplace, offerup, letgo are popular sites.
Start with a high price - maybe $1200 or more for the set and make it pick up only and best offers considered.
Leave it posted for several weeks and lower the price if no one makes a decent offer. If the set does not sell then you could piece it out but I think it will sell if you
Good (uncluttered) pictures will sell an item quicker than anything else.

There is a lot of confusion between the names Dixie Furniture and Dixie Furniture Company but they are not related in any way.

"History of Dixie Furniture:
Dixie Furniture (the manufacturer) - Founded in 1901 by Henry Link and several others in Lexington, NC. The name has been changed to Lexington Home Brands & they are still in business but no longer sell Dixie furniture.

Dixie Furniture (the manufacturer) is not related to & should not be confused with the Dixie Furniture Company (which are stores that just sell furniture, not make it), located in Charleston, SC. Their first store opened in 1946. Dixie Furniture Stores are located in Charleston, N. Charleston, & Waterboro, SC.
They do NOT carry or sell the Dixie stamped furniture."

Interesting (but long) article on Dixie Furniture history:

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November 4, 2020

I have girls' Cinderella style (white with gold trim) bedroom furniture made by Dixie Furniture Company in Lexington, NC, in the early 1970's and am trying to determine the value. The set includes a double poster bed with canopy; double dresser; chest of drawers; desk with chair and two nightstands. It is in excellent (brand new) condition.

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I just bought this beauty, but don't know what it is. I'm hoping someone knows what piece this is and from what collection so I can research it more.
It is from Lexington Furniture Industries by Dixie.


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The name on the cabinet Lexington Furniture company by Dixie started to be used around 1986 to 1987. That gives you a rough idea how old this piece really is and when they changed the name of the company. At first I thought this would be listed under China cabinets but it is missing the silverware drawer that most o them have. This one is listed under display cabinets.

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It seems Dixie was more or less the 'parent' company and in 1986-1987 Dixie was together with 4 companies that formed a group.

"By 1986, the Dixie Furniture Company was part of a group of four companies officially "named Lexington Furniture Industries (LFI) -- often referred to as the Dixie Family". LFI used the Dixie facility in Lexington to produce its Lexington Home Brands line of furniture."

This was the end of the group as a whole as each company changed names and went different ways.

I'm not really sure what type of cabinet you have but it looks like some sort of display cabinet.
It may not have drawers but it looks like it has pull out drawers in the bottom half.
They made a lot of bedroom and dining room furniture so I'm guessing it could have used in either room.

Beautiful cabinet.

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I inherited these dressers and was wondering what they would be worth? They are stamped with the word Dixie on the back of both of them.

Thank you.


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Hi and thanks for sharing! Do you know if these are the original handles and that this is the original color? I ask because the pulls look more like what came on the brown furniture than the white.

Typically the white (more cream actually) French Providential style of this brand had very ornate handles that looked like wrought iron. Those handles were very important to that look and it what buyers want.

If the piece was painted or these are not the original handles it may devalue the piece--as people are willing to pay more for all original and in great shape.

If yours were the brown pieces which had these type handles, the dresser and high boy together would be worth almost $400 in original condition.*

If yours were original white color, with the correct handles, they would be worth slightly less--probably in the $300 range together.*

*this is if you are in one of the parts of the country where this style is still very popular--like the east coast of the US. In other parts of the country, these are not as popular and may fetch less.

Also condition is everything and yours look like they may have some light wear, which will also lower the value.

If you are going to sell, best talk to a reputable furniture resale shop in your town to find out what would be a realistic value where you live! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for posting back! That is good that everything is original. I previously haven't seen every piece this brand made so I had to ask. It is good news that it is the original paint and handles! That will help you with the value. I hope you are able to fetch $300-400. Post back with updates when you sell!!

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September 27, 2020

I have a 9 drawer dresser. It's a Dixie 70-3 TPL.DR, made In Sweden. Is it worth anything? I am looking to sell it, but have no idea when it was made. I also have a night stand.

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April 27, 2020

My family has had this Dixie dresser set since the 50s and I'm looking to find the name of it or anything that would have come in the original style. I am always interested in learning more about it!

I have this 6 drawer dresser, the 4 drawer tall boy and the nightstand. I included a picture of the 6 drawer dresser in what my mom said was the original color when she got it as a kid in the 70s from her great aunt.


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A bit of history on the company. It was founded in 1948 by Abe Kirshtein in Charleston, S.C. The company is still opened today and there are 3 generations of Kirshtein working for the company. it has expanded over the years and is very popular in Charleston S.C. I have been trying to find these pieces but I am not really finding anything that looks like this at all. This could be some of the older furniture from the company considering you said that the one person got this around 1970 from her Great Aunt that had it for several years. I would try to contact the company and see if they can help you a bit more on the actual date this was made. My guess from what you have said it was some of the first pieces the company made and sold in the 50s.

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November 13, 2020

Is this a Duncan Phyfe bureau by Dixie? What is value and age?

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December 11, 2019
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