Determining the Value of Vintage Furniture

This is a set with 4 chairs, 2 chairs with arms (pictured), a table with two expansion leaves, a credenza (pictured) and a buffet with hutch (pictured). My parents bought it used in about 1967. It is stamped Sligh furniture, Grand Rapids Chair Co. Is it worth getting appraised?



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Sligh furniture is a well respected name in furniture and your set is definitely worth having appraised. You could try searching for licensed appraisers in your area and call and ask for an approximate cost of an appraisal done in your home so you will have some idea of the cost before you sign a contract.
As to selling: several factors will help determine the final value of any furniture. Location - pick up site - area and Condition are the biggest factors after the overall value is determined.
You should know that, as a general rule, furniture is not a quick seller and many sets/pieces are listed for sale for years before they sell. But, the final price is your decision and when you set the price and receive no 'offers' then you can always reduce the price and go from there.

You can always go online for free appraisals while you're deciding about an in-home appraisal.
These sites provide a lot of information when the pieces are of value - such as your set.
They also provide information on auctions that you might be interested in taking your set to but that would be up to you.
Your location will have a lot to do with the bottom line value as most furniture is sold as local pick up only.
Sometimes someone will see a set like this and be willing to pay for freight shipping but that is rare.
These sites require several pictures of all of the pieces as they will be putting their name to a set and the better the pictures the better the information.
Sligh company was in business from 1880 until 1932 so we know your set was made before 1932.
You can post your pictures to several sites to see what each one tells you.
I think you will be very happy to have one of these appraisals even if you decide on an in-house appraisal.


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I'm wanting to buy a flour bin cabinet from a friend and am not sure what to offer. It's got the flour bin and sugar canister all intact and bread draw it has been painted white, but I cannot find a label of brand or year any thoughts?


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What a beautiful piece! Doing business with friends can be tricky. Also there are so many factors that figure into market value of furniture/antiques (condition, age, and even supply and demand in your area). You don't want to over or under pay. Have you considered getting 2-3 bids from a local antique dealers and then offering her an average of the bids? Some dealers offer bids based on detailed photos, others may want to see it in person. Hope you are able to make a good deal!!

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These cabinets are becoming more rare so I believe the value will be steady or increase as time goes on. Hopefully you can offer a reasonable price that will be fair to you and your friend.

  • If you offer a price and it is accepted, I hope that someone in the future does not tell your friend, "you really got cheated - that cabinet was worth 3 times that amount!". This does happen quite frequently so be careful when dealing/buying where friends are involved.
  • I have a similar cabinet that I inherited from my mother (only mine is all original) and I consider mine as "priceless" so that is no help to you but I would recommend that you ask for an appraisal before making an offer.
  • Any refurbishing that is done to antique/vintage pieces lowers the value (usually lowers it by 1/2 or more to real collectors) and since this one has been painted remember to include that fact in any research as that means the value will be lower than an original piece.
  • This cabinet is called a Hoosier Cabinet and was probably made between 1900-1950 but I would think closer to 1930-1950 (but many were also made in the 50's).
  • There were many styles and sizes produced so it is difficult to research as you may never see an exact same piece for sale or sold.
  • There are several sites that offer free appraisals but check them out first so you know "free" is not a gimmick.
  • A better option is Barneby's but they charge $17.

I hope you and your friend can reach an agreeable price that sets well with both so you can purchase a lovely and very useful "keepsake" and not lose a friend in the process.

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November 29, 2020

We would like to know information about the style and believe it was made 07/25/69. We are interested in knowing its resale value as well. Thanks in advance!

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January 14, 2020

This desk was used even when I bought it 25 years ago, so I don't know the exact age. I listed it on Facebook for $75 and someone messaged me saying it might be worth a lot more if it's French provincial.

I know it's not an actual antique, but in researching, I saw pieces labeled French Provincial from the second half of the 20th century going for a couple hundred dollars. How do I know if it's valuable?


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The first thing that needs to be done is to figure out who has made this desk. Normally you can find some sort of marking on the bottom of the desk, inside a drawer, or on the back of the desk. See what company made this desk. That makes it a lot easier to narrow down the date the desk was made and find other desks like this one. If you can't seem to find any of this information about the desk it is time to visit a vintage furniture shop and show them pictures of the desk. They will be able to help out in identifying the desk. You can also try a few online websites that help to give you an idea about how much the item is worth. There are several of them online. Some are free and others you need to pay. All the sites require you to create an account. Here is one site you can check out if you don't have a dealer in your area that can help you out -

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This brings me back to the 1960s and the furniture that was in our local Sears furniture department. It may be a Sears piece. Here is a link to a catalog:

The legs look the same as does the trim and handles.

Depending on where you are located this piece could be worth up to $250. It seems like it sells best on the east coast (like NJ seems to be a huge fan of this style.)

It depends on where you are the supply and the demand for this piece. Most people want the entire set (it was a dresser, desk, shelves, night stand and bed stand).

Nice piece!! Definitely brings back fond memories of my first fascinations with furniture!

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If your piece does not have any markings or even numbers then it is probably one that was sold in a smaller furniture outlet. That does not mean it is not worth more than $75.

The drawer pulls (not the knobs as they are pretty common) are different than most furniture in this style. I have not seen any like them so I'm thinking these may help someone identify your piece.

This appraisal site does a good job but they do charge for any information.

There are some sites that will appraise items for free but most will not give a full appraisal unless the item is worth over $500 - but then - how do you know that until you ask?
You can send pictures and any provenance and see what they say.

The actual value will depend a great deal on where you live as this type of furniture is costly to ship so most pieces are listed as local pick up only.
Maybe you can check some of the sites that offer this and see what similar pieces are selling for in your area.

If you do not find out anything further about the true age or 'worth' I would suggest you start your price at $250 and lower it if no one shows any interest.

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October 8, 2020

According to the tag, this chair was manufactured by Indianapolis Chair Manufacturing around 1900. Does anyone know an approximate value?

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I am just curious what this would be worth? It has been in my family for at least 30 years.


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Without seeing it in person, my best guess is that this is a very common Chinese warrior table. If it is, it is most likely from the 1980s when Chinese furniture and ceramics became the hot furniture and decorating trend.

Since I can't see it and touch it, I suggest having a vintage furniture reseller/store owner look it over and confirm what you have.

Value is hard to gauge. On the outside chance you have a true antique table, the value would be different than if it is a vintage piece.

It also depends on the supply and demand in your town. If there are a bunch in your area, the values will be low. If there is a low supply and a high demand, they will sell for more.

There are a few online where people are asking $300-500 for the 1980s version. But none sold that I can see. I don't see any true antiques for sale or sold.

Post back what the expert tells you! Thanks for sharing!

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Hi! If it is from the 1940s it could be valued as high as $600 I many big cities in the US. I recommend finding a reputable antique dealer to confirm and help you value and sell in your town!

You can see comparables under the topic antique (even though it is not 100 years old people use the term generically) Chinese or Oriental warrior table. If it is teak, the values may go up.

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I've done a lot of googling, but I cannot date this piece. It is a Globe-Wernicke, pattern 713, grade 2299 1/2. I have found one like it, but I can't open the image to see its date.

Any ideas? I purchased it from an older woman who got it from an even older friend of hers.

Just from the searching, I assume it's early 1920s, but again, I can't be sure.


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These look like really nice bookcases.
I'm sure you realize that you do not have a 'base' for your cases and a lot of sets also had a top piece.

I did a lot of research on Globe-Wernicke bookcases several years ago as I also had several pieces to sell (downsizing is not easy) but could not find this label and I remembered that this company did not usually use white labels.
I also knew that my mind is not as good as it was years ago so I decided to ask for help with this posting. I sent a link to this posting to an appraiser who I knew specialized in Globe-Wernicke to see what he had to say and also to tell me the age if possible.

He sent me a message saying that he did not believe these were genuine Globe-Wernicke cases but would not say for sure without seeing the cases in person.
He also said that most 'look alike' cases that he came across did not have a base or a top mainly because these were more difficult to find to match - cases that were made by another company.
Bases also have the name/information 'engraved' into the wood and would be very difficult to duplicate.
He only deals with antiques and does not appraise later made cases so that is something also.

Now - I really do not know that any of this is true and your cases may be as genuine as they get so please do not use this information as any type of reference.

I hope you enjoy using these cases for many years to come.

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Hello, Does anyone know what the value of this sideboard might be? It was purchased near the Bronx, New York circa 30's?


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I am not sure where you are from but in London, they sell sideboards online and the rice is very expensive. The lowest asking price I see on this one side is around 575 pounds. They go up from there and can sell way over 95000 pounds. Now if you check on eBay sideboards don't sell for that much at all. The basic sideboard starts at around 47 pounds and goes up to around 300 pounds.

I did not find the sideboard you are showing here and the image is not that good at all. I am not even sure of the wood that this sideboard is made from. I would suggest that you try and take some better pictures of your sideboard if you want to sell this. Visit an antique furniture dealer in your area and show them these photos. Tell them you are looking for an estimate on how much this is worth so you can insure it. This will tell you the value of the sideboard in your area and how much it is really worth where you live.

Now you have this price you can try and post this locally in your area. Keep in mind advertising this online will mean that you need to ship this off to the buyer which will be rather expensive because the items are made of wood and look very heavy. if you sell it locally you can avoid shipping costs and the person can pick this up and take it with them.

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November 19, 2020

I was wondering what the value of this coffee table base is. The artist is Paul Evans, it was made in 1971. It is made out of bronze. It is 15 inches tall and round shape about 28 inches in diameter. It is made to support a glass top about 42 inches diameter which I don't have.

The artist has made a number of various tables, lamps and other furniture during the 70s and 80s mostly in the mid century category. It is referred to as a stalagmite coffee table.

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Vintage wardrobe trunk with rugged metal hardware. Trunk latches work. Measures 44 1/2 inches long x 22 1/2inches wide x 18inches tall.

Trying to figure out what year it was made and how much it's worth? Any help is appreciated :)


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I did find a site that has an old catalog from this company and it appears that the company was established in 1886. I also found one of their trunks that was sold that was a different number but had the same type of certificate and warranty that yours does. It appears that the number you are seeing on this has nothing to do with the style or model but actually the number of the trunk that was made. If you check prices online they are all over the place on this one. The low end starts at $69 and works it way all the way up to over $1000 for the tunk. There actually is one listed on eBay that is a taller trunk than yours is and the asking price for this one is $111 plus shipping. This trunk was more than likely made in the early 1900s and is in good condition for the age. If you would like to download the catalog you can visit here to find it - Here is one that has sold but you will need to join the site to view the price it sold for -

You can try to list this for a little higher than the one they are currently listing on eBay. You might want to start off at around $150 for this. The ones they have listed for over $1000 are not selling and they have been discounted several times to try and sell them.

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