Identifying China?

April 14, 2021

An ornate china plate.Hello. Im looking to find out the make/pottery brand of this set of plates which belonged to my grandmother. The stamp is too smudged to read but it looks like the symbol is a crown above some sort of shield. Thanks


A faded marking on the back of a china plate.


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I believe this is by the brand Nymphenburg, and the shape is called Rococo

This is the little has on it.

2343 (Rococo Shape)
by Nymphenburg

Item#: 266459 Pattern Code: NYM2343R
Description: Rococo, Landscape/Scroll, Swags On Rim
Pattern: 2343 (Rococo Shape) by Nymphenburg

I am still trying to confirm, but this may get you started. I will circle back when I can get to my other sources of info!

Once I confirm pattern, I can help you value it!


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The backstamp (mark) on your plate belongs to Nymphenburg. The Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory was founded by Elector Max III in the "Grüne Schlössl" in Neudeck in 1747. Initially efforts to produce porcelain weren't successful. The technology was developed only in 1754. Since 1761 the manufactory has been located in a part of Nymphenburg Castle (Munich, Bavaria, Germany). Seven years after Elector Max III Joseph of Bavaria ordered that all porcelains be marked with an image of the Wittelsbach coat of arms with diamonds. In first half of 19th century financial situation deteriorated and in 1856 artistic production was halted. This company was privatized and produced only technical, medical and sanitary porcelain. Only in 1887 new owner Albert Bäuml decided to restore artistic traditions of the firm.


The marks have changed slightly over the years, so I can say exactly in what period your plate was made. Blue Nymphenburg mark was used from 1895 to 1910 (see attached screenshot).

About pattern.
I found plates with the same pattern as yours, but blue, The sellers indicate a strange pattern number, I have not found confirmation of this. This pattern number does not exist on And these sellers call this pattern Nymphenburg Reticulated, It seems to me that these sellers did not identify this pattern at all.

Here is the name of this pattern:
Pattern: 1012 (Pierced, Gold Trim) by Nymphenburg
Pattern Code: NYM1012P
Description: Pierced Rim, Scalloped, Floral Center, Gold


You can check it here:
The shows white plates with this pattern, but in the description they do not indicate that plates with this pattern were only white, which means that plates with this pattern can be of a different color. I found the same dark blue plates as yours (I think $ 330 is too much).

So you have Antique Nymphenburg Pierced Rim Scalloped Floral Center Gold Plate NYM1012P Hand Painted 1895-1910.
The price is about $115-225 (I don't now the size of your plate).

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January 28, 2022

Hi, I am trying to find out anything on this china. It says Mayfair Fine China and I think Made in Japan (hard to see) on the bottom. I have tried to match the grey pattern online, but can't seem to find anything close. I would love to know the name of this pattern and approximately how much it is worth. A china creamer with a grey pattern.


I'm not thinking to try and get rid of it, just very curious if anyone knows anything about it. I can't find it online anywhere. I have quite a lot of it. I only pulled this one piece to get pictures.

Thank you so much!

The handle on a piece of china.
The marking on the underside of a piece of china.


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This might be a match from Replacements Ltd:
Item#: 438065 Pattern Code: MAFMAF16
Description: Gray Flowers&Leaves, Platinum Trim&Verge


Pattern: MAF16 by Mayfair (Japan)
Status: Not Known

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Your china has been identified as MAF16 by Mayfair (Japan) but it is difficult to find very many pieces of just Mayfair (Japan) in any pattern so it will be very difficult to place any sort of value on your pieces.
You will have to be careful when searching because there is a lot of china listed under 'Mayfair' but most of this is not the same company but is made by another company and just the pattern is 'Mayfair'. Such as the Noritake Mayfair - this is not the same company.


You will also have to rule out the Mayfair that is made in England as this will not be comparable with the made in Japan. It may be more or less in value.
I would suggest you send pictures to Replacements and ask for value and years made. Hopefully, they will be able to help you.
They do not have even one piece of Mayfair (Japan) (out of stock) but they do have a lot of Mayfair (England).

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October 15, 2021

Hi everyone! I am hoping y'all could help me figure out pattern/date of this old china and if it is rare? I know it is pre 1942 since it says Nippon right?

maybe 1890-1914 due to back stamp? reference links for backstamps would be greatly appreciated! TIA!

A china plate with a floral pattern.
The marking on the back of a china plate.


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On a reputable website, I found this response from Noritake (Nippon) to another seeker's inquiry:
"According to the backstamp on this dinnerware, the pattern began production in 1918. This pattern was never named or assigned a pattern number; this was not unusual for this era. Most of the information we had on these pre-WWII patterns was lost during the war."

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Noritake as well as Nippon are brands and products produced or sold by the Morimura Company of Japan, that was originally established by the Morimura Brothers in New York in 1876. This trading company imported chinaware, curios, paper lanterns and other gift items. See Diagram of Morimura Group's History:


In 1904, the NORITAKE CO., LIMITED was established and a factory with modern equipment and facilities was constructed in Noritake, Takaba-villlage, Aichi, Japan (present: Noritake-shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi). It took until 1914, however, to create the first porcelain dinnerware plate that was suitable for export.

Immediately after the second WW, in 1946, the Noritake was temporary dropped from the marks and RC was reappearing as "Rose China" together with a picture of a rose and the words Made in Japan. Since the quality immediately after the war was not up to the pre-war standard, Noritake preferred to save the valuable Noritake brand name until later, still already in the 1947 we find the Noritake name used together with the Komaru (overcoming difficulties) symbol, sometimes over the telltale line "Made in Occupied Japan".

Your china has backstamp that was used in 1947. Confirmation of this information can be found on this website:
Go to 1940's and then scroll down a bit and find the backstamp "1947 Noritake Nippon Toki Kaisha"
"Maruki in top crest, with Text in black, external leaves in pale blue and Arabesque pattern in orange
This mark is also referred to as the "spoke-in-scroll 'mark
Both Marks were produced during 1947 and were for the Domestic Market.
Note: Nippon Toki Kaisha represented "Domestic Market" usage"

About the pattern.
The name of the pattern is NAOMI by Noritake
Description: White Flowers, Blue Edge, Florals
Status: Discontinued. Circa: 1933 -

The price of a Naomi Bread & Butter Plate 6 3/8 inches on is $8.99, Footed Cream Soup Bowl & Saucer Set $11.99.
Noritake Naomi pieces are sold on ebay, but mostly they have a backstamp from 1953 (the backstamp has the name of the pattern and its number NORITAKE NAOMI 674)
So you can consider that your china is relatively rare - from 1947.

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July 13, 2022

I am trying to find out more information on this tea cup.

A marking on the underside of a china cup.
A china cup with a floral pattern.

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November 16, 2018

I recently found this and fell in love. But I am a re-seller so I need to know the value. I have looked on eBay till my eyes twitched.

I can't seem to find it on Google, either.

The markings on the back do not help. Does anyone know what it means/says and if you have seen it? Thanks for any/all help.

Identifying a Fancy Plate - yellow plate with grape pattern
Identifying a Fancy Plate
Identifying a Fancy Plate


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So here are my thoughts....

I think it is from Latvia.

Here are is a link of why I think that:

Here is a list of all countries that end in A...if you want to try others:

If it is from Latvia, Replacements most likely won't be able to help you. We tried getting them to buy my grandma's dishes from Hungary (which were probably 80-100 years old) and they wanted no parts of them and could not ID them. I love Replacements, but they are not good for some things.

There are not a lot of items from Latvia on eBay at the moment, but those plates that are, are all unsold and some as low as 99 cents. NONE MATCH YOURS so I am not saying that is your would need to find an exact match to yours on eBay or another site to get today's current market value.

You could also take it to a vintage store and see if they can give you a value.

Thanks for sharing it!! It is very lovely!!! You could just try to resell it as a grape and floral pattern plate and hope for the best on a 7 day auction...let the market dictate the price.

People still love grape patterns and it is quite colorful and would look lovely on someones holiday table.

Post back what you decide and what you get for it as I always like to know how things turn out!!

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March 25, 2022

I am baffled! I inherited what appears to be a Noritake collection from my grandmother but there is no inscription on the bottoms of any of them. Can you help me? Based on the information I have, these items would have been from the 1920's.A set of Noritake china.


Thank you,

Shelli the searcher :)


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This is not  a Noritake china collection.
You have a Mount Clemens collection.
Mount Clemens Pottery Company was located in Mount Clemens, Michigan. You can read about Mount Clemens Pottery Company here:
The Company operated from 1915 to 1987.
This is the Mildred pattern line made in the 1930's by Mount Clemens:
Mildred (No Center Floral)
Pattern Code: MTCMILD
Description: Blue, Pink, & Yellow Floral, No Center
The pattern is discontinued in circa 1930s.
The pieces have scalloped rims known as Oxford.
So, you have a vintage 1920's or 1930's MOUNT CLEMENS MILDRED collection.

In the photo I see a gravy boat and a cup.
The price of a Mount Clemens Mildred gravy boat currently ranges from $6.99 to $19.99
The price of a Mount Clemens Mildred Cup and Saucer is $10
But there are some dark spots in the bottom of the cups.

I found a service for 4 Set MOUNT CLEMENS MILDRED with the price $150
The price of an another Mount Clemens Mildred 81 Pc Set was $1,429.99
The price of another set was at an auction just $24
Vintage Set of Mount Clemens China 85 pieces was sold at an auction for $165
Another set (30+ items) was sold for $167
You can also compare the prices of other pieces on ebay:
and on replacements

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May 3, 2022

Does anyone know the name of this pattern and if they have any value. I have a pretty complete set.

A floral pattern on a piece of china.

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April 28, 2021

I just got these and was wondering what they were. They look a lot like Noritake Savannah collation. But the mark on the bottom is different and the flowers on the cup is in the wrong place. The mark on the bottom says 8142 JFP Made in China.

Can someone help me find out what they are and what there value would be? And I apologize for my camera. It's not very good.

A china cup with delicate flowers around the rim.
A china tea saucer with flower around the rim.
A china plate with flower around the rim.
A mark on the bottom of a china cup.


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This set is called China 8142 by China , there is not a lot of inventory in stock on this delicate design. At Replacements, a leading china supplier that buys and sells to consumers is currently low on inventory , but here is what they have-

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Please help me identify these items. I found these at a thrift store today and they just looked very unique but I am not sure what they are. Any help would be super appreciated.

A decorative china vase.
The bottom of a decorative china vase.
A decorative china vase.
The bottom of a decorative china vase.


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Royal Winton is an English brand of earthenware and fine bone china tableware, made by Grimwades Limited. This company was founded by Leonard Lumsden and his elder brother, Sidney Richard Grimwade in 1885, in Stoke-on-Trent Grimwade.

The first vase is a Royal Winton Grimwades Chintz Gem Vase.
The first of their Chintz pattern designs, for which the company has become famous, was produced in 1928.
Judging by the backstamp on your vase, it was made in c. 1930 +

Your vase had a metal top like this vase
A vase with a metal top was sold for $ 90 Without a metal top, the vase is cheaper.

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