October 19, 2011

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A blue zipper that is half way unzipped.

Fixing a Stuck ZipperThis is a page about fixing a stuck zipper. Whether it is stuck up or down, a stuck zipper can make it impossible to wear clothing or use an item. Usually you can get the zipper going again with a little effort.


An upclose photo of a laptop keyboard.

Saving Money on Your Internet BillInternet is a necessity in many homes. While faster internet can be nice, it can cost a lot. This is a page about saving money on your internet bill.


Mother Homeschooling her Children

Saving Money on Homeschooling SuppliesThis is a page about saving money on homeschooling supplies. If you homeschool your children you know how expensive it can get purchasing lesson materials. Finding ways to save money on these supplies can really help the family budget, especially if you have more than one child.


Recycling Prescription Bottles, Prescription Bottles on White Background

Recycling Prescription BottlesIf you or a family member takes medication on a regular basis, empty prescription bottles can add up quickly. Make sure they don't end up in the landfill by recycling the bottles. This is a page about recycling prescription bottles.


Young woman dyeing her hair.

Removing Hair Dye from WoodThis is a page about removing hair dye from wood. Dyeing your hair at home can save you a lot of money. However, sometimes there are accidents. A common unexpected outcome of the home dye job is stains on the woodwork or cabinetry.


Dishwasher full of dishes.

Cleaning a DishwasherPeriodic cleaning of your dishwasher can help prevent odors. It will also ensure that you get many years of use out of it. This is a page about cleaning a dishwasher.


Can of paint with a spill on white table.

Removing Paint Stains from Wood FurnitureThis is a page about removing paint stains from wood furniture. Many of us have had this happen. You are busily painting and did not completely cover a piece of furniture. Much to your dismay the living room wall looks great, but the end table is covered in spatters.


Growing Tomatoes Upside Down

Growing Tomatoes Upside DownGrowing the tomato plant upside down makes the fruit much easier to pick. This is a page about growing tomatoes upside down.


Making Soap on a Rope, Heart Shaped Soap on a Rope

Making Soap on a RopeThis is a page about making soap on a rope. Soap on a rope is a great item to make at home. They make wonderful gifts and are perfect for personal use as well.


Wax Paper on Wood Table

Uses for Wax PaperThis is a page about uses for wax paper. Wax paper can be found in most household kitchens. It's very useful for use in food preparation and storage. However, it can also be helpful with crafts and other things around the house.


Free Entertainment Ideas, Mother and Daughter Playing in a Fountain

Free Entertainment IdeasThis is a page about free entertainment ideas. Free entertainment can be hard to come by, especially for the whole family. However, there are free entertaining events going on from time to time if you watch the schedules in your local area.


A dry erase board and markers.

Cleaning a Dry Erase BoardThis is a page about cleaning a dry erase board. Cleaning a white board can be difficult, especially if the ink has been on it a long time. Properly cleaning the surface will keep your dry erase board looking new and easy to read.


Uses For Binder Clips

Uses For Binder ClipsThis is a page about uses for binder clips. Binder clips are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes. They are handy for a number of things other than holding paper together.


Sink drain with water running into sink.

Clearing a Clogged Kitchen Sink DrainThis is a page about clearing a clogged kitchen sink drain. A clogged sink drain is a common plumbing problem. Before you call a plumber, try cleaning it yourself. There are several things to consider before trying to clear the clog.


Frozen peach slices.

Freezing Peaches?This is a page about freezing peaches. Pies and smoothies are just two of the things you can make with peaches that you freeze. Freezing is a great way to preserve peaches until you are ready to use them.


Living in a Small House, Small White House

Living in a Small HouseThis is a page about living in a small house. Houses don't have to be big to be comfortable and easy to live in. However, living in small how can provide some unique challenges.


Buying on eBay, Photo of eBay's home page.

Buying on eBayThis is a page about buying on eBay. You can buy many hard to find items on eBay. There are also a lot of great deals to be found if you know what you are doing.


Three kids laying in the grass.

Adopting a Foster Child?This is a page about adopting a foster child. Sometimes as a foster parent, the opportunity becomes available to adopt a fostered child. As with many adoption, it can be a complicated and long process. The more you know, the easier it will be to complete the adoption.


Making Your Cut Flowers Last Longer, Red Roses in a Vase

Making Your Cut Flowers Last LongerThis is a page about making your cut flowers last longer. Having fresh cut flowers is a great way to decorate and add beauty to your home. The longer the flowers last, the more you get to enjoy them.


Water Mark on Wood

Removing Water Marks from Wood FurnitureThis is a page about removing water marks from wood furniture. Whether someone forgot to use a coaster or a plant got over watered, water marks on wood furniture can happen very easily. Cleaning them off is a chore, but it can be done.


Plunger in a clogged bathtub

Clearing a Clogged Bathtub DrainIf your bathtub isn't draining well it can be a problem for taking baths and being able to use your bathroom properly. Getting the drain clear will make your bathtub, and bathroom in general, easier to use. This is a page about clearing a clogged bathtub drain.


Small Support Group Talking

Finding a Support GroupThis is a page about finding a support group. If you are dealing with a personal or family crisis, it can be important to connect with people that understand what you are going through. Finding the right support group can be a big help.


Power Outage Supplies

Preparing for a Power OutageThis is a page about preparing for a power outage. Power outages are a periodic problem that we all need to deal with. Being prepared when it happens is the best way to make it easier to get through until the power comes back on.


Ring of old keys.

Uses for Old KeysThis is a page about uses for old keys. Old keys cry out for a new crafty life. There are many interesting projects you can undertake to create something fun and useful from old keys.


Heart of a pink rose.

Growing Roses in a Tropical ClimateThis is a page about growing roses in a tropical climate. Roses come in a large number of varieties making them a good choice for your garden. Choosing the best variety to suit a tropical climate, with its hotter temperatures and higher rainfall levels, will help ensure the success of your rose garden.


Haunted house with a full moon in the background.

Haunted House IdeasThis page is about haunted house ideas. Haunted houses are synonymous with Halloween. For some, being scared is part of the fun.


White painted kitchen cabinets.

Cleaning Painted Cabinets?This is a page about cleaning painted cabinets. When cleaning painted cabinets it is important to use cleaners that won't harm the paint. As with many surfaces, painted cabinets will look nice longer if you periodically clean them.



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Grandma's Green TomatoesThis is what my grandmother made to use up green tomatoes at the end of the season.


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Bob's Southern CornbreadMy husband has tried and altered many recipes trying to find a cornbread flavor he remembered from a child. After many tries through the years, he has finally come up with a recipe he says is it.


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Cranberry Orange RelishThis is an easy and delicious side dish I make especially at holiday times, but other times too as I buy and freeze cranberries in the fall when they're available. Just put the package as is in the freezer then wash and use when needed.


A plate of baked chicken penne with marinara alfredo sauce.

Baked Chicken PenneThere is just something about pasta. It's versatile, delicious both hot and cold. It's also a comfort food for many, including me!


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Leftovers JamI don't make jelly, mainly because I can't stand to throw away the fruit leftover after draining the juice. Well, this uses the pulp that is leftover, and doubles the yield of your fruit, thus leftover jam!



Kat looking at camera.

Kat (Siamese Mix)Kat is a 3 year old half Siamese and domestic black shorthair. Kat was abandoned and left outdoors by her previous owner after the family decided she was too much of a hassle to care for.


Moon Glowing Through Trees

Scenery: October MoonTook the dog outside for a late night walk and noticed the moon coming up. When I got outside with my camera, it seemed to be nestled into cedar tree branches. The sky had a deep blue appearance which set off the golden color of the moon.


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Easy Corn on the CobYou leave it in the husk and for each ear cook it in the microwave on high for 4 minutes. Then take it out with oven gloves on both hands and cut off the end where the husk is attached, at least 1/2 inch from the end.


Happy Birthday Kitty

Fragile Package CardI recently downloaded a beautiful photo from a stock photo site that offers downloads at very affordable rates. It was a photo of a small kitten peeking out of a box.


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Marking LeftoversJust take a piece of Scotch tape and a black felt marker and write in large letters what is in the container. You can also mark directly on the baggie, so it makes it easy for them to find what they want to eat.


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Homemade Colored Bath SaltsI use 3 cups of Epsom salts. Place one cup in three separate bowls. Use 15 drops of food colouring in each bowl; leave one white, also. This can be done in a jar with a lid. Use green and red colouring.


Cup of boxed soup and slice of toast. Box of soup in background.

Product Review: Organic Boxed SoupsI just discovered these wonderful soups. They are boxed, so you can pour what you need and chill the rest. They are delicious, lower in sodium and fat than any other soups, and because they are creamy soups, they go well in a thermos or mug.


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Avoid Oatmeal Shampoo For DogsMost dogs that have itchy skin, have yeast as at least a part of the problem. Oatmeal is a grain. Yeast feeds on grain. Tea Tree oil shampoo would be a better solution.


Small Stream with Fall Colors Reflecting

Scenery: Stream With Fall Color (Spearfish Canyon,...This photo was shot in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota. I was crossing this little stream and noticed the color of the water. I was captivated by the colors from the leaves' reflections.


Horse Grazing with Fall Trees in Background

Horse GrazingI took my time coming home from work the other day to take pictures of the beautiful foliage. I passed by a field and saw this beautiful horse grazing in front of trees displaying their fall colors.


Large plastic container of soapy water.

Soak Utensils in Soapy Water for the DayIn the kitchen, I try and work smarter not harder. While my tea or coffee is nuking, I draw a container of hot soapy water and during the day, soak my eating and cooking utensils in it.


Water Flowing Across Whiskey Run Beach at Sunset

Scenery: Pink Horizon (Whiskey Run Beach, OR)Ah, an evening with my husband at our favorite beach, Whiskey Run. I loved the way the tiny little sun was setting in this picture, but was still able to give so much power to it's watery reflection.


Doodle Bug Running in the Grass

Doodle Bug (Miniature Dachshund)Doodle Bug is an almost 2 year old Miniature Dachshund. My husband brought her home as an early Christmas gift for me in 2009. Doodle Bug loves to snuggle, she is a real lover.



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Making Dickies?How do I make a dickie without bra strap attachments? My granddaughter doesn't wear a bra yet.


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Another Plant Growing Up Through a Hydrangea?I have an older hydrangea bush. It was my mom's. The last few years I have noticed another plant growing up through it. The stem of that plant is getting bigger. It kind of reminds you of a small tree. How can I kill the plant and not hurt the hydrangea?


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Clothes Smell Spoiled After Washing and Drying?I have well water and all the laundry after a wash and dry is fine, but if it ever gets damp again from sweating or anything it then has a very rotten spoiled smell to the clothing. My husband's shirts after work smell like rot, what can I put in the wash to keep this from happening?


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Best Brush to Use With Enamel Paint?Why does it say to use a synthetic brush when painting a radiator with enamel paint?


Full length photo fo avocado tree.

Avocado Tree is Dying?I started a seed to grow inside about 2 years ago, it grew fine for about 1yr and 2 months then I re-potted it into a bigger pot. It loved the new space it had and took off like crazy! It got plenty of sun for an indoor tree. Then I moved it.


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Threading a Singer Merritt 3145?I can't get my sewing machine threaded.


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Preventing the Spread of the Neighbor's Bamboo?My neighbour's garden is filled with bamboo plants, initially it was nice and provided shade, but it has grown very wild and brushy. It kept on shedding its leaves on my carpet grass garden.


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Painting Interior Walls With Matte Emulsion?Can you paint over satin paint on interior walls with matte emulsion?


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Dividing Time Among Friends?How do you divide your time equally among your friends/family when you give a party? I gave a birthday party and a friend of mine told me I was "acting funny" towards her because I was sitting and chatting with my out of town guests mostly.


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Removing a Tight Ring?What is the best way to remove a too-tight ring from my finger?


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Removing Stains on White Clothing?How do I remove stains from a white top?


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Help with Crochet Instructions?The pattern reads "work shell of 1dc, ch1, 1dc" in next stitch. I am confused as to into what stitch I am crocheting the last dc.


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Treating a Dog's Ear Infection?What is the exact formula of water, vinegar, and alcohol using cotton balls for yeast infected dog's ears? Is there a difference between apple cider vinegar and white vinegar?


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Choosing Secondary Health Insurance for Seniors?My mom is 73 years old and is on Social Security. She's been relying on COBRA as a secondary insurance since my stepdad passed away, but she's going to be losing it in the next month or so. She hasn't chosen a new secondary insurance because she's confused over which one to pick from.


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Name Ideas for a Child Care Business?I'm starting a business in child care and trying to think of a name for it. I would like to use my nick name La La in it. Any suggestions?


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