October 31, 2011

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Rust stains around tub faucet.

Cleaning Well Water Stains from a BathtubThis is a page about cleaning well water stains from a bathtub. Minerals from well water can leave stains that are tough to remove. Removing them as they occur will help keep them from building up.


Gluten free carrot cake.

Gluten Free Cake RecipesThis page contains gluten free cake recipes. Whether you need a birthday cake or a cake for another special occasion, there are numerous gluten free options. Making a gluten free cake is easy and can be done without sacrificing flavor.


Ranch dressing using dry mix.

Dry Ranch Dressing Mix RecipesThis page contains dry Ranch dressing mix recipes. Dry Ranch dressing mix isn't just for making dressing. I can be used as a seasoning in a lot of dishes.


Sloppy joes for a large group.

Making Sloppy Joes for a Large GroupThis page is about making sloppy joes for a large group. Making sloppy joes is simple and can easily be adapted for a large group. Sloppy joes have limited ingredients making them an inexpensive meal.


Preventing Colds and Flu, Woman with a Cold Blowing Her Nose

Tips for Preventing Colds and the FluThis is a page about preventing colds and flu. The best cure for a cold is to not get one in the first place. There are a lot of things you can do to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong.


Meatballs on toothpicks with dipping sauce.

Crockpot Meatballs RecipesThis page contains crockpot meatball recipes. Crockpot meatballs make a great party appetizer or main dish. Making meatballs in your crockpot will help keep them from being too dry.


Whole coffee beans spilling from a bag.

Storing CoffeeThis is a page about storing coffee. Coffee is a morning staple for many people. Whether you are storing whole beans or ground coffee, proper storage will ensure that it stays fresh.


Cabinet with Multi-colored Hanging Files

Organizing Important PapersThis is a page about organizing important papers. These vital documents need to be both safe and easily accessible. Here are ideas for protecting and organizing them so you can find them when you need them.


Porcelain bathtub.

Removing Paint from a Porcelain Bathtub?This is a page about removing paint from a porcelain bathtub. Painting the walls near your porcelain bathtub can result in paint getting on it. It is important to avoid scratching the porcelain when trying to remove the paint.


A basket of cornbread muffins.

Gluten Free Cornbread Recipes?This page contains gluten free cornbread recipes. Cornbread is the perfect side for chili as well as many other dishes. It can easily be made gluten free for someone with allergies.


A pile of frozen meatballs.

Freezing MeatballsThis is a page about freezing meatballs. Sometimes it is easier to make meatballs in a large batch and then freeze some. If they are properly frozen they will maintain their quality and be ready for another meal.


Woman Cleaning Bathtub

Cleaning Bathtub RingsThis is a page about cleaning bathtub rings. A well used tub will often develop rings over time. If they are allowed to build up it can be quite a chore to get rid of these unsightly rings.


Meatballs cooking in sauce.

Using Frozen Meatballs?This is a page about using frozen meatballs. Depending on how you are using frozen meatballs, you may not need to defrost them ahead of time. It is important not over heat them to avoid making them too dry.


Selecting Good Strawberries. Storing Strawberries.Bunch of Ripe Red Streawberries

Storing StrawberriesThis is a page about storing strawberries. Strawberries are a wonderful tasty treat to have in your garden. However, they can spoil quickly once they are ripe. Storing them properly will ensure you can enjoy them even longer.


Cleaning Tub

Cleaning Yellow Bleach Stains in a Plastic...Sometimes using bleach on plastic can result in yellow stains. If this has happened to your bathtub it can be difficult if not impossible to remove the stains. This is a page about removing yellow bleach stains in a plastic bathtub.


Baby mummy suasage appetizers.

Baby Mummy Sausage RecipesThis this page contains baby mummy sausage recipes. Baby Mummy sausages are a fun appetizer for your Halloween party. They are even easy enough for kids to make.


A hole in a pair of pantyhose.

Fixing a Run in Your StockingsThis is a page about fixing a run in your stocking. Getting a run in your stocking can be quite frustrating. While you can't make it go away, there are things you can do to keep it from getting worse.


A jar of homemade salsa.

Freezing SalsaWhether you bought bulk salsa or made a lot at home, freezing salsa is a good way to preserve it for later. This is a page about freezing salsa.


Young Couple Packing for A Move

Packing for a MoveThis is a page about packing for a move. Moving is a big job and packing is a large part of the process. Packing properly will help your move go as smoothly as possible.


Gluten Free Pizza Dough Recipes, Gluten free pizza topped with fresh veggies.

Gluten Free Pizza Dough RecipesPizza is a favorite food and kids and adults alike. A gluten free diet can easily still include pizza by using a gluten free dough for the crust. This page contains gluten free pizza dough recipes.


Thin crust pizza.

Thin Crust Pizza Dough RecipesMaking thin crust pizza is perfect for people who don't typically like pizza crust. It is also a great way to avoid extra calories, while still enjoying your favorite pizza. This page contains thin crust pizza dough recipes.


Gluten free bread in a bread machine.

Gluten Free Bread Machine RecipesMaking bread in a bread machine is convenient and time saving. You can easily make gluten free recipes in it too. This page contains gluten free bread machine recipes.


A pan of oatmeal cookies.

Gluten Free Oatmeal CookiesMany people love oatmeal cookies. Eating a gluten free diet doesn't mean that you have to miss out on these delicious cookies. This is a page about making gluten free oatmeal cookies.


Pumpkin roll cake.

Gluten Free Pumpkin Cake RecipesThis page contains gluten free pumpkin cake recipes. Pumpkin cake is a perfect way to cook with pumpkins this Fall. There are a number of gluten free alternative that allow you to enjoy this yummy treat.



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Summer Melon SaladThis is so fresh and yummy tasting! Very refreshing salad.


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Hearty Vegetable Beef SoupA great winter meal! Combine all ingredients in crock pot. Add water to cover, about 2 cups. Cover and cook on low setting for 12-18 hours.


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Easy Enchilada CasseroleOne of my favorites! Love enchilada sauce!


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Beer BreadIt tastes so good and it is so easy.


Croissant wrapped sausages as a Halloween appetizer.

Baby Mummy SausagesThese are a tasty and cute side dish to make for your next Halloween party. They can be put together and cooked in less than half hour.


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Chocolate No-Bake CookiesVery simple and quick to fix. Kids love these! This particular recipe makes a huge amount so you can cut back if you need to.



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Copy And Paste Text To Print InformationMaybe I'm doing something wrong, but printing things I see online out, like recipes on Thrifty Fun, is always a hassle. I know how to highlight the selection I want printed, but, pretty often, a lot more gets printed, wasting paper and that expensive ink.


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Avoiding the Flu and Winter ColdsWhen I start to get sick, feeling feverish, any kind of sore throat, or just feeling like I am coming down with a cold or the flu, I immediately take 1000 milligrams of vitamin C and two echinacea with golden seal capsules.


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Review Menus Online Before Choosing RestaurantSpeaking as a person who lost over 100 lb. in one year, one of best recommendations is to only go to restaurants where you know you can get something that fits into your diet profile - calories, carbs, fats, etc.


Product Review: Clean Step MatAfter viewing this product on TV, internet and in magazines, I thought I give it a try. We have 3 large dogs and on rainy days, I would go through several dog towels wiping all of their paws.


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US Postal Increase on January 22, 2012On January 22, 2012, mailing services including periodicals, package services, and extra services will increase. Here is the short list of already decided increases. USPS will announce the other price increases some time in the next few weeks.


Boy Dressed as Lego Indiana Jones

Halloween Costume: Lego Indiana JonesGavin as Lego Indiana Jones, his favorite game. Time was 16 hours and a total of $35.00


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Create a Decorating Project BookGather your paint chips into a simple photo booklet. I use the 4x6 purse size vinyl photo book found at many thrift stores for $1.00. Write the date and room/or project on the sample.


Pots, pans and lidshanging on the pegboard in kitchen.

Use Pegboard to Hang Kitchen ToolsI also have a small kitchen and what I had my husband do is to put up pegboard on the wall. I hung all my pans and extra items like the measuring spoons, etc.


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My Frugal Life: From Spendthrift to SaverThe most important economic development in my family was when my husband (after 34 years of marriage) converted from being a spendthrift to a saver.


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Embellishing Dollar Store Costume ItemsMy husband is a viking for Halloween, because a few years ago we found him a marvellous plastic viking hat complete with horns. This year, we added other plastic elements from the Dollar store.


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Microwave Fruit Fly TrapThis may be an off-the-wall idea, but it has worked for me. All summer, we did not have any fruit fly problems. About ten days ago, there was an explosion of fruit flies in our kitchen. It was the worst fruit fly problem we have ever had.


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Use a Lazy Susan for CrayonsI use a lazy Susan type revolving plate to organize crayons. On the plate, I put small plastic boxes used to store paper clips, only without the lids. Each box is a different color.


Yellow Jacket on Flower

Yellow JacketThis yellow jacket stayed on my porch for at least an hour one day. He was so friendly that I was able to get multiple shots of him. I thought he looked really pretty when he buzzed over and landed on one of my husband's young viola blossoms.


Pink Rose in Small Container

Gift RoseThis is the rose Skylar and Doug brought to the Path Garden gate for me. This is the second time they have brought me flowers, and they also wrote this note. I just wanted to share it with everyone that is interested in The Path Garden.


Recycled Plastic Flower Pot Step 5

Recycled Plastic Flower PotOne of my pot plants recently withered and died, but the plastic flower pot was still in a very good condition. I decided to recycle this pot, by using decoupage techniques. I wanted to turn this pot into a gift container.


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Use Chest of Drawers for Extra SpaceMy kitchen has lots of floor space, but hardly any cabinet or counter top space. I use a chest of drawers to give me extra counter and storage. It has a hard easy to clean surface and holds can goods, aluminum foil, zip bags, etc.


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Store Garden Tools In Chest FreezerDo not throw that old unwanted chest type deep freezer away, it makes a good storage space for garden tools and utensils. It will also work for storage of other items. You must first ensure that it has sufficient time to dry out.


Sunset at Whiskey Run Beach

Scenery: Sunset (Whiskey Run Beach, OR)Taken out at Whiskey Run Beach, which runs along the Oregon Coast's Scenic By-way, I was intrigued by the giant sun that seemed to be sitting right on top of the clouds.


Rose Start

Patience and Misting for Starting RosesGrowing roses from seeds can be a bit tricky and requires a great deal of patience. As rosemom mentioned, the seeds may not produce the same plants as the "mother" since most roses in garden centers are hybrids.


Blue Marine Butterfly on a Flower

Wildlife: Blue Marine ButterflyThe butterfly that I photographed above is a Blue Marine Butterfly, and is not very large. It is beautiful and I found it on one of my ivy geraniums sometime ago.


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Order Prescription Eyeglasses OnlineIf you need glasses or someone in your family needs glasses, but you don't really need a new prescription, you can order glasses online for next to nothing compared to other places.


View of Fall Trees from Inside Vehicle

Fall Colors (West Virginia)I love this time of year in West Virginia. The colors of fall are so beautiful. I almost waited too long to take fall pictures. This is past their peak, but still beautiful.


Halloween Skeleton in Back of Car with Red Upholstery

Halloween: Skeleton in Car"Are we there yet?"


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Gift Idea: Children's CraftboxChristmas is coming soon and thoughts have already turned to gift giving for the grandsons. This year will be different. My husband had a brain bleed last October and is no longer able to work, so funds are limited.


Fry the Cat Sitting on Kitchen Floor

Fry (Tabby)Fry is very loving and sleeps at our feet each night. If you happen to get on him during the night, he comes right up to your face and yells at you then goes back down to the foot of the bed and lays down. We call these pictures "Halloween Cat".


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Storing MushroomsIt is supposed to be best to store mushrooms in a brown paper bag. The bag absorbs the excess moisture, but keeps the mushrooms from drying out. You can buy packages of lunch bags at most grocery stores.



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Lawn Fungus Control?I have toadstool type fungus growing in 9 inch diameter type clumps on my front lawn. Can you recommend a treatment to eliminate the problem?


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Bissell Carpet Shampooer Not Working?My Bissell Auto Shampooer, Model 1425-5 will not suck water up. It just stopped working.


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Canning Beef?I am looking for a way to can beef. It doesn't seem to be available in the retail stores here in Nebraska.


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Paint Color Advice for Burgundy, Black, and Cream Kitchen?We recently installed a new kitchen with red/burgundy top cabinets, cream bottom cabinets, and a black granite work top. What colour would you recommend for the walls?


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Cleaning Feathers on Porcelain Dolls?I have some porcelain Indian dolls. How do I clean the feathers?


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Burnt Popcorn Odor in Microwave?How do I get rid of the odor from burning popcorn in a microwave oven?


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Removing Soot Marks on a Concrete Wall?How to you remove black soot marks on an outside concrete wall from your BBQ?


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Making Paper Pellets for Pellet Stove?How do you make pellets out of shredded paper for a pellet stove? We have a new Englander pellet stove and just purchased a Stak pellet mill and are trying to make pellets from shredded paper. When we put paper into the hopper it shreds the paper to dust.


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Removing Bugs from Vehicle?How do I remove bugs from the front of a vehicle? I have heard to use kerosene, but am not sure if this will damage the paint.


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Paint Color Advice for Dark Oak, Green, and Gray Kitchen?My kitchen has dark oak cabinets (kinda orangy), a dark green countertop, and a light gray floor. I can't seem to find a color for the that would go with this combination. Any suggestions?


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Replacement Lids for Food Saver Vacuum Canisters?Where can I get replacement lids for the old style Food Saver vacuum canisters?


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Using Horse Shampoo for Thin Hair?Does the use of horse shampoo such as Equiline cause greying of hair when used on humans? If it does what causes it? Is there a specific way to use horse shampoos for the treatment of thin and falling hair as when I used it it made my hair very hard?


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Remedy for Plantar Warts?Does anyone have an easy no-fail home remedy for plantar warts?


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Recipe for Corn Tortillas?Does anyone have a recipe for corn tortillas using corn meal?


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Removing Smoke Odor from a Microfiber Couch?We just got a microfiber couch from a friend and cannot get the cigarette odor out. What can we use to get rid of the smell? It's gagging me. I can't even walk by it without wanting to get sick. What can I use?


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Paper Towel Choices or Alternatives?With so many brands, and so many size of roll and packaging choices, it is extremely difficult to figure the most economical one to choose. If you're not careful, it can become burden on your shopping budget. Any purchasing tips or alternatives to use instead of paper towels?


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Bedding Doesn't Fit Well on New Sleigh Bed?I just bought a sleigh bed with the footboard and also a board on each side of the bed (one end is attached to the headboard and the end is attached to the footboard). Now I am having problems trying to get my dust ruffle and comforter to fit properly.


Wallpaper border.

Discontinued Wallpaper Border: Sherwin Williams...I am looking for an old discontinued wallpaper border. I am not sure of the manufacturer of the paper. I bought it in the late 80s or early 90s at a Sherwin Williams paint store. It is a flame stitch pattern, with mauve and teal green. It is about 8 inches wide.


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Sealy Electric Blanket Controls?How do I purchase replacement controls for a Sealy electric blanket?


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Instructions for PIT Card Game?I have a vintage PIT card game by Parker Brothers, dated 1964. Does anyone have the instructions?


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Eat'n Park Cod Recipes?I love the Eat N Park Nantucket cod and the baked cod. I would like to find the recipes. Also, will any cod do?


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Tree Leaves Have Black Spots?What stops the black spots on the leaves of your trees?


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Paint Color Advice for a Burgundy and White Bathroom?I need advice on how to paint a bathroom with burgundy ceramic tile halfway up the wall. The other half of the wall and closet are white. The tub and sink are gray and the toilet is also white. What colors can I use that will complement these colors?


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Poulan Pro Riding Mower Won't Start?I replaced all necessary maintenance stuff on this mower, battery, filters, plugs, etc. and it still won't start. It cranks over ok but won't start. I fed fuel in carb and it will start and runs until fuel in carb runs out.


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Removing Spaghetti Stains from White Polo Shirt?How do you get spaghetti stains out of a white Polo shirt?


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