November 2, 2011

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Bok choy growing in a field.

Growing Chinese CabbageThis is a page about growing Chinese cabbage. There are several varieties of cabbage referred to as Chinese cabbage, such as Napa cabbage or bok choy. These cabbages are a great choice for your kitchen garden. Then all you will need are some delicious recipes.


A yeast free cheese pizza.

No Yeast Pizza Dough Recipes?Even with a yeast allergy, you can still enjoy eating pizza. Yeast free pizza dough is easy to make yourself. This page contains no yeast pizza dough recipes.


Organizing Cookie Sheets

Organizing Baking Pans and Cookie SheetsThis is a page about organizing baking pans and cookie sheets. Baking pans, cookie sheets, and other bakeware can be difficult to organize. They come in many different sizes and configurations.


Beautiful photo of Coleus up close.

Growing ColeusColeus has remained a popular plant ever since it rose to favor during the Victorian age. The leaves of this inexpensive and versatile plant come in a bewildering array of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes.


Ham, bacon, and egg sandwich on a crusty bun.

Breakfast Sandwich RecipesThis page contains breakfast sandwich recipes. A sandwich makes for a delicious breakfast entree. Whether you go for the more traditional egg and breakfast meat or something more unusual, a sandwich is a great start to your day.


Sweet potatoes lying on a towel.

Freezing Sweet PotatoesThis is a page about freezing sweet potatoes. You can shop of sweet potatoes when they are in season at the farmer's market or on sale at the super market. Now that you have a good number of this tasty tuberous root crop, consider freezing some for later use.


Messy Bathroom Counter

Organizing Your BathroomThis is a page about organizing your bathroom. With all the use your bathroom gets on a daily basis it's easy for it to get messy and disorganized. Keeping your bathroom organized and clean is the best way to ensure it's comfortable for your family and guests to use.


Twice Baked Potato Recipes, Twice baked potatoes.

Twice Baked Potato RecipesThis page contains twice baked potato recipes. Twice baked potatoes are typically stuffed with rich ingredients such as sour cream, cheese, and meat. They are a delicious side dish, but can also be enjoyed as a meal by themselves.


Homemade gluten free pasta.

Gluten Free Pasta Recipes?This page contains gluten free pasta recipes. Having a gluten allergy does not mean that you can't have pasta. You can make your own gluten free pasta to use in your favorite dishes.


Rubber band ball.

Making a Rubber Band BallThis is a page about making a rubber band ball. Making a rubber band ball is fun and is a perfect way to store rubber bands. There is no need to buy a pre-made one at the store, it is easy to make your own.


Boxer on White Microfiber Couch

Removing Pet Hair from MicrofiberThis is a page about removing pet hair from microfiber. Pet hair on any furniture can be a chore to clean up. However, microfiber fabric can be especially difficult to get the hair out of.


A woman kneading pizza dough.

Homemade Pizza Dough RecipesMaking your own pizza dough can be fun and easy to do. It is also much less expensive than ordering pizza. This page contains homemade pizza dough recipes.


Kitchen Sink

Organizing Under Your Kitchen SinkThis is a page about organizing under your kitchen sink. Under your kitchen sink can become a catchall. Organizing this cabinet is a great way to get more space out of your kitchen.


Uses for Old T-Shirts, Mass of brightly colored clothing.

Uses for Old T-ShirtsThis is a page about uses for old t-shirts. Old t-shirts have a lot of second life uses. Whether you are a crafter or are looking for other ways to reuse them, the possibilities are numerous.


Veggie Mash

Cauliflower Mashed Potato RecipesAdding cauliflower to your mashed potatoes adds a nice flavor and texture. Cauliflower mashed potatoes can easily be served in place of regular mashed potatoes. This page contains cauliflower mashed potato recipes.


Freezing Carrots

Freezing CarrotsThis is a page about freezing carrots. Having some of your frequently used ingredients all ready to go when cooking can save time. With just a few simple steps you can freeze carrots for use later.


Homemade yogurt in jars.

Using an EasiYo Yogurt MakerThis is a page about using an EasiYo yogurt maker. Yogurt is a healthy snack. Making your own yogurt is easy with an EasiYo yogurt maker.


A messy junk drawer.

Organizing Your Junk DrawerThis is a page about organizing your junk drawer. Almost every house has a junk drawer. They are usually a catch-all for lots of important things that then become lost in the mess.


Woman Cleaning Bathtub

Cleaning a Fiberglass TubWhen cleaning your fiberglass tub, it is important to not scratch the surface. Finding the right cleaning methods will help you keep your tub looking nice. This is a page about cleaning a fiberglass tub.


Neck tie Christmas wreath idea.

Neck Tie Christmas WreathThis is a page about making a neck tie Christmas wreath. Looking for a unique Christmas wreath making idea. What about one made from neck ties? Repurposing men's neck ties is a fun crafting experience. This is a page about making a neck tie Christmas wreath.


Open front load washer with clothing hanging out. There are laundry product bottles on the floor and baskets stacked nearby.

Organizing Your Laundry RoomThis is a page about organizing your laundry room. Your laundry room is generally a very busy place. Sometimes it serves multiple purposes making it even more cluttered. You can maximize its efficiency and available work space by using a few organizational ideas.


Vegetarian chili with tofu.

Vegetarian Chili RecipesThis page contains homemade vegetarian chili recipes. If you are a vegetarian or simply trying to reduce your meat consumption, you don't have to pass on chili. It is quite easy to make vegetarian chili using a wide variety of ingredients, including tofu.


Empty wood wine rack.

Uses for Wine RacksThis is a page about using wine racks. Wine racks are great for storing wine, but can be used for other organizing needs as well. You can inexpensive wine racks at the thrifty store or you may have one laying around at home.


A woman using an eyebrow pencil.

Makeup Tips and TricksThis page contains makeup tips and tricks. It is important to apply makeup the right way to look your best. There are numerous tips and tricks that can help you do a better job.


Man Holding Burger with Mustard Stain on his Tie

Removing Mustard Stains from ClothingThis is a page about removing mustard stains from clothing. Mustard stains are notoriously difficult to remove from clothing. While it may not be easy you can get the stain out and have your clothes looking as good as new again.


Mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese.

Twice Baked Mashed Potato RecipesThis page contains twice baked mashed potato recipes. Twice baked mashed potatoes can be mixed with cheese, vegetables, and even meat. They are a delicious side dish, that are easy to make.


Man in Green Shirt Smelling His Underarm

Preventing Underarm OdorThis is a page about preventing underarm odor. Underarm odor can be embarrassing for anyone, but if you have trouble getting rid of it, that can be even worse. There are many ways to control underarm odor, find the one that works for you.


Organizing Your Child's

Organizing Your Child's RoomThis is a page about organizing your child's room. For many children cleaning and organizing their rooms is very difficult. Helping them get it organized gives them the ability to put their things away more easily.


A bathtub.

Cleaning a Plastic BathtubThis is a page about cleaning a plastic bathtub. It is important to use the proper cleaning methods when cleaning your plastic bathtub. Abrasive materials and cleaners could damage the surface.


Rocks inside two mason jars.

Frugal Storage SolutionsThis page contains frugal storage solutions. If you get creative, there are so many frugal storage solutions right in front of you. Consider re-purposing items when you have a storage need.



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Fire Roasted Tomato and Feta LinguiniThis is simple, quick and tasty. If you would like to, add about 1/4 pound cooked cocktail shrimp or cooked chicken cut into very small pieces just after sauteing the garlic.


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Alaska Clam ChowderA good recipe, a little different, with added noodles to make a hearty chowder.


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Cheese SoupThis is very easy to make. I love the ham and cheese flavor!


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Pumpkin Pie CroissantsThis is a great semi-sweet treat that you could use at a party treat or just for a dessert at a meal.



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Do Your Homework Before Eating OutDo your homework before you go out if at all possible. It is nice to take a break and go out; no dirty dishes, or cleaning up, if you can afford it health wise and in your pocket book.


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Microwave Bananas To Eliminate Fruit FliesTo eliminate getting fruit flies from bananas try this tip. When you bring home bunches of bananas, put the bunch in the microwave for 10 seconds.


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Clean Art Brushes With Hand SanitizerI use acrylic paints for my yard art projects, and cleaning my brushes is an important step. I have found that if I squirt a little hand sanitizer into the palm of my hand, and work it into the bristles, it does an excellent job of removing the paint trapped in the brush.


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Determining the Value of Comic BooksThe comic book market has experienced quite a bit of decline in recent years, but there still are comics that are going up in value or have retained a great deal of value. You don't have to be an expert to determine if you might have a valuable comic book.


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Clearly Mark Bottles In ShowerI can't see very well without my glasses, so I put a large "S" on my shampoo bottle and a large "C" om my conditioner bottle with a waterproof marker, now I can tell one from the other while I am in the shower.


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Clear Nail Polish For Stopping RunsTo stop a run in her stockings, my mother used to use clear nail polish on the run.


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Aluminum Foil For Cleaning Your IronIn the 40's, mom rubbed aluminum foil on the iron to clean it.


Use Mint Extract to Deter Wasps from Feeder

Use Mint Extract to Deter Wasps from FeederThe best solution I have found for keeping bees and wasps away from hummingbird feeders is mint extract of some sort. After I wash the feeders, and before I fill them, I take a Q-tip, dip it in the extract, and apply it to the ports.


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Holding a Small NailIf you have trouble holding a very small nail while trying to pound with hammer, try this. Punch the nail through a piece of tape or a small piece of cardboard that's sturdy enough to hold it.


Full size view of the paint can with the pin cushion attached to lid.

Paint Can Pin CushionI don't have much room on my work table, so today while making a wreath, I needed a place to stick a needle. I thought of setting my pin cushion on top of the paint can, then thought it needs one of it's own.


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Try Pachysandra for Ground CoverI have 2 suggestions. Pachysandra is great for covering the area around a tree where, because of shade or shallow tree roots, grass is difficult to grow. Like all ground covers, it fills in nicely after a year or three, while still being easy to control.


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Use Inexpensive Shampoo to Clean Bathtub RingsI have found that using an inexpensive shampoo when cleaning rings from the bathtub, that the rings and soap scum will come right off.


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Keep Coffee in the FridgeKeep your coffee in the fridge in a plastic container with a tight lid.


Three Guinea Pigs in a Cage

Robyn's Three Little Piggies (Guinea Pigs)The Three Little Piggies are less than a half year old Guinea pigs. We were so happy to get our three little angels from the shelter when they were only babies.


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Use Original Coffee Container in the FreezerI store extra in the original container in the freezer. I have also used large ziploc bags.


Padded silk hangers with bags of different colored satin ribbons.

Decorated Quilted HangersBy taking second hand quilted hangers, you can embellish them to give or keep.


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Growing Roses from a CuttingMy husband's grandmother would always take a cutting from a healthy rose bush, stick the cutting cut side down in the ground and cover it with a quart size canning jar. She kept it covered until it began to show growth.


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Quiz Lovers ParadiseThe standard online Merriam-Webster dictionary has oodles of assorted free fun knowledge quizzes you can take. The categories include quizzes such as Visual Vocabulary, Memory, Attention, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical and Encyclopedia.


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Freeze Ground CoffeeAfter trying various methods for storing the large canister of coffee (more thrifty), I settled on freezing it. I noticed the aroma from the un-brewed coffee deteriorated with all the other methods.


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My Frugal Life: Saving Money When ShoppingI recently heard a report about money and finance. Lay away isn't a good idea. The fact is you save money, by not paying the fees, and risking losing the items you have paid on by being late.


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Cleaning With Lemons And OlivesA drop of lemon, say citrus-fruit experts who have been meeting here in annual conference, can: remove tea spots from table linens, remove rust, especially from clothing


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Low Calorie Decaf Cappucino MixInstant cappuchino mix that has no sugar and is decaffinated as well. Makes a wonderful gift for friends that they can't find at the local store. I have looked everywhere for it and never found both sugar free and decaf.


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Clean Bathtub with Krud KutterWe have a very large fiberglass shower unit that had the ugliest dark stain of unknown origin on the bottom part. I had tried everything I could mix or muster up to use.


Two boys dressed up as cowboys for Halloween.

Halloween Costume: Big Little RanchersSince crafting has always been a huge part of my life, making our sons' Halloween costumes was a huge event. The boys enjoyed it as much as I did and really had some good ideas.


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Wine Racks for Limited StorageIn a house where storage space is severely limited, wine racks can be used to ease a portion of your storage dilemma. Wine racks make excellent magazine racks.


Large Pink and Yellow Flower Blossom

Scenery: Pink And Yellow Flower (Charlston, OR)I called this one "Beauty's Beginning". I almost named it "Innocence", just because of her young age and beautiful, womanly shape. I am not sure what type of flower this is, but I love the colors and shape.


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Use Address Labels For GiveawaysI seem to get a lot of address labels in the mail and like to put some in my purse. That way if I am somewhere that I need to hand write my address several times, I save my hand from cramping up by just using my labels!


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Daily Living With EpilepsyMy husband has had epilepsy his entire life and I like to share a few interesting facts that we learned together over the years.


Hotel in Bali

Travel: Balita Hotel (Bali, Indonesia)This is a lovely 15 room hotel I stayed at when on Holiday. Balita is a wonderful place to stay and we will be returning again next year.


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Considerations Before Buying a ComputerMany things to consider when buying a new computer. First and foremost, does it need to be portable? Shopping for a laptop is totally different than shopping for a desktop.



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Shopping for Cascade Booster?Is the Cascade booster back on the market yet?


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Cleaning Wood Dining Chairs?My dining room chairs seem to have caked on dirt, and I do not know how to clean them. It is probably there from people's hands. I had them cleaned once, but the dirt seemed to come back.


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Cleaning Outside Furniture Cushions?How do you clean the outside cushions on chairs and swings? They are material, but I am afraid if I wash them in a washer, they will fall apart.


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Ideas for An Old Fashioned Christmas Themed Float?Our non profit charity is doing a Christmas float for the local parades. We have our trailer and floor area already built. We are pulling it with an old FarmAll tractor, newly painted. I wanted to do something along the lines of an old fashioned Christmas...


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Repairing Damaged Tree Bark?The Northeast has been hit by an early winter snow storm. A large limb broke off from my magnolia tree. As the limb fell, most of the bark was removed from the trunk of the tree. Is there anything that I can put on the exposed portion of the tree to prevent disease or further damage?


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Cleaning Wooden Blinds?I need to know is there an easy way to clean wooden blinds besides cleaning individually using soap and water? I don't want to put them in a tub.The microfiber blind cleaner only takes the top dust off but really doesn't clean the grime that is still there.


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Smoke Detector Won't Stop Beeping?I was getting ready for work this morning when all of the sudden I hear this long continuous beep coming from my smoke alarm. I opened it up, there were no batteries, and it was still making this noise.


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Removing Paint on Clothing?I have a good sweat shirt that I got paint on. What is a good remedy for removal? The shirt is white and the paint black.


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Keeping Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Crispy?We love snacking on pumpkin seeds. So during Halloween we generally buy extra pumpkins just to harvest and freeze the seeds so they can be enjoyed throughout the year. However, after roasting, once we go to store them they lose their crispiness. Anyone have a way to keep them crispy during storage?


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Cleaning Pet Hair Off a Wool Couch?We bought a royal blue couch at a thrift store, and it seems to be made of wool or some similar fabric. The problem is that I have two dogs and a cat, and the pet hair on that solid color is very noticeable...


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Peeling Pumpkin Seeds?I have seen recipes lately for toasting pumpkin seeds. Nowhere have I found a solution for peeling the outer coat off of the pumpkin seed.


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Home Therapy for Torn Lumbar Disc?Does anyone know exercises I would be allowed for a torn lumbar disc? I want it to heal on its own, but I hate to pay for physical therapy I could do at home. I go to the Y 4 times a day. I mostly am on the EFX machine.


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Installing MagicJack on a Laptop?How do I install the MagicJack on my lap top? It is a Toshiba with Windows 7 and a Claro Mobile Internet 3.5 G. Thank you very much.


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Can't Open Yahoo Mail Account?My Yahoo mail account is not opening. I have been using it for the past many years, but from last two months I did not open it and now I am unable to access it. My ID and password are not working. Please help.


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