November 15, 2011

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Reusable Gift Wrap Ideas, Decorated flower pot as gift container.

Reusable Gift Wrap IdeasThis is a page about reusable gift wrap ideas. While very pretty, wrapping paper can be costly and is generally only used once. An alternative to the traditional gift paper is to wrap your gift in a reusable item such as a cloth tote, a baby blanket, or a flower pot; you get the idea.


Angel made from a recycled green pop bottle.

Making a Pop Bottle AngelThis is a page about making a pop bottle angel. Looking for a simple recycled Christmas craft. Try making a pop bottle angel. This craft uses easy to find materials, some of which you probably already have. Let the kids loose on this one and you may end up with a choir of Christmas angels.


Recycled Wrapping Paper

Recycled Wrapping Paper IdeasThis is a page about recycled gift wrap ideas. Reusing gift wrap or wrapping gifts in recycled paper is a great way to not add more paper to the landfill. Share your ideas for using recycled or reusing gift wrap.


Button Christmas card.

Displaying Christmas CardsThis is a page about displaying Christmas cards. Many people enjoy displaying the Christmas cards that they receive during the holidays. If you receive a lot of cards, displaying them all can be tough.


Fishing gear.

Making a Fishing Gift Basket?This is a page about making a fishing gift basket. Gift baskets are a great gift idea and can be a lot of fun to put together. There are many things that can go into a fishing themed gift basket.


bird feeder

Storing Bird SeedThis is a page about storing bird seed. Attracting birds to your garden is a rewarding pastime. Once you have purchased those large sacks of seed you will want to find a convenient way to store the seed.


Various promotional items.

Removing Logos from Promotional ItemsThis is a page about removing logo from promotional items. Many companies give away useful items with their logo printed on them. Although we may want to use these items, we don't always want to advertise for them.


A paper plate snowman.

Making a Paper Plate SnowmanThis is a page about making a paper plate snowman. Paper plate snowman are a great kids craft. Using a few simple supplies, you can easily make these adorable decorations at home.


American Girl Doll With White Hat, Braids and Sweater

Saving Money on an American Girl Doll?This is a page about saving money on an American Girl doll. American Girl dolls are very popular with little girls and collectors these days. they are very well made and nicely detailed but the price can be had to get around.


Row of Wrapped Gifts

Saving Money on Wrapping PaperThis is a page about saving money on wrapping paper. With Christmas, birthdays and other special events it's easy to go through a lot of wrapping paper in a year. All that wrapping paper can really add up.


The new cat scratching post.

Building a Cat Scratching PostThis is a page about building a cat scratching post. Cats love to scratch on things especially furniture. Prevent them from ruining your furniture by giving then an alternative place to sharpen their claws.


Uses for Baby Food Jars, Three Jars Full of Baby Food

Uses for Baby Food JarsThis is a page about uses for baby food jars. When the baby food jars are emptied out there are a lot of ways to reuse them. From storage to craft projects baby food jars have all kinds of other uses.


Vet treating dog's ear.

Treating a Dog's Ear InfectionDogs with drop ears, in particular, can be prone to recurring ear infections. In addition to the obvious trip to the vet, there are additional measures pet owners can take. This page has advice about treating a dog's ear infection.


Bottle of olive oil with olives and leaves in the foreground.

Cooking Oil TipsThis is a page containing cooking oil tips. We use cooking oil for many recipes. Some are better for cooking at high temperatures such as when making stir fry. Others add a nice flavor to your dish.


Fragile Label on Cardboard Shipping Box

Shipping BreakablesThis is a page about shipping breakables. Shipping breakables can be be a worrying experience, especially if what you are shipping is important to you or valuable. Pack your fragile items well and you can shipping them with peace of mind.


Cigarette Left Burning in Ashtray

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor from LeatherCigarette smoke permeates everything in a smokers household. Removing the odor of cigarettes can be difficult, especially from anything leather. This is a page about removing cigarette smoke odor from leather.


Person spraying their glasses with cleaner.

Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner RecipesSave time and money by making your own eyeglass cleaner. This is a page about homemade eyeglass cleaner recipes.


Hand Cart With Box That Reads Free Shipping

Saving Money on Shipping ChargesThis is a page about saving money on shipping charges. Ordering things online is a great way to save time and money. If you are not careful though, the shipping charges can easily eat up most or all of that savings.


Preparing Your Home for Guests, A guest room in a home.

Preparing Your Home for GuestsThis is a page about preparing your home for guests. There are many ways that you can prepare ahead of time for having guests stay at your house. Planning ahead will reduce stress and help make your guests more comfortable.


Closeup of asters.

Growing AstersThis is a page about growing asters. Asters are hardy perennials that bloom in late summer and fall. They come in a variety of colors, ranging from blue to pink, and in various heights. These pretty daisy like flowers make a welcome addition to many sunny flower gardens.


Kids at summer camp.

Packing for Summer CampThis is a page about packing for summer camp. Summer camp is a great opportunity for kids. Making sure that everything they need gets packed is important. This is a page about packing for summer camp.


A child putting coins in a donation bucket.

Teaching Kids About Holiday GivingThis is a page about teaching kids about holiday giving. It is very rewarding to give to others during the holidays. This is a great opportunity to teaching your kids about how to think about others and help people that are less fortunate.


Large Yellow Pear on Tree

Growing PearsThis is a page about growing pears. A pear tree can can be a wonderful addition to your garden. Your family and friends will love to enjoy your harvest of the these sweet and delicious fruit.



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Cranberry SaladThis is a great holiday salad!


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Sweet Acorn SquashAcorn squash is seasonal from September to December. This recipe is simple and economical. It would make a perfect appetizer served with a cheese and cracker platter for Thanksgiving!


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Delicious Sweet PotatoesI just love sweet potatoes. I'm happy to say that they are very nutritious. As with other vegetables, the deeper their color, the better they are for you. This recipe is easy, and one of my favorite ways to serve this delicious veggie.


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Reuben Roll-UpsA favorite of my sister in-law.


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Hot Chocolate MixBest hot chocolate ever!


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Kraft Roka Blue Spread SubstituteI've seen several requests regarding Roka Blue, so for those of you lovers looking for this discontinued product you're in luck, because I found it. Kraft Kitchen themselves swear this is the perfect substitute recipe for the original!


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Plantation CasseroleI grew up on this casserole. One of my favorites!


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Vegetable MeatloafThis is not your typical dry meatloaf. It is moist and the hamburger is yummy and the vegetables add a nice change.


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Matanuska Valley Cornmeal Banana BreadCornmeal gives this lovely bread a wonderful flavor and texture. It's great lightly toasted and spread with butter or cream cheese.


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Tomato, Bell Pepper and Cilantro SaladFor a flavor change of pace substitute the cilantro with fresh basil, celery leaves, oregano or parsley.


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Quick Minestrone Soup8 items to make a minestrone soup that you can give as a gift or have for your house in under an hour. Hearty with good aroma.



Small plastic bottles filled with craft glue.

Fill Small Bottles with GlueI have some mirror pins to make, and the E-6000 glue came out in too large an amount to control it.


View from Below of Brighton Wheel

Scenery: The Brighton Wheel (UK)My friend sent me this great picture of the Brighton Wheel. We have one in my town too. They are like the 'London Eye' but a bit smaller, of course!


A cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and a candy cane.

Help Out Your Grocery ListFor a couple of years, my husband and I had very, very little cash flow and began going hungry at times, here and there. We never had a lot of food, but it only felt bad when we had nothing but dried noodles and water; rice, if we were lucky.


Brass button bracelet.

Metal Button BraceletsIf you have a lot of gold or silver shank buttons in your button box, especially if you are fortunate to have inherited some vintage buttons, this is a really great gift for someone.


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Keep Color In Your Garden Spring Through FallTo keep color in my garden most of the year, I stagger my plants so that I constantly have a supply of colorful blooms. I live in the Mid-Atlantic Region so May till November is my blooming season.


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Stink Bug Scoop To remove stink bugs, use a paper towel cardboard tube that is stapled shut on one end and scoop up these critters and then get rid of them. Squeeze the open end of the tube slightly to flatten it.


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Economical Laundry SolutionsMake your own soap. So easy and economical.


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Use Your Bank's ATMUsing your own bank's ATM will save you about $2.00 per transaction. Eliminating just one transaction fee per week will net you approximately $100.00 per year.


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Lay Your Head on the Cat InsteadCats think differently than dogs. Any attempt to change what a cat wants to do is seen by them as an obstacle to overcome. The only way to thwart a cat's plan is to make it so the cat no longer wants to do the thing that is annoying you.


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My Frugal Life: The Coffee TestI have found it helpful, thriftily-speaking, to take a look at all the necessary things in my life and make a list of those that I just can't scrimp on.


Nativity Christmas card - Finished card with words "Keep Christ in Christmas."

Nativity Christmas CardsFor most card makers the upcoming Christmas event will be celebrated with handmade joy. This darling, but to the point Christmas card is easily made from just a few supplies.


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Update on Green MovingDH and I finally got moved and are in process of unpacking. I encountered some minor things which were not problems, but I would change if I had it to do over.



Training a Dog Not to Bark?What can you do with 2 dogs that bark all of the time? They hear anything move and they start barking. We have tried everything to get them to stop. We even got the barking collars, but they won't stay out if they have them on.


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Getting Coupons by Mail?How do I get coupons in the mail?


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Shopping for Earth Friendly Shrinky Dinks?I love Shrinky Dinks and have used them in the past for many kid projects such as key chains, pet tags, and small homemade toys.


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Pruning a Passionflower?Do I cut back or prune my passionflower plants? They have flowered lovely for their first year and still are, as a matter of interest.


Plant in kitchen window.

What Is This Plant?We always get these garden plants on Mother's Day. I kept a cutting of it and I keep it in the kitchen window. I have no idea what it is, but our church gives them out and the plants are different each year.


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Non Slip Coating for Tile Floors?Is there a way to increase the coefficient of friction for my tile floors? My wife and I just had our first baby and need to baby-proof the house! This includes fixing the tile flooring in the living room and kitchen.


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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Advice?My walls are pale yellow and my kitchen cabinets are white with red countertops. What color would look good for the cabinets?


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Removing Set in Stains on Blouse Cuffs?Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove set in stains on blouse or shirt cuffs? They are on different colored shirts not white.


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Reusing Plastic Coffee Cans?What are some good ideas for recycling the Folger's and Maxwell House plastic coffee cans/jugs? I use mine to keep compost in before taking out to the compost bin, but are there any other ideas?


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Wire Hanger Christmas Tree?Does anyone have the directions on making the Christmas tree with wire hangers?


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Using Borax in a Litter Box?Is 20 Mule Team safe to use in a litter box?


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Re-setting Pleats on a Synthetic Skirt?I thrifted an accordion-pleated skirt (The fabric is creased, but the pleats aren't sewn. It is sort of like a lampshade.) a few years ago. Like the dumb young 'un I was, I put it through the washer and dryer, and the pleats have mostly fallen out.


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Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner?Can anyone recommend the best vacuum cleaner to buy?


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Finding Free Home Repair Materials?I am unemployed and am looking for things I need around the house (for example, piping for my wood burning stove). I was wondering if anyone had an idea of where I can find a dump site that I can go to salvage other's trash as my treasure.


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Buying a Ham?What is the best kind of ham to buy? Last year I bought a shank ham (boneless) and it was very dry.


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