February 25, 2012

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Trumpet Vine

Transplanting a Trumpet VineThis is a page about transplanting a trumpet vine. Transplanting shoots or mature vines allows you to expand or refocus the presence of this flowering vine in your garden.


red christmas cactus

Identifying a Christmas Cactus?This is a page about identifying a Christmas cactus. Your unidentified plant looks as though it may be a Christmas, now to make sure.


Cactus Seedlings

Growing a Cactus from SeedThis is a page about growing a cactus from seed. Many cactus varieties will grow from seed, just be patient, as it can take some types quite a while to germinate.


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Growing MossThis is a page about growing moss. In the right place, moss has its place in garden landscaping, if not in your lawn.


Growing Watercress

Growing Watercress?This is a page about growing watercress. You do not actually need a stream on your property to grow watercress.


Europe on a globe.

Plant Hardiness Zones for France?This is a page about plant hardiness zones for France. Successful gardening is helped by knowing the plant hardiness zones in your area.


Trumpet Vine Losing Leaves

Trumpet Vine Losing Leaves?This is a page about a trumpet vine losing its leaves. What to do if your trumpet vine begins to lose its leaves.


growing orchids

Growing OrchidsOrchids have a reputation for being very difficult to grow. This is a page about growing orchids.


Trumpet Vine Not Flowering

Trumpet Vine Not FloweringThis is a page about a trumpet vine not flowering. Your trumpet vine is growing and leafing out quite nicely, but there are no blooms.


Dry Seeds

Drying and Storing SeedsThis is a page about drying and storing seeds. Collecting seeds from your garden is the first step in having seeds to use for your next planting.



Identifying a Hoodia Gordonii Plant?This is a page about identifying a Hoodia Gordonii. The Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent plant from South Africa similar to a cactus and thought by some to help control appetite.


Japanese Aucuba

Growing Aucuba JaponicaThis is a page about growing Aucuba Japonica. This flowering, shade loving shrub, is a good garden choice, enhanced by its tolerance to both pollution and drought.


Photo of someone with their hands around growing mint.

Growing MintThis is a page about growing mint. Mint is an easy, very aromatic, perennial for growing in the garden; watch out for its amazing ability to spread.


saving seeds

Tips for Saving SeedsThis page contains tips for saving seeds. There is a little more to saving seeds than just collecting them.


Ants on a Trumpet Vine

Keeping Ants Off a Trumpet Vine?This is a page about keeping ants off a trumpet vine. Trumpet vines produce a lot of nectar making them attractive to bees and ants.



Growing GarlicGarlic is prized for its culinary and medicinal uses. This is a page about growing garlic.


Growing Cactus in Your Yard

Growing Cactus in Your YardThis is a page about growing cactus in your yard. Create an arid landscape or just incorporate a cactus or two into your garden.


growing gardenias

Growing GardeniasThis is a page about growing gardenias. Prized for their enchanting fragrance and creamy white flowers gardenias may be on your list of plants to try growing.


growing ginger

Growing GingerGrowing ginger begins with a trip to the produce section at the market. This is a page about growing ginger.


Green Pepper Seeds

Saving Vegetable SeedsThis is a page about saving vegetable seeds. Saving vegetable seeds is often about timing.


Fresh culinary herbs.

Using Home Grown HerbsThis is a page about using home grown herbs. Growing fresh herbs is fun, fragrant, and easy to do; now as to using them.


Keeping orchids upright

Keeping Orchids UprightThis is a page about keeping orchids upright. Sometimes when your orchid blooms it needs help to remain upright.


Trumpet Vine Seed Pods

Starting a Trumpet Vine From Seed PodsThis is a page about starting a trumpet vine from seed pods. Starting new plants, such as the trumpet vine, from seeds is cheaper than buying a plant from the nursery.


Moss on a rock wall.

Growing Moss on RocksThis is a page about growing moss on rocks. Moss covered rocks lend a sense of age and earthiness to your garden.


Raw Cocoa Beans

Growing Cacao?This is a page about growing cacao. Chocolate on the tree; cacao is a native of hot, rainy locales, usually near the equator.


Growing Cactus House Plants

Growing Cactus House PlantsThis is a page about growing cactus house plants. Cactus make great house plants particularly if you do not live in an area where they will thrive outdoors.


A woman with long hair.

Growing Hair FasterThis is a page about growing hair faster. While you can't make your hair grow several inches in a day or week, there are ways to improve hair growth and appearance.


flowering yucca

Growing Yuccas OutdoorsThis is a page about growing yuccas outdoors. You don't necessarily need to live in a desert environment to successfully grow yucca outdoors.


growing red onions

Growing Red Onions?This is a page about growing red onions. Juicy, sweet red onions are excellent in salads and other dishes.



Horse Riding Lessons (Pelican Rapids, MN) - a young girl on horseback

Horse Riding Lessons (Pelican Rapids, MN)This is my granddaughter. I'm teaching her how to ride horses. This is her 10th lesson and she is doing great. We also have a paint pony she is teaching it how to neck rein and ride so the neighbor kids can ride with her.


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Easy Homemade DressingI didn't have blue cheese or ranch dressing so I took a couple of spoonfuls of mayo, Greek yogurt, buttermilk, flavorings and spices. I had a dresssing for the coleslaw in a jiffy.


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Cover Glasses With Plastic LidsI also use small lids to fit over top of drinks in glasses, cups or cans to keep bugs out (especially flies). It helps keep your drink hot or cold longer.


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Cleaning a Keyboard With AlcoholWhen I worked in a pharmacy, we had several computers that were shared by all the staff within the pharmacy. At each shift change, one of us would go around with a paper towel that had alcohol on it and wipe down the keys.


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Freeze Ground Beef as PattiesWhen I prepare ground beef for freezing, I make patties using a hamburger press. I place wax paper on each side of each patty to keep them from sticking together then I stack them in a gallon zip lock bag for freezing and place it on a flat surface in the freezer until the patties are frozen.


Freesia from Moorpark, CA

Freesia and Alstroemeria (Moorpark, CA)Lavender freesia in the front yard. Most are white right now. I saw a red one open in The Path Garden today.


A grey cat and a calico cat lying on a bed together.

MoJo And Purrrl (Cats)MoJo and Purrrl are both under 1 year old. The grey MoJo was born to a ferel mother and our 22 pound Maine Coon. The cotton calico Purrrl was found on a friend's neighbor's mulch pile in the snow, at about 6 weeks.


Virginia Wolf Bengal House Cat

Virginia Wolf (Bengal)Let me introduce you to our newest family member. Her name is 'Virginia Wolf' and we got her from our local humane society. She was taken from a breeder where she and 30 other Bengal's were living under deplorable conditions.



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Decorating a Remodeled Bedroom?We have recently had new siding put on our house and closed some windows. Any ideas for the inside besides just drywall and paint? Perhaps adding shelves, mirrors, etc ?


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Removing Candle Wax from a Wall?How do you remove dried wax from a wall?


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Buying an Electric Piano?I am thinking about buying an electric piano. I can play some, but need more practice. What is the best kind to get?


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Discontinued Rosedale Wallpaper?I am looking for a wallpaper made by Rosedale, pattern # WP2619, lot# 69128. I have searched with no success:( Can you help me?


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John Deere LA140 Blows Fuse on Ignition?My John Deere LA140 ride on keeps blowing a 20amp fuse when turning the ignition on.


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Left Handed Loom Knitting?I am a newbie at loom knitting. Since I am left handed does it matter in what direction you wind the yarn on the loom? Also with what hand do I hold the loom?Any information would help me get started.


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Getting Rid of Skin Tags?How can I get rid of skin tags?


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Removing Plantar Warts?There has to be a home remedy or discovery someone has made that truly removes plantar warts. Please share!


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Value of 1891 Popular Encyclopaedia?I have The Popular Encyclopaedia: 1891, edited by Charles Annadale, published by Blackie & Son's Ltd. I would like to know the value of the full set of this encyclopaedia. It is in very good condition, with a small amount of wear and tear on one spine.


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Labeling Children's Belongings?I need some tips for labeling children's belongings.


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Making Homemade Laundry Soap Viscous?I have liquid laundry soap. It is very smooth, but I want to make it viscous. So, how can I make a viscous liquid?


Removing Dark Spots on Skin?Do you use white or cider vinegar on the brown spots?


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Making a Bulletin Board?I need to construct a bulletin board at least 3.5 ft. X 3.5 ft. I want to pin sewing and crafting patterns up while in use. I am also involved with class reunion organizing. I need to display newsletter layout and pictures. The board needs to be sturdy and reliable.


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Manual for a Model K6743 Regal Bread Maker?I need a manual for my model K6743 Regal bread maker. Where can I get one?


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Redecorating a 1950s Green Bathroom?My bathroom is in a 1953 house we just bought, the white linoleum is coming up, the green toilet and tub are original to the house.


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Green Tomato Relish Too Spicy?I have just made a batch of green tomato relish. Somehow it seems to be too spicy as in perhaps too much curry powder or mustard. Any help to make this relish less spicy would be appreciated.


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Removing a Callous Naturally?What will remove a callous naturally?


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Caring for a Cyclamen?How do you take care of a cyclamen?


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Reducing the Appearance of Large Pores?I'm 46 yrs old and have noticed I've got large pores on my face. I can't make it look smooth even with makeup. What can I do to make my face look and be smoother?


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Reusing the Space in a Deck Left by Pool Removal?We have an above ground 24 ft. round pool and our deck is built around the pool. We want to remove it as we have a small grandchild living with us.


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