March 12, 2012

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Apple Cider Recipes

Apple Cider RecipesThis page contains apple cider recipes. Make yourself some apple cider and spice up those chilly fall days.


Saving on Bacon

Saving Money on Bacon This is a page about saving money on bacon. Bacon can be quite expensive at the market.


Bird sitting on a bird bath.

Cleaning a BirdbathThis page is about cleaning a birdbath. Keeping your birdbath clean will welcome your beautiful, little visitors.


Sunchoke Stir Fry in Rice Bowl

Stir Fry RecipesStir fry, whether vegetarian or with your favorite meat, is a good dinner choice. This page contains stir fry recipes.


Leprechaun Trap

Making a Leprechaun TrapA family craft project that can be created for St. Patrick's day fun. This is a page about making a leprechaun trap.


Crochet Craft Project Ideas, Close up of Woman Crocheting

Crochet Craft Project IdeasCrochet crafters are always looking for new projects. This is a page containing crochet craft project ideas.


A couple putting money into a piggy bank.

Living a Frugal and Organized LifeThis is a page about being frugal and organized. One key to sustaining a frugal lifestyle is being organized and staying on track.


How to Make Green Beer

Making Green Beer for St. Patrick's DayThis is a page about making green beer for St. Patrick's Day. For the beer drinkers, St. Patrick's Day calls for the celebratory green beer.


Tortilla Soup Recipes

Tortilla Soup RecipesTortilla soup can be served before the main dish or serve as an entree it self. This page contains tortilla soup recipes.


Bird Bath and several sizes of planters marked for sale.

Choosing the Right BirdbathThis page is about choosing the right birdbath. Depending on where you plan to put your birdbath, it's important to choose the right design so you can observe and provide refreshment for your little visitors.


Small Bowl of Imitation Bacon

Substitutions For BaconThis is a page about substitutions for bacon. There are a number of substitutes you can use for bacon in your recipes.


Tetrazzini Recipes, Chicken Tetrazzini

Tetrazzini Recipes This page contains tetrazzini recipes. Tetrazzini is an easy dish to make for dinner, with a delicious combination of pasta, cheese, cooked meats, and vegetables, in whatever combinations you choose.


Preventing Mold On Berries, Moldy Strawberry

Preventing Mold On Fresh BerriesThis is a page about preventing mold on fresh berries. It is so disappointing to buy fresh berries only to have them mold before you can use them all.


Homemade Herb and Spice Blends

Homemade Herb and Spice BlendsThis page contains recipes for homemade herb and spice blends. Rather than buying expensive herb and spice mixes, make your own with whatever you have in your spice drawer or garden.


Chicken Taco Recipes

Chicken Taco RecipesMake your own delicious chicken tacos at home. This page contains chicken taco recipes.



Saving Money on CarrotsThis is a page about saving money on carrots. We are always looking for ways to save on our grocery budget.


Organizing Your Storage

Organizing Your StorageThis is a page about organizing your storage. Not being able to find what you are looking for in your storage areas is very frustrating and time consuming.


Two Men Moving Sofa

Moving FurnitureThis is a page about moving furniture. Moving furniture safely, for you and your floors, is often a daunting undertaking.


Green beans flavored with a small amount of bacon bits.

Recipes Using Green BeansThis page contains recipes using green beans. There are numerous recipes to make using green beans in addition to the popular casserole.


Primary Colored Shirts on Clothesline

Line Drying Clothing Tips and TricksOne way to save money is to line dry your clothing rather than using a dryer. This page contains line drying clothing tips and tricks.


A bullocks oriole taking a bath.

Birdbath PhotosThis page contains birdbath photos. You can get great photographs of birds when they visit your birdbath.


Chicken Enchilada Recipes

Chicken Enchilada RecipesThis page contains chicken enchilada recipes. If you love having chicken enchiladas when you eat out, try making them at home.


Homemade Wrinkle Releaser Recipes

Homemade Wrinkle Releaser RecipesThis page contains homemade wrinkle releaser recipes. Cut down on ironing and save money by making your own laundry wrinkle releaser.


Saving Money on Tomatoes

Saving Money on TomatoesThis is a page about saving money on tomatoes. Fresh produce can often be quite expensive, tomatoes are no exception.


Homemade Birdbath Ideas

Homemade Birdbath IdeasA variety of materials and containers can be used to fashion a birdbath for your yard or garden. This page is about homemade birdbath ideas.



Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunchoke) RecipesThe Jerusalem artichoke is a tasty flower tuber with many cooking possibilities. This page contains Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke) recipes.


Flowers planted a birth bath basin

Using a Birdbath as a PlanterA birdbath can be repurposed as a decorative garden planter. This page is about using a birdbath as a planter.


Salsa Verde Recipes

Salsa Verde RecipesThis page contains salsa verde recipes. Make a delicious salsa using green chilies.


Frugal Living Advice

Frugal Living AdviceReading advice from others who live a frugal lifestyle can be helpful in developing one of your own. This page contains frugal living advice.


frying pan birdbath

Making a Birdbath from a Frying PanThis page is about making a birdbath from a frying pan. A great way to reuse a old frying pan is to make it into a birdbath for your yard.


Cake Baking Tips And Tricks

Cake Baking Tips And TricksBaking your own cakes can be a rewarding and successful experience. This is a page containing cake baking tips and tricks.


Souvenir Shop in New York

Saving Money on SouvenirsThis is a page about saving money on souvenirs. When traveling it is fun to buy souvenirs to take home as mementos of your trip.


Pulled Pork Tacos

Pulled Pork RecipesTasty pulled pork makes a delicious taco or sandwich filling. This page contains pulled pork recipes.



Flash Freezing Food

Flash Freezing FoodThis short video shows you a simple and effective way of flash freezing your food to preserve it's freshness.


Recycled Kids Crafts: Bottle Butterfly

Bottle ButterflyThis video shows you how to make a simple butterfly container from a plastic drink bottle that your kids will have a lot fun putting together and they can store crayons or other items in it when they are done.



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Use Body Wash to Clean ShowerWanna know how to keep a shower clean? Do not use soap! Use body wash instead. Soap leaves soap scum, but body wash does not. You will not have to wash your shower as often. Try it!


Store Ribbon In Basket

Store Ribbon In BasketI put my ribbon into a small white basket and thread it through the holes. It stays organized and is easy to access.


painting old windows

Painting Old WindowsI got this old window at a salvage store. $5.00. I used clear Elmer's glue mixed with a small amount of acrylic paint to create faux stained glass paint. I outlined my pattern with black paint that comes with a tip. Then I added embellishments and presto, trash to treasure.


A crossword puzzle valentine's card.

Crossword Puzzle Valentine's CardMake this card to show your sweetheart how much you love him.


Vintage Yardstick Easel

Vintage Folding Yardstick Photo EaselI love anything old with numbers on it. I'm funny that way. Here's a couple of old folding yardsticks that became frames for my photos. I like the B/W photos for these.


Step 7 Recycled Sweater Neck Pillow Craft

Recycled Sweater Neck PillowAn easy way to recycle a sweater that is no longer usable into a nice child's pillow. Protect your child's head as you drive while they are in their booster seat.


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Storing Out of Season Clothing in SuitcasesTo store my out of season clothing, I purchased sturdy suitcases and store my out of season clothing in them. I add a fabric softner sheet inside the suitcases. I then store the suitcase under the bed or in an extra closet.


A dew covered spiderweb in Pittsburgh, PA

Spiderweb (Pittsburgh, PA)I went golfing one morning, at a Pittsburgh golf course called Frosty Valley, and saw this sight. I was drawn to the dew on the web.


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Old Hot Pads for KneepadsDon't throw out those old stained kitchen hot pads. Recycle them by using them as knee pads while gardening.


Woven Rug from Recycled Insulation Bags

Woven Rug from Recycled Insulation...Here is a rug I made in 16 parts from packaging leftover from an insulation job we did. Each part is the size of a standard place mat.


ThriftyFun Links Image

Link: Watch the Eagle Cam (Norfolk, VA)For the past couple of years, Deeli and I have shared the web site for an eagle cam located in Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia.


Hand holding a Butterfly

Helping a Wounded Butterfly (Sunnyvale, CA)My mother found this wounded butterfly in her garden. It couldn't fly so she kept it in a small basket with some sugar water solution for nutrition.


Use A Flower Frog To Display Photos

Use A Flower Frog To Display PhotosA flower frog makes a unique picture holder. Can't get much easier than this, folks. Would work well as a recipe holder, too. They come in other shapes and sizes and can be found at garden stores, craft stores, or florist shops.


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Cold Key On Spine To Stop A NosebleedMy two sons have always suffered from nosebleeds. Someone told me to keep keys in the freezer so I decided to try it. Put the key onto the back of the neck until warm, also run it down the spine. This constricts blood vessels and stops the bleeding.


T-shirt Nightgown

Turn a T-shirt Into a NightgownI wanted a new nightgown, and figured there must be something in my wardrobe that I could fashion into one rather than buying one. A touristy tee shirt that someone had given me was just the thing.


Phat Man the House Cat

Phat Man (House Cat)Phat Manus a 4 year old cat. We found him as a kitten. He fetches. He has his own set of mittens that he stole that he uses for this.


hanging milk jugs

Saving Space Growing Strawberries in a...I put together some hanging strawberry planters for the greenhouse recycled out of empty milk cartons and then hung up in the greenhouse roof using cropped bolts, recycled wire, bamboo cane and some curtain poles.


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Making a Soft Boiled EggAny time I make boiled eggs I start by placing the eggs in a saucepan filled with cold water. I bring the water and eggs gently to a rolling boil over med-high heat. Once the water starts boiling, cover the pot with a tight-fitting lid and turn off the heat.


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Use Lavender To Deter HousefliesI went through quite a few websites, reading all the hints about getting rid of houseflies. One of them mentioned lavender amongst quite a few other options in one simple sentence. I thought I'd try it, not that I really believed it would work.


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Scan Multiples Photos at One TimeI recently made photo DVDs for my sisters-in-law of my nieces and nephews from their baby-thru-current years. Most of the photos were not digital and in compiling them, I found several hundred that I had to scan.


Wildlife: Gull (Niagara Falls, Canada)

Wildlife: Gull (Niagara Falls, Canada)Caught a picture of this gull at Niagara Falls.


Parmesan Cheese Container

Parmesan Cheese Container Dog ToyI put small bits of food in a Parmesan cheese container for our dog. Older dogs are unable to chew it up, but can get hours of enjoyment trying to get the treat out.


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Black Bean BurgersIf meat is breaking your budget, here is a great recipe for Black Bean Burgers. Serve on buns with the fixings your family likes.


Gift bag made out of a sugar bag

"Sweet" Gift BagMany brands of sugar include a cookie recipe on the bag. This gave me the idea to make the cookies as a gift, then turn the sugar bag into the gift bag. The recipient receives a nice treat as well as the recipe all in one bag.


Coffee Container Toilet Roll Holder, covered in decorative tissue paper

Coffee Container Toilet Paper HolderI have lots of the big red Folgers coffee containers and I decided to use them to make a toilet paper storage unit for the bathroom. I took 3 large containers, cut the bottom out of two of them and stacked them on top of each other.


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Use Vinegar and Water in Your Steam MopThe water in my area is horrible. I love my Shark steam mop, but the water here stops it up. I find if you run vinegar and water in it, it keeps the floors squeaky clean and the machine running great. It also works great for your car window wash fluid too.


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Use Maalox on Skin RashesOne of the best treatments around for really bad rashes and skin irritation is liquid Maalox, the stuff you use for indigestion. When my friend was in the hospital ICU, she had horrible, uncontrolled diarrhea and bed sores, which literally left her skin raw and bleeding.


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Repairing a Fence With LatticeI am a widow on a very limited budget so when moving into my city home from the country and discovering the bakyard fence was in horrible shape I worried I would have to just live with it.



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Homeschool Ideas?I homeschool 4 kids. I need some ideas to make it fun teaching instead of always just using text books. Does any one have any ideas of teaching games, for grades K, 2, and 3. Thanks.


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Information on the iPad 3?How is the iPad 3 going to look?


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Radiation Treatment Caused Loss of Taste?Due to radiation treatment I have had a change of taste. Things do not taste the same and so it is difficult to eat. The flavor has changed to a point where the food almost has a spoiled taste.


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Ideas for Reducing Clutter?I am trying to get rid of clutter, but am not quite sure as how to get started. Any ideas?


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Riding Lawn Mower Won't Start?What should I do if my riding lawn mow want start?


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Children's Encyclopedia?I have complete set of the Children's Encyclopedia, in 9 volumes, by Arthur Mee. What should I be looking to sell them for?


Theme for Family Dance Kindergarten-5th Grade?I am co chairing a family dance with K-5th grades and would like to know what a good theme would be. It is in April.


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Wet Burrito Recipe?Does anyone have an easy recipe for "wet burritos"?


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Value of Pfaltzgraff Heirloom Edition Dishes?I have some Pfaltzgraff Heirloom edition dishes, 2 bowls, 4 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, 7 mugs, and 6 saucers. These are all in geat condition, no chips no cracks, just some normal light wear from being used.


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Shopping for a Cotton String Mop?I'm looking for a mop made of thin cotton twine. My mom called them


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Removing Burned Smell from Microwave?My microwave smells and is stained after burning corn dogs. How do I clean it?


Collecting Benefits from Parent's SSDI?My son doesn't have his father's last name. His father is now disabled. Can he still receive benefits from his father's disability?


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Crafts Using Cardboard Cigar Boxes?I have serveral cardboard cigar boxes and I am not sure as to what to do with these to make good use out of them. Any ideas?


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Tips for Selling Your Own Home? I would like to know the steps for selling a home without an agent.


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Names for a Kid's Book Club?I would like to know what are good names for a book club for kids! The more creative the better!


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1941 and 1942 Americana Encyclopedia Sets?Are these sets in excellent condition worth anything?


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Making a Yarn and Wire Rabbit?I need a pattern to make a rabbit with yarn and wire. Does anyone know where I can find one?


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Substituting Stevia for Sugar When Baking?I would like to know how to bake using stevia. I would like some ideas on how to convert sugar to stevia.


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Sewing Pattern for a Remote Control Holder?I am looking for a pattern for a fabric remote control holder for the armchair.


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Kitchen Paint Color Ideas?I have hickory cabinets, my appliances are black, the floor is light maple, and the counter top is green (dark). Above a 5 burner cook top (black) there is a tile wall with black fan and light over it.


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John Deere LA105 Won't Start?My mower won't start. The spark plug has weak fire with an orange spark and then sparks stop while engine tries to crank.


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Genie Garage Door Opener Wall Switch Won't Work?I replaced my circuit board since the "learn" button had been broken off and now I can't get my hard-wired wall switch to work. The remotes have been programmed and work fine, but the wall switch won't open or close the door. I can't find how to reprogram the wall switch, which is what I think I need to do.


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Making a Potato Bead Necklace?Can someone please tell me how to make them? I need a hobby.


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