April 20, 2012

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Flower Girl Smiling in Front of Bride and Groom

Frugal Flower Girl TipsThis page contains frugal flower girl tips. The flower girl is a traditional member of the wedding party.


Cake Mix in Bowl With Wisk

Improving Boxed Cake MixesThis is a page about improving boxed cake mixes. Bake an almost from scratch dessert by starting with a boxed cake mix and adding your own flavors and extra ingredients.


Pickle Jar Candy Jars

Reusing Pickle JarsThis is a page about reusing pickle jars. Pickle jars are handy to reuse for crafts or storage.


green tomatoes

Canning Green TomatoesThis is a page about canning green tomatoes. Green tomatoes are great for canning, whether you can them for frying later or want to make a relish or pickled tomatoes.


Colorful Tissue Paper

Reusing Tissue PaperThis is a page about reusing tissue paper. Many times we receive gifts wrapped or stuffed into tissue paper.


Woman Sifting Flour to Make Cookie Dough

Frugal Kitchen Tips and TricksThis is a page containing frugal kitchen tips and tricks. Food and kitchen tools and supplies can be a major part of the family budget.


Finished birdbath.

Flower Pot Bird BathUsing a few inexpensive terra cotta flower pots you can make a beautiful bird bath for your garden. This is a page about making a flower pot bird bath.


Fruit Punch Recipes

Fruit Punch RecipesPunch is not just a party beverage, make a delicious punch for your next breakfast or brunch.


Toothbrushes in Holder

Cleaning a Toothbrush HolderThis is a page about cleaning a toothbrush holder. While convenient to use, a toothbrush holder does require periodic cleaning to remove dried toothpaste and bacteria.


Woman Giving Herself a Manicure

Home Manicure TipsThis page contains home manicure tips. If you decide to do your own manicures at home you still want to get the best results you can.



Lumpia RecipesLumpia is a traditional Filipino style egg roll and can be served as either an appetizer or side dish. This page contains lumpia recipes.


Pot With Boiling Water

Preventing a Pot From Boiling OverThis is a page about preventing a pot from boiling over. It is very frustrating and messy when your cooking pot boils over onto the stovetop.


Study Table With Books

Decorating With BooksThis is a page about decorating with books. Too many books for your book shelves? Use them as part of your decor.


holiday salad

Holiday Salad RecipesDuring the holiday seasons we like to make special salads for our family meals and get togethers. This page contains holiday salad recipes.


Dead Flea

Controlling Fleas IndoorsThis is a page about controlling fleas indoors. Unfortunately fleas not only infest our pets they also move in to our homes.


French Toast on Blue Checked Table Cloth

Baked French Toast RecipesThis page contains baked French toast recipes. If you are looking for an easy, delicious alternative to traditional French toast, try baking it.


Camping With Travel Trailer

Traveling With a Camper or Trailer This is a page about traveling with a camper or a trailer. Traveling with a camper or trailer means comfort and convenience, but does also create other considerations.


Salisbury Steak WIth Egg Noodles

Salisbury Steak RecipesSalisbury steak, because it is made from ground beef, is an inexpensive main dish meal. This page contains Salisbury steak recipes.


Passion Fruit on Vine

Growing Passion FruitThis is a page about growing passion fruit. Growing passion fruit can be quite easy if you live in an area with the right climatic conditions.


Airplane PLanding at Sunset

Airline Travel TipsThis is a page about airline travel tips. There are many things to consider when traveling by air.


Chex Mix

Homemade Chex Mix RecipesThis page contains homemade Chex Mix recipes. Homemade Chex Mix is a good party or family night snack.


32 Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Paper Plate Craft IdeasPaper plates and inexpensive and can be used in a variety of crafts, especially crafts for this. This page features over 40 different craft ideas you can make with paper plates.


Man and a woman looking at curtain fabric swatches.

Curtain Color AdviceChoosing just the right color curtains can complete the overall color scheme of your room. This page contains curtain color advice.


Milk Being Poured in Cereal

Saving Money on CerealThis is a page about saving money on cereal. It seems like the price of cereal just keeps going up.


Woman With Allergies

Traveling with AllergiesThis is a page about traveling with allergies. When traveling you are exposed to many potential new allergens.


Old Perfume Bottle

Uses for Old Perfume BottlesThis is a page about uses for old perfume bottles. Perfume bottles are often beautiful in their own right and can be reused in a number of ways.


Elderly Woman doing needle work

Craft Ideas for Nursing Home PatientsThis is a page about craft ideas for nursing home patients. Finding crafts that nursing home patients will enjoy making can be a daunting task.


garlic Parmesan monkey bread

Pull Apart Bread RecipesThis page contains pull apart bread recipes. Pull apart bread, sometimes called monkey bread is fun and easy to make.


Frappuccino Drink

Frappuccino RecipesThese popular frozen blended drinks usually contain coffee and sweet flavoring and can be found at Starbucks, McDonald's, and other coffee shops and restaurants. This page contains Frappuccino recipes.


Woman removing a Grease stain.

Removing Grease Stains from ClothingGrease or oil stains can be difficult to remove from clothing. This is a page about removing grease (oil) stains from clothing.


Celery on White Background

Storing CeleryStoring celery and keeping it crisp is possible. This is a page about storing celery.


Recipes Using Frozen Bananas

Recipes Using Frozen BananasThis page contains recipes using frozen bananas. Kids love to make and eat frozen bananas.


Hand Sanitizer

Cleaning Uses for Hand SanitizerThis is a page about cleaning uses for hand sanitizer. Because of the alcohol in hand sanitizer, it makes a good cleaner for other jobs as well.


Vegetable Casserole

Vegetable Casserole RecipesVegetable casseroles are a healthy meal that you can even make ahead. This page contains vegetable casserole recipes.


Potato Casserole

Potato Casserole RecipesThis page contains potato casserole recipes. Potatoes are commonly included in casserole recipes, whether as a side or main dish.


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Making "Grilled" Cheese in the MicrowaveThis is a page about making a "grilled" cheese in the microwave. For a quicker or lower fat alternative, try making a "grilled" cheese sandwich in the microwave.


Cookie recipe taped to outside of plastic storage container.

Saving Recipes from Food PackagingThis is a page about saving recipes from food packaging. Often times there are some really good recipes on the food package, that may not be there the next time you shop.



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Caring for Withered PlantsWhen you have a withered plant that just has lost its oommppphhs, instead of throwing out that "flat" beer, give your plant a drink of the brewsky and watch it spring back to life!


Garden with How to Alpine Plants

How to Grow Alpine PlantsNative to the mountainous regions of the world, alpine plants have developed several adaptations that make them appealing for use as garden plants. For example, the ability to survive short, cool growing seasons means that many species will flower continuously while they have the chance.


Beautiful Bird Fishing in the Water

Beautiful Bird Fishing in the WaterWhile I was taking my husband's dog, Dutchess, for a reward walk for taking a bath and being so clean, we found this beautiful fisherman patiently waiting for a meal.


polishing silverware

Polishing Silver With Baking SodaTo polish silverware and remove tarnish, use your Arm and Hammer baking soda, a bowl or pan to fit your silverware, and aluminum foil to line the bowl.


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Storing Yarn in a Two Liter BottleI store my yarn in 2 litter soda bottles. Take an empty, clean bottle and remove the lid. Take a knife or large scissors and cut it in half, near the center of the label. Place your skein or ball of yarn inside the bottom half, take the end of the yarn and run it out the mouth of the bottle.



Wildlife: Mr. And Mrs. Cardinal (Summerhill, PA)Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal stopped off at my feeder here for a rare appearance together. They are usually separate eating while one watches. This time they were brave enough to be together


Organizing Measuring Cups

Organizing Measuring Cups and SpoonsDo you have too many sets of measuring cups? I think I might. To sort it out, I found some medium size containers (I had lots of large yogurt cups) and labeled them by the different capacities of each cup, and then I broke up the sets into these containers.



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Lilac Bush Not Blooming?I got a lilac 2 years ago. It bloomed one bud last year, but I am getting nothing this year. It is very green and healthy though. Do I need to put acid on it to help it bud?


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Zyrtec and Dogs?Does Zyrtec effect dog's liver and kidneys?


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Ideas for 22nd Golden Birthday?I'm turning 22 this summer and it's going to be my golden birthday. I need ideas for it.


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Keeping Caterpillars Off the House?I am looking for a home remedy to keep caterpillars in the yard and off my back porch and house. There are hundreds of these yellowish brown caterpillars, (some are a light green color) covering my patio. With every step we take from our door to our car we step on several.


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Pressure Cooking Recipes?I would like to have some pressure cooking recipes to use for dinner. Anyone out there have any they would share?


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