April 23, 2012

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Uses for an Old MicrowaveThis page is about uses for an old microwave. Once that microwave stops working what can be done so it doesn't just end up in the landfill?


Beautiful coffee filter flowers in jars fiilled with rocks

Crafts Using Coffee FiltersThis page is about crafts using coffee filters. Coffee filters are versatile for a variety of craft projects.


Puff Pastry

Recipes Using Puff PastryThis page contains recipes using puff pastry. Puff pastry can be used in a variety of recipes from main dishes to dessert.


Vegetable Salad

Vegetable Salad RecipesSalad does not just have to be made with lettuce, there are so many other veggies that taste delicious in a salad. This page contains vegetable salad recipes.


Tilapia With Pineapple and Apple Salsa

Tilapia RecipesThis farm raised fish is a current favorite in many recipes. This page contains tilapia recipes.


Brunch With Croissant and Fruit

Brunch RecipesThis page contains brunch recipes. Brunch is often a meal eaten between breakfast time and lunch and replacing them both.


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Advantages of Gap Insurance CoverageThis page is about advantages of gap insurance coverage. When purchasing insurance for your property, it is important to know when you may need additional coverage.


PayPal logo

Using PayPalThis page is about using PayPal. When using PayPal to receive payments or to pay for your online purchases, it's important to understand how it works.


Tick on Skin

Getting Rid of TicksTicks can be troublesome for humans and pets. This is a page about getting rid of ticks.


Dog on Homemade Pet Bed

Homemade Pet BedsThis is a page about homemade pet beds. Buying a pet bed can be expensive and sometimes frustrating when looking for a specific size or type.


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Infrared Oven RecipesThis page contains recipes for the Nu Wave, Flavorwave, Turbo Chef, Advantium, and other rapid cooking systems using infrared technology. Recipes for specialty ovens may vary from those for conventional ovens.


Uses for Milk Cartons

Uses for Milk CartonsThis page is about uses for milk cartons. There are many ways to reuse milk containers around the home.


Money Being Cinched by Measuring Tape

Living on a Tight BudgetThis is a page about living on a tight budget. More and more of us are trying to make ends meet on a tight budget.


Spring floral wall bucket using artificial flowers.

Homemade Spring DecorationsThis is a page about homemade spring decorations. Spring decorations can bring the beauty of nature indoors.


Classic Combo Pizza

Saving Money On PizzaThis is a page about saving money on pizza. Whether you make your own, buy frozen, or take out there are ways to save money on pizza.


Cornbread Muffins

Cornbread Salad RecipesMake a delicious salad using cornbread in much the same way as pasta, along with your favorite additional ingredients. This page contains cornbread salad recipes.


magic wallet

Magic Wallet CraftThis is a page about a magic wallet craft. Magic or trick wallets make a great gift or toy for the kids.



Saving Money on Heating CostsThis is a page about saving money on heating costs. Heating our homes can be very expensive.


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Homemade Food ColoringColored food can be fun, but sometimes you may not have food coloring in your cupboard or may want to find a natural alternative. This page is about homemade food coloring.


Hats and Gloves in Over the Door Shoe Organizers

Uses for Over the Door Shoe OrganizersThis is a page about uses for over the door shoe organizers. Repurpose an over the door shoe organizer to store a wide variety of other personal items or crafts.


Fish Fillet on White

Fish Fillet RecipesThis page contains fish fillet recipes. Fish is often a healthy alternative to red meat, but finding good recipes is key to overall enjoyment of the meal.


Cooking With Low Salt

Cooking With Low or No SaltThis is a page about cooking with low or no salt. Many people get too much salt in their daily diet.


An Irish potato candy covered in chocolate.

Irish Potato Candy RecipesStarchy potatoes are good for more than just a savory side dish. Make cute potato shaped confections, usually containing potatoes and powdered sugar. Despite the name, these candies originated in Philidelphia.


Quart of Oil, Rag and Funnel

Saving Money on Oil ChangesThis is a page about saving money on oil changes. Even if you don't change your oil yourself there are ways to save money on this maintenance task.


Salmon Loaf

Salmon Loaf RecipesAn economical way to enjoy the great taste of salmon is to make a loaf. This page contains salmon loaf recipes.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Making Chocolate Covered StrawberriesChocolate covered strawberries are so delicious, you will want to make them often. This is a page about making chocolate covered strawberries.


Rice Krispies Easter eggs.

Easter Rice Krispies Treat RecipesGet out your Rice Krispies treat recipe and make creative Easter treats. This page contains Easter Rice Krispies treat recipes.


Picky Eater Boy

Parenting a Picky EaterMany children can be very picky eaters, causing concern and frustration for their parents. This is a page about parenting a picky eater.


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Removing Labels from New ProductsThis is a page about removing labels from new products. After a shopping trip comes the often frustrating process of removing the labels without damaging your new purchase.


Chili Without Beans

Chili Recipes Without BeansThis page contains chili recipes without beans. Traditionally chili is made with meat and beans, however, sometimes you may want to leave the beans out.


Canned Tomatoes on White Background

Canning TomatoesThis is a page about canning tomatoes. Tomatoes are a good choice when canning fresh produce.



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Keeping Your Couch From SlidingWe have a really nice and shiny hardwood floor, but that means that furniture and rugs tend to slip. So we found the anti-slip material and put it under the rug. It worked so well that we wondered if it could keep our couch(es) from slipping.


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Bagels with Cucumber Radish and Cilantro Cream CheeseI like using sesame bagels with this flavor combination the best but plain bagels are good too. The amount of cucumber and radishes you use for this recipe will depend on how much each person likes to load their bagels ;-)


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Remembering Gift Card BalancesGift cards are so very popular, but one of the problems I had was remembering the balance on the card. Keeping the receipts really was messy and they tended to get torn or lost.


Lilacs in the Bathtub

Surprise Guests With Flowers in the BathroomHaving a party? Give your guests something more to talk about than the food and who did not show up. Surprise them with a bathtub full of lilacs. They're fun and inexpensive.


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Tips For Saving On BooksI am a book and reading enthusiast. My goal in life is to have a large library of books at my disposal. I can't afford list price on most anything so I have found several ways to get great books. The first and most obvious is check them out at the library.


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Vitamin C Tablet for Wart RemovalMany years ago I read somewhere about using a Vitamin C tablet and water to remove a wart. I had a wart frozen from my wrist, and years later it came back. I tried the Vitamin C tablet and water and the wart disappeared.


Red Rose

The Knock-out Rose (My Backyard Deck)The elegant color of my knock-out roses is so astounding. The leaves look as if they were colored by an artist's paintbrush; the buds of the roses are so deep red and the blossoms are aglow with a red hue that captures one's eye and heart!


Filling Coffee Maker

Use Spray Nozzle To Fill CoffeepotI have done several posts about my spilling stuff all over the place. Here is yet another. When I move to another place I always choose the shortest length of counter space, wasted space as it were, for my coffee brewing station.


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Parrot Toy IdeasSome of the toys my parrots have enjoyed over the years are:


Zippered Bottle Container

Zippered Plastic Bottle ContainerTurn two pop bottles into a zippered container.


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Repairing Scratched EyeglassesIf your eye glasses get scratched, take them back to the place where you got them and have them buff the scratch out. Why spend money on something that you really don't know will work. Worse you might ruin an expensive pair of glasses.


Homemade Cat Shelf

Homemade Cat ShelfI wanted to add a cat shelf to our kitchen window since we live next to the park. My husband used a regular shelf that he had and "L" brackets for support. You can buy this kind of shelf at a store like Home Depot or Lowes and they are very inexpensive.


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Can't Bring Yourself to Throw it Out?I moved to a smaller house and had so many things that wouldn't fit into the new house. After I had stored a lot of it in boxes for a year, I went through it all again and found that these things no longer had as much sentimental "pull".


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Walnut Hulls for Dyeing HairI rubbed walnut hulls into my hair strands to give it low lights, as I did not want to dye my whole head. Although one could. It works great and lasts a long time. I discovered this idea while working with the walnuts from our tree and observing how they stained my hands.


Loose Leaf Tea

Use Old Loose Tea for Smelly Garbage CanWe tend to buy more tea, rather than use up what we have, but we can't give it away because the package is already open. So instead of throwing it out, pour some of the dry loose tea inside your smelly garbage can.


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Getting Stuck Plastic Buckets ApartDo you have plastic buckets that are stuck together? Here are step by step instructions for getting them unstuck.


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Duct Tape as Medical Tape ReplacementLast weekend we were camping and at around 11pm, the camper next to us broke his finger. I set it using a tongue depressor and then wrapped it gauze.


Recycling Linens As Fabric - front

Recycling Linens As FabricUse bed sheets or pillow cases for crafty new table runners, bookbags or beach bags, doll clothes, clothing tops or dresses, sky's the limit!


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Taming the MailI keep a large manila folder with file folders in it labeled such as home insurance policy, auto insurance, etc. I only check my mail as I'm driving out of my driveway on the way to work.


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Keeping the Bathroom Sink CleanBetween making pottery, gardening, and car repair, we always had a dirty sink shortly after cleaning it. I found that if I wipe the sink in the bathroom with a dry washcloth after using, it stays cleaner looking longer.


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Getting More Soap Out of a Liquid Soap BottleOften, there is a little bit left at the bottom of a liquid soap dispenser where the manual pump cannot reach. In order to get to this soap, just fill the container about 1/3rd full with water and slowly agitate the bottle to dilute the remaining soap into the water.


Redneck Wine Glass

Redneck Wine Glasses (Seneca, SC)These are redneck wine glasses made with mason jars and candle sticks. They can also be used as candle holder with tealight candles


Recycled jar gaden vase on its own.

Recycled Jar Garden VasesHere's an idea for bringing a splash of color to those bare spots in your yard and garden.


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Use What You Have and Re-think the RestFrugal living, to me, means using what I have before buying something new. When I am in need of something, I first think about what I already have that might fulfill my needs, and try to use that first.


Garden Tools

Tools to Make Planting and Sowing EasierThe right garden tools can help make an otherwise tedious job simple and quick to accomplish. Here are some specialized tools to make the task of sowing seeds and planting transplants in your garden a bit easier.


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Protect Bank Cards With FoilI now wrap my CC and debit cards in an aluminum foil wrap. This prevents anyone from downloading the numbers if they try to scan my purse. This practice is also good if you carry your Social Security and health cards.


Shirt made by coming two stained shirts.

Sewing to Salvage Stained ShirtsTwo shirts with one problem: stains. One shirt with a special feature: decorative embroidery. Here's a simple solution to use what's left of the pair and create a cute "new" shirt in the process.


Giant Bouncy Slide (St.Petersberg, FL)

Giant Bouncy Slide (St. Petersberg, FL)My son contemplating, "You want me to ride that?"


Fruit Tree Blossoms

Spring Blossoms (Apple Grove, WV)I took these photos in my backyard. This spring all of our fruit trees were full of beautiful blooms.


Vintage Button Bracelet

Vintage Button BraceletGot a stash of old buttons? Use a handful of your favorites to make a great bracelet.


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Make Salad Last Longer by Removing Rotting LeavesJust like the saying, "one bad apple spoils a whole bunch", one bad lettuce leaf can quickly ruin an entire container of salad. I find this especially true with the baby greens.


Homemade Magic Wallet

Magic Wallets for Giving Money or Gift CardsMagic wallets, also known as trick wallets, make fun gifts. And the wallet pairs perfectly with a gift card, or a cash gift. It takes the place of an envelope, and adds fun to a gift that's otherwise strictly business.


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Drying Daffodil FlowersJust pick the flowers with the stems on and put them in a vase of water. Leave them in the vase and replenish the water as needed, until the daffodil flowers are completely dry. It takes about a week.


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Use Old Socks for DustingInstead of throwing those socks with holes away, they are great for dusting!


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Creative Ways to Give Money as GiftsMy hubby and I usually give $50.00 to our nieces and nephews when they graduate from high school. I usually take 50 $1.00 bills and make a chain like we used to make with gum wrappers. I don't tell them how to take the chain apart, they have to figure that out for themselves.



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Finding the Value of an Antique Violin?I have an old violin with the name Oswald Schaller 1821. Does anyone know how I can determine its value?


Harvesting Stevia?I am growing stevia in the tropics. I want to know how stevia is harvested and when it should be harvested? Our stevia has a great problem, in that it flowers frequently before it has matured. How can I solve this problem or what is the cause of this issue?


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Locating Your Car in a Parking Lot?What do you tie the bag to on top of your car?


gray dog with white feet and nose

What Breed is My Dog?We bought this dog at 1 1/2 weeks old and we are not sure exactly what breed he is. We were told that he was a mix of Labrador and Boxer. But when we took Havaac to the vet we were told he might have some Pit Bull in him because of his blue eyes and his color.


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Pumpkin and Tomato Soup?Does anyone have a pumpkin soup recipe that uses tomatoes? Years ago there was a recipe in the newspaper that was so good, but we lost it.


Slogan Ideas for a Cleaning Business?I'm trying to start my own cleaning service and was thinking of Tidy Maids for my name. I just can't think of a quote. Can you help with a slogan that goes with Tidy Maids?


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Removing Cooking Oil Smell from Clothes?My daughter spilled half a pot of used cooing oil then she used towels to clean it up. She washed them with the kids' clothes; now they all smell. How do I get that smell out?


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Making a Plarn Rug?How do I make a rug from plastic grocery bags?


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Getting Rid of Groundhogs?Will throwing mothballs down the hole chase them out?


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Gestation Period for Dogs?How many weeks does it take for a girl Yorkie to have her puppies?


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Troubleshooting Toro Riding Mower Electrical Problems?I have a Toro riding mower. The battery is OK. It had a loose connection which had interfered with getting power to the solenoid. I wriggled the wire a bit and the solenoid began clicking. After a few tries the starter engaged briefly (a second) and disengaged immediately.


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Growing Iris?While the others are still not ready on that plant can I cut back just the top bloom and give it away?


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Removing Cat Spray Odor from Carpet?A stray tom cat got into our house and marked it with cat spray. How do I rid my carpets of the odor?


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Crafts Using Wine Bottle Corks?What can be made with wine bottle corks?


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Free or Inexpensive Furniture?How can I find free living room furniture? I have been on Craig's List, but it is too expensive.


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Reviews of the Flat Belly Diet Book?Has anyone out there tried the Flat Belly Diet? I don't want to waste money on yet another diet book if it doesn't work! I have asthma and can't exercise, except through slow to moderate speed walking, so I need to lose weight through dieting.


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Peacock Themed Wedding?I am planning a peacock themed wedding on a teacher's budget. Can you guys offer any tips for cheaper decor with feathers and flowers in the variety of colors that peacocks have? Specifically, do you know of places with cheap candles and cheap flowers? Thanks!


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1904 Irish Encyclopedia?How rare is a 1904 Irish encyclopedia and is it worth anything?


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