January 25, 2013

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A fully stocked pantry lined with half full jars.

Cooking From the PantryThis is a page about cooking from the pantry. When rushed or in between market trips cook up creative meals by cooking from the pantry.


Reusing Pet Food Bags

Reusing Pet Food BagsThis is a page about reusing pet food bags.Pet food bags can be reused in a variety of ways including crafts.


Organizing Serving Dishes

Organizing Serving DishesThis is a page about organizing serving dishes. Because of their varying sizes and shapes serving dishes can be tough to organize.


Protecting Fruit Trees From Birds

Protecting Fruit Trees From BirdsThis is a page about protecting fruit trees from birds. While you may enjoy having birds visit your garden, perhaps you draw the line when they feast on your fruit trees.


Painting Cinder Block Walls

Painting Cinder Block WallsThis is a page about painting cinder block walls. Cinder blocks are a rather porous material and may require some special steps when painting, for best results.


Lavender towel gift set.

Towel Gift IdeasThis is a page about towel gift ideas. Although towels are a very practical gift you may be looking for some ways to make them a more personal or unique gift.


Tomato Plants Not Blooming

Tomato Plants Not BloomingThis is a page about tomato plants not blooming. It can be mystifying that your tomato plants seem so healthy but are not blooming.


Cleaning Baby Clothes and Bibs

Cleaning Baby Clothes and BibsThis is a page about cleaning baby clothes and bibs. Baby clothes and bibs in particular can get very dirty in the course of a typical day.


Frozen faucet.

Keeping Water Pipes from FreezingThis is a page about keeping water pipes from freezing. Frigid weather requires protecting water pipes to prevent freezing.


Chihuahua puppy

Getting Ready for a New PetThis is a page about getting ready for a new pet. Whether it is your first pet or just a new addition, you will need to make some preparations before you bring it home to make things go smoothly.


Milk Crate for Storing Games

Uses for Milk CratesThis is a page about uses for milk crates. Those plastic milk crates have a multitude of uses.


Margarine Tub

Making a Doll From a Butter or Margarine Tub?This is a page about making a doll from a butter or margarine tub. Recycled containers are often used in doll making.


Washing Bed Pillows

Washing Bed PillowsThis is a page about washing bed pillows. Just like your bed linens, the pillows need cleaning too.



Making a Birthday Candy CorsageThis is a page about making a birthday candy corsage. A unique personalized corsage can be a lovely birthday gift idea.


Using a Meat Grinder

Using a Meat GrinderThis is a page about using a meat grinder. If you have never used a meat grinder before, a few tips will make using it a more positive experience.


A frozen outdoor water faucet.

Thawing Frozen PipesThis page is about thawing frozen pipes. Once pipes are frozen it can be difficult to get them thawed before the weather warms up.


Making a Plastic Bag Holder

Making a Plastic Bag HolderThis is a page about making a plastic bag holder. Rather than buy a plastic bag holder for your recycled bags, make one.


Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper Crafts for KidsThis is a page about paper crafts for kids. Paper is an excellent medium of children's crafting activities.


Cleaning Electric Stove Burners

Cleaning Electric Stove BurnersThis is a page about cleaning electric stove burners. Electric stove burners can be a chore to clean.


Island Garden Bed

Designing an Island Garden BedThis is a page about designing an island garden bed. An island garden bed can be the showcase of your yard, but because of its 360 degree visibility it may required some careful planning.


Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower RecipesThis page contains roasted cauliflower recipes. Try roasting cauliflower as a delicious alternative to boiling or steaming.


Leftover Jelly

Uses for Leftover Jelly or JamEver find the jam or jelly jar in the back of the fridge with only a little left and not know a good way to use it, be creative. This is a page about uses for leftover jelly or jam.


A toddler making cookies.

Helping Toddlers Do Things on Their OwnThis is a page about helping toddlers do things on their own. Toddlers often want to begin doing things by themselves.


Meatless Meatballs

Meatless Meatball RecipesThis page contains meatless meatball recipes. If you are a vegetarian or simply trying to cut back on the amount of meat you eat, you don't have to give up "meat" balls.


A rusty meat grinder.

Removing Rust from a Meat Grinder?This is a page about removing rust from a meat grinder. Your meat grinder might develop rust, if not dried well or due to moisture where it is stored.


Dyeing Bath Towels

Dyeing Bath Towels?This is a page about dyeing bath towels. Thinking of changing the appearance of your bathroom, try dyeing the towels.


House Training an Abused Dog

House Training an Abused DogThis is a page about house training an abused dog. Dogs that have suffered abuse often present challenges when training.


Cleaning a Meat Grinder

Cleaning a Meat GrinderThis is a page about cleaning a meat grinder. Cleaning bits of meat out of your grinder may seem daunting, but there are some easy tips that can help.


Egg Custard Pie

Egg Custard Pie RecipesThis page contains egg custard pie recipes. Looking for a different pie recipe to serve at your next meal. Try a delicious egg custard.


Remedies for Feeling Moody

Natural Remedies for Feeling MoodyThis page is about natural remedies for feeling moody. Maintaining a good state of mind helps make life go smoother.



Shih-Tzu/Poodle on table.

Casey (Shih-Tzu/Poodle)I have had Casey since she was 2 months old.


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Potholder for Patching Gardening PantsMy husband had a pair of gardening pants which he had worn out at the knees. He asked me if I could mend them. So I decided to visit the dollar store to see if I could find any knee patches.


Flowers in the Summer Sun

Zinnias in the Summer SunA zinnia catches the late summer sunshine.


Unicorn made from snow.

A Snow UnicornSome very talented person made this unicorn from the recent snow we have had. Let's hope there is some more snow soon - he might make a unicorn foal!


View of clean and burnt sides of pan.Cleaning a Very Burnt Saucepan

Cleaning a Very Burnt SaucepanI took a telephone call and completely forgot my saucepan boiling my Udon noodles. I didn't think anything would shift the burnt-on food. How wrong I was.


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Homemade Flea TrapThis trap uses a disposable container, water, vinegar, and a nightlight.



Four part photo of dog.

What Breed is My Dog?Does anyone know what breed my dog was? For sure her mother was a Golden Retriever, but we never knew what breed the dad was. She had white paws, all white belly, and the tip of her tail was white with her coat being light gold.


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Substitution for Paper Padding Compound?Does anyone have a recommendation which glue to use for a padding compound? (the glue used to stick a paper pad together)


Stains on walls.

Black Stains on Ceiling and Above Electrical Outlets?About 2-3 years ago we had a puff back with our furnace. I have been noticing the black on the ceilings and my husband kept telling me it was from my candles. I do burn a lot of them.


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Discontinued Graham and Brown Wallpaper?I need to find 2 rolls of:Graham and Brown wallpaper, diamond beige, 19085.It seems to be discontinued and I would be grateful to anyone who could locate some rolls of this design, for sale.


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Cooking Beef That Has Been Frozen for a Long Time?I just found several packages of beef that have apparently been in the bottom of my freezer for two or three years. Besides removing all of the fat, what can I cook it with in my crockpot to freshen it up a bit?


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Cleaning the Outside of Windows?I want to ask what is the best solution for washing outside windows.


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Removing a Butter Splatter from Wallpaper?Hot butter exploded and went on the wall paper.


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Name Ideas for an Interior Design Showroom?I would like name suggestions for an interior design showroom.


Dog on leash.

Training a 1 Year Old Dog Not to Jump or Bite?I have a 1 year old Husky and German Shepherd mix named Shadow. He jumps on everyone and won't stop, he also humps everyone. When I go to give him a treat he like snaps and almost takes my hand off.


Removing Ink from Rubber Shoe Sole?How do I remove an ink stain on rubber sole of a shoe?


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Power to Clothing Presser Will Not Stay On?The heat will come on and heat up for all settings, but after the yellow light comes on a very little time passes until the power will shut down.


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Taxes and Savings Bond Interest?We purchased savings bonds for our children when they were young to use for education, but they did not mature enough until children were out of college.


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Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is having a birthday party, but she doesn't want the girly-girl type because her friends that are boys are going to be there. And we need an inexpensive party place.


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Homemade Febreze?I have a sample of Febreze; how can I make it myself?


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Whirlpool Washer Makes Noise and Stops Spinning?I have a Cabrio washer, that when it starts to spin it will go around a couple of times, and will begin to make a loud banging sound and cut off.


Guinea pig inside jacket.

Guinea Pig Not Well Since Other One Died?I had 2 guinea pigs and one died a week or so ago. Since then the other one doesn't want to do anything. He only eats a little and will sleep the whole day. I am worried about him.


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Using Chalkboard Paint on Plastic?When I paint on the plastic jar with the chalkboard paint it comes out in a light gray color. What should I do?


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Buying Life Insurance?I am not too savvy regarding life insurance. I need to get a policy for my husband who is on disability. This is our only income and I need this policy to be able to have burial expenses and to pay other expenses that might occur. He is not ill or anything like that as he is only 65 and in great health.


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Manual for Hitachi HB D102 Automatic Breadmaker?I would like a manual for the Hitachi HB D102 automatic bread maker. Does anyone know where I can find one?


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Shopping for Kraft Roka Blue Spread?Where can I buy Kraft Roka in Atlanta?


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