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Tomato Plants Not Blooming

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Tomato Plants Not Blooming
It can be mystifying that your tomato plants seem so healthy but are not blooming. This is a guide about tomato plants not blooming.


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June 14, 2010

My tomato plants have grown huge, but have not produced flowers for fruit. The same goes for my pepper plants. What could be wrong?

Hardiness Zone: 6a

By Bobbie from Springfield, OH


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June 16, 20101 found this helpful

Your soil could be the issue. All blooming vegie plants need a boost and regular household Epsom salts is what to run and get. Google it, go to their site, many online planting sites will give you info. Even on the packaging it tells you how to use it.

Helps with bottom end rot as well. Magnesium Sulfate is needed in the soil as a boost. Do you get your soil evaluated/tested so you know what is in it or do you buy planting soil at the nursery/farm store, etc. I have my own mix and have found that Epsom salts also helps control bugs in my gardens too. Don't let it set on the plant, sprinkle around the base and water. My roma plants had 100 tomatoes to a plant last year. Could not believe it! Did the Epsom salts about every 2 weeks.

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June 24, 20160 found this helpful

My tomato plants (Big Boy) have not produced flowers...Why?

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August 15, 20161 found this helpful

The Weather is not great for the plant or height temp

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July 7, 2017

I bought a patio tomato plant for a large container on my porch. It had 1 small tomato on it when I got it, but has never had any other blossoms nor has it gotten much bigger. Otherwise the plant is healthy, no bugs, and I am not overfeeding it. I have grown tomatoes for years and never had this problem. Help!

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July 8, 20170 found this helpful

Are you using the same soil as previous years? that could be the problem

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July 8, 20170 found this helpful

Make sure no suckers are growing between the branches. Fertilize regularly. You can also shake the plant very gently.

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July 11, 20170 found this helpful

Did you transplant it to a larger container? Most plants should only be re-potted to a one size larger container as they do not usually do well if placed in a much larger pot. I have found that patio tomatoes are more "touchy" than other tomato plants and do not like being moved around very much.

If you have only had your tomato plant for a short while it may just be taking its time to acclimate to the new soil, sun, temperature, humidity, and care.

Hopefully, it will "come out" soon and give you an abundance of pretty little blossoms.

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July 12, 20170 found this helpful

I grew brandywine and yellow zebra tomato plants from seed and the plants are now in my new 8 1/2 ' by 4' garden box. There are no flowers on them. I bought a cherry tomato plant and there were flowers on it and they are gone as are flowers on a red pepper plant I bought. I know I have raccoons and squirrels. Do I put cayenne pepper by the plants? I tried toilet paper rolls on a small plant and something destroyed one. Thank you, julie

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July 12, 20170 found this helpful

Thanks. I bought new garden soil. It's my first garden in this box.

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July 19, 2017

I started a project at work growing Roma tomatoes from seeds. I transferred them into buckets (sand buckets like for the beach) they are now really tall, but not flowering. They face south so they have direct sun for 7 hours a day. I planted the seeds in April. Am I doing something wrong?


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July 19, 20170 found this helpful

I think you need to move them outdoors. Make sure you fertilize them weekly.

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July 20, 20170 found this helpful

Do they specifically call out to be indoors? We planted ours after April and they've grown but we planted outdoors in direct sunlight

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July 25, 20170 found this helpful

It is best to grow tomatoes outside. They will flower and attract bees. Inside your home you have no way to pollinate the flowers except by hand.

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July 31, 2016

I have tomatoes on my 6 plants. I have picked about 12 and they taste great. I have lots of tomatoes on the plants, but I noticed there are no flowers on the plants now.

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February 27, 20170 found this helpful

One thing to do is make sure they're getting enough water. When they are dry, they stop producing. As well, you may try to feed them with either plant food or crushed eggshells to provide much-needed calcium. And make sure to rotate your soil every year. If you plant tomatoes in the same place every year, the nutrients are depleted and tomato-specific pests camp out there.

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February 28, 20170 found this helpful

Make sure you have no suckers between the branches. The plant will concentrate on them instead of making fruit.

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June 26, 20170 found this helpful

It's the offshoots that form between the branches. Really, any later growth that you remove to strengthen the earlier branches.

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April 13, 20120 found this helpful

When I planted my tomatoes it had blooms. There are 1 or 2 big green tomatoes on the plants. They stopped blooming and where the bloom should be, they've turned a blackish color. The tomatoes that are on the plants look great and are growing everyday, just no new blooms. Any information would help, what is the cause, how can I cure it?

By Kerry Jo

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April 18, 20120 found this helpful

Check the packet label. You may have purchased and planted a tomato that flowers once and then puts all of its energy into developing those flowers that have become fruits.

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May 11, 20102 found this helpful

I am a new gardener to planting in pots on our deck. We have 28 tomato plants and all except four have blooms. Others have bloomed and now have nice tomatoes setting on. Why are four of the plants without any blooms at all? They are almost 5 ft. tall.

Hardiness Zone: 8a

By bluegrass from Greenville, NC


Tomatoes Not Blooming

Are the 4 plants getting enough sun? I believe they need a good 8 hours of sun. Are some of the other plants shading them part of the day maybe? I have several tomato plants in 5 gallon buckets. Once they got so thick and tall I noticed they were actually blocking the sun from one another. I had to space mine out some.

How big are your containers? My extension office suggests 1 plant per 5 gallon container.

I have read that too much nitrogen causes no blooming. I'm sure you probably fertilize every plant the same though so that's probably no help.

I don't know much about the fertilizing part of it. I have always had great success with regular Miracle Gro granules.

You said you were a beginner, 24 out of 28 is great even for a pro, as far as I'm concerned.

Tracey in Jacksonville, FL (06/10/2009)

By TraceyI

Tomatoes Not Blooming

One thing that will keep your tomato and other blossoming plants from blooming is if it's been fed a high nitrogen fertilizer, if the first number on your fertilizer is a big number that's not good.
One way to remove some of the nitrogen is to work wood shavings or sawdust in the top couple of inches of soil, as it breaks down it takes nitrogen out of the soil and if you keep a thick layer of wood mulch under the plant it will hold moisture in bloom better.


Tomatoes Not Blooming

Thank you, Babbie and TraceyI for your prompt replies. I do believe it's the sun because some are taller than the others. I will get them relocated. All are being fertilized the same.

When we went to get the plants, I only intended to try three or four. However, my husband got carried away with those little trays and some had two plants in each slot. He said they were cheaper to buy in the six-pack trays than individually so hence, we ended up with 28.

We finally came up with enough containers to set them out. We actually have four cheap ($1 Dollar Tree) tall, plastic clothes baskets as pots. He lined them with a small netting so the soil could not come through the basket. Of course, they weigh a ton now and can't be re-located very easily. I have those on the back deck so no one can see the clothes baskets as pots. I am amazed how all of them have grown not to be set out in a big ole garden like we had growing up in TN.

Happy gardening to those of us using containers on our decks/patios. Have a great harvest season.

Marsha (06/11/2009)

By bluegrass

Tomatoes Not Blooming

Too much nitrogen. All the energy goes into growing and greening the plant, and not into flowering and setting the fruit. (06/18/2009)

By emmamamie

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June 14, 20101 found this helpful

What makes tomatoes not have any blossoms on them?

Hardiness Zone: 9a

By Carol from Griffin, GA


Tomatoes Not Blooming

Are they all the same variety? There is determinate tomatoes and indeterminate varieties. Some flower sooner than others. Also, I use tomato fertilizer on mine and I think it helps. The tomato fertilizer is also good for clematis if you have any of those as the same ingredients in it is what you need for clematis. (05/12/2010)

By Laniegirl

Tomatoes Not Blooming

I think it's a nutritional deficiency. Go to garden section and read on the smaller boxes of fertilizers that say, increases blooming, and find out what you are lacking. Then you can buy ready made or go organic route and add what's needed. (05/12/2010)


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