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This page contains tips and advice about growing food in your garden.

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Big tomato plants with blossoms but no fruit growing.

Big Tomato Plants, But No Tomatoes?If your tomato plants are growing quite large, but not bearing fruit there are a number of things you can check for to potentially still produce a harvest. This is a page about big tomato plants, but no tomatoes.


Tomato Plants Not Blooming

Tomato Plants Not BloomingThis is a page about tomato plants not blooming. It can be mystifying that your tomato plants seem so healthy but are not blooming.


How to Make a Garlic Braid

How to Make a Garlic BraidThis is a page about how to make a garlic braid. If you grow and use a lot of garlic in your cooking, making a garlic braid is a fun and practical way to store your harvest.


Cucumbers growing.

Why Are My Cucumbers Bitter?This page concerns why are my cucumbers bitter? The growing conditions or vegetable variety may affect the flavor of a it.


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Prickly Spines on Cucumbers?I'm growing 2 kinds of cucumbers, one is a pickling type (can't remember the exact name), the other is called "straight eight". They both have prickly spines on them, what is causing this?


Cucumber seedlings ready to plant.

Planting a Second Season CropThis is a page about planting a second season crop. Depending on where you live, you may be able to plant a second garden crop of cool season or quick growing veggies.


growing watermelon

Growing WatermelonsThis is a page about growing watermelons. When the hot days of summer arrive who can resist a sweet, juicy, homegrown watermelon.


Tomato plant with late blight and dying leaves

Troubleshooting Tomato ProblemsThis is a page about troubleshooting tomato problems. If your tomato harvest is disappointing due to disease, pests, or growing conditions there some easy solutions to your gardening issues.


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Why Are My Green Beans Yellow?My green beans are yellowish. What are they lacking?


Tomato Blossoms

Blossoms Falling Off Tomato Plants?If your tomato plant is not setting fruit and the blossoms are falling off, there are several possible causes you will need to investigate, including temperature, pests, and soil deficiencies. This is a page about blossoms falling off tomato plants.


Corn growing in a field.

Growing PopcornImportant factors to keep in mind before planting your own popcorn include a longer germination time and slower seedling growth rate. Given the proper growing conditions it is a fun addition to the home garden. This is a page about growing popcorn.


Rhubarb stalks

Growing RhubarbThis is a page about growing rhubarb. Whether it is your first time growing rhubarb or you have had problems in the past, there are some helpful tips that can make this a positive gardening experience.



Growing Tomato Slices

Growing Tomatoes From SlicesThis is a page about growing tomatoes from slices. Try this quick and easy way to plant tomato seeds from your store bought produce.


basket of sweet potato squash

Growing Sweet Potato Squash (Delicata...This is a page about growing sweet potato squash (delicata squash). This easy to grow heirloom squash has a flavor much like a sweet potato.


Milk jug tomato planter hanging in tree.

Homemade Upside Down Tomato PlanterTomatoes grow very successfully in upside down planters and they are convenient for a patio or deck. This page is about making a homemade upside down tomato planter.


supporting cucumbers

Supporting Cucumber VinesThis is a page about supporting cucumber vines. There are a number of reasons you may wish to consider supporting or staking your cucumber vines.


Onions growing in the ground.

Growing OnionsThis is a page about growing onions. With over 600 varieties of onions grown internationally, this versatile vegetable is a staple ingredient in a multitude of recipes and has been used in natural remedies the world over. Learning to grow your own onions can also be fun and save money!


Pineapple plant with fruit.

Growing PineapplesThis is a page about growing pineapples. Pineapples are sweet, delicious, and easy to grow. Your climatic region will dictate some of the growing considerations, but you can still successfully grow and harvest this popular tropical fruit.


Photo of a cumber on the vine.

Growing CucumbersCucumbers are a good addition to any vegetable garden. This is a page about growing cucumbers.


A tomato with an issue.

Growing Tomatoes?Some of our tomatoes are growing fine but some bunch of them are looking like the picture attached. What could cause that? Is it a fungus disease? Or too much water? The lower leaves seems to dry off too.


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Zucchini Buds Falling Off?I have two zucchini plants planted in a single 5 gallon pot. They seem healthy overall and I even harvested one fruit this season. But all remaining fruit buds that are forming on the plants are turning yellow, becoming limp and falling off even before they blossom (flowers don't open).


Picking butter beans off the vine.

Picking ButterbeansThis has been a hot, dry summer and the first year we have watered our garden. It has been a pretty one. My grandmother used to say, a dry June means a wet July. It seems that old saying is true because we have had a lot more rain this month.


A wire frame to grow beans on.

Frame for Running BeansLast year we planted bush green beans and when they began to grow, they put out long shoots. That's when we realized that, by mistake, we had gotten some running beans instead of bush beans.


Watermelons protected with chicken wire.

Chicken Wire To Protect Garden From AnimalsWe have a few watermelons in our garden this year. Three weeks ago, it was a disappointment to find that an animal, probably a deer, had bitten a huge gash out of one. To remedy this problem, we covered them with chicken wire and have not had any more problems.


A tomato with a nose like extrusion.

Tomatoes with CharacterWe have had some funny looking tomatoes in our garden this year. Number one would have made a good Pinocchio character and number 2 has some spots that look like eyes and a dent that makes it look like it is smiling.


Tomatoes after being tamed.

Taming TomatoesWhen our tomato plants start growing like crazy, I invented this holder made from a clothes hanger to keep the tomato plants from escaping the garden. Cut the wire into 6" pieces. Using pliers, curve into a U shape and curve both ends. Place U shape around straying tomato vine and attach to tomato cage. Do this to all vines to clean up the garden area.


A bamboo stick in a tomato plant.

Bamboo Sticks for Plant SupportYou can use bamboo sticks instead of a cage for tomatoes. It's a cheaper alternative and you can put the sticks anywhere, not just for tomatoes but for other plants, flowers, trees, etc. as well.



Starting Tomatoes in Coffee Cans

Starting Tomato Plants in Coffee CansGiving young tomato plants a start following this method is easy and allows you to move them into the garden with little stress. This is a page about starting tomatoes in coffee cans.


Grow your Own Tomato Plants  - plants in cups

Growing Tomato Plants from SeedTry growing tomato plants from seed rather than buying plants at your local big box store or nursery. There are so many more varieties available as seeds than you can buy as plants. Choose those that do well in your area and have a go planting seeds this season.


Canning jars of preserved vegetables

Planning a Canning and Preserve GardenCanning your own fruits and vegetables is be rewarding and frugal. Plus, jars of summer produce make a wonderful present. This is a page about planning a canning and preserve garden.


A bouquet of edible flowers on a wooden table.

Creating a Bouquet of Edibles from Your GardenUse herbs, flowers, stalks, and leaves from your veggie garden to create a beautiful, edible bouquet. This is a page about creating a bouquet of edibles from your garden.


Closeup of hands holding 3 tomatoes.

Tips for Tomato GrowersEven though the tomato is the most popular garden crop in the US, there are some important things to keep in mind to ensure the best crop possible. This page contains tips for tomato growers.


Woman Tending her Vegetable Garden

Preventative Medicine For Your Vegetable GardenIt is always preferable to prevent problems than to have to remedy them after they occur. This is also true of a vegetable garden. Proper care and maintenance, such as watering, fertilizing, weeding, and pest elimination can help keep your garden growing and producing well throughout the season. This is a page about preventative medicine for your vegetable garden.


Magically Growing Foods from Waste

Growing Food from WasteThe tops and root ends of many fresh vegetables can be sprouted in your kitchen, giving you fresh greens and leaves to use in cooking. This is a page about growing food from waste.


Harvested Pumpkins

How to Harvest PumpkinsIf you have grown some pumpkins it will be great to harvest them in the the fall. Here is how to harvest pumpkins.


Veggies from small garden.

6 Ways to Get Big Yields From a Small GardenA small garden space does not mean you can't have a nice yield if you employ a few techniques to intensify your gardening. This is a page about six ways to get big yields from a small garden.


Chili peppers growing outside.

Growing ChilesChilies can be easy to grow and they are a delicious addition to almost any meal. This is a page about how to grow chillies.


A sprouting potato.

Planting Sprouting PotatoesThis is a page about planting sprouting potatoes. If those potatoes that you forgot about have begun to sprout, try planting them. As long as there is no rot you should be able to harvest a nice crop.


Girl holding two handfuls of fresh green beans

Harvesting Green BeansThis is a page about harvesting green beans. After the hours spent planting and tending your garden, it is exciting to begin the harvest.


Growing Pea Shoots

Growing Pea ShootsThis is a page about growing pea shoots. Pea shoots make for a tasty salad topping and the best part is that they are easy to grow yourself.


Horseradish root against white background

Harvesting HorseradishThis is a page about harvesting horseradish. Choosing the right time of year, when the soil is cool, and using the appropriate garden tools will give you your most flavorful harvest.


looking down into potato cage with new growth

Building a Potato CageThis is a page about building a potato cage. A popular way to grow potatoes is to use a cage type structure for planting your crop.



grapefruit on branch with a slice in foreground

Growing Grapefruit from SeedThis is a page about growing grapefruit from seed. The seeds from this citrus fruit, unless they are hybrid, may germinate to produce a grapefruit house plant and eventually a tree.


A girl holding a basket full of vegetables.

Sharing Garden ProduceThis is a page about sharing garden produce. Even a modest backyard garden can yield more produce than one family can easily consume. Sharing your extra fruits and vegetables is a simple and kind way to provide fresh produce for friends and neighbors.


Watering plants in a vegetable garden.

Troubleshooting Your Vegetable GardenA successful vegetable garden requires more than simply preparing the soil and planting your vegetable plants or seeds. You will need to respond to any number of issues that might arise, such as leggy plants, low yield, or insect damage. This is a page about troubleshooting your vegetable garden.


Frosted vegetable in garden.

Growing Food in the Fall and Winter?This is a page about growing food in the fall and winter. When the summer growing season ends, it does not necessarily mean an end to your vegetable gardening.


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Rhubarb Died Over the Winter?Why did most of my rhubarb plants die this winter?


green peppers growing

Growing Peppers and Tomatoes TogetherThis page is about growing peppers and tomatoes together. These vegetables are delicious when cooked together, but the question is do they grow well together.


Cherry Tomatoes

Growing Cherry TomatoesThis page is about growing cherry tomatoes. An abundance of these bite sized treats can be grown on the patio or in the garden.


Jalapeno Peppers

Growing Jalapeno PeppersThe jalapeno pepper is a popular, mildly hot, chili pepper often used in Mexican cuisine. It is also a good choice for your home garden. This is a page about growing jalapeno peppers.


Buttercup Squash

Growing Buttercup SquashThis is a page about growing buttercup squash. These delicious winter squash are easy to grow.


Vanilla beans growing.

Growing VanillaThis is a page about growing vanilla. Vanilla was first cultivated in Central America and is easily grown in warm humid conditions.


Victory Garden

Growing a Victory GardenThis is a page about growing a Victory Garden. Although the original Victory Garden originated in England and the United States during WWII, you can still enjoy the benefits derived from these early family gardens.


Growing Taro

Growing Taro?This page is about growing taro. A southeast Asian native plant grown mostly as food and thrives with lots of water.


Using Green Tomatoes

Using Green TomatoesDon't throw away those green tomatoes at the end of the growing season. This is a page about using green tomatoes.


Growing Hot Peppers

Growing Hot PeppersThis is a page about growing hot peppers. There are so many types of hot peppers available now, you may want to try growing your own in the garden.



Growing Tree Onions (Walking Onions)These onions form bulblets instead of flowers on their stalk, thus providing additional onion plants some distance from the mother plant. This is a page about growing tree onions (walking onions).


Microgreens for Sale

Growing MicrogreensThis is a page about growing microgreens. Micro greens are tiny greens grown from vegetable, herb, or other seeds.


Fordhook Lima Beans

Growing Fordhook Lima Beans?This is a page about growing Fordhook Lima beans. Add this large Lima bean variety to your garden this year.


Community Supported Agriculture Farm

Joining a Community Supported Agriculture FarmThis is a page about joining a community supported agricultural farm. If you would love a vegetable garden, but don't have the room, consider becoming involved with a community supported farm.


Growing Peas

Growing PeasThis is a page about growing peas. Peas are a good choice for the home garden.


Growing a Salad Garden

Growing a Salad GardenThis page is about growing a salad garden. It is so nice to make a fresh salad out of greens that you have grown yourself.


selling garden products

Selling Garden ProduceThis is a page about selling your garden products at the farmers market. If you have a large enough garden you may be considering selling some of the extra produce.


Tomatoes Growing in the garden.

Planting TomatoesThis is a page about planting tomatoes. Following some helpful tips when planting your tomato plants can help ensure a better harvest.


Passion Fruit on Vine

Growing Passion FruitThis is a page about growing passion fruit. Growing passion fruit can be quite easy if you live in an area with the right climatic conditions.


growing red onions

Growing Red Onions?This is a page about growing red onions. Juicy, sweet red onions are excellent in salads and other dishes.



Growing GarlicGarlic is prized for its culinary and medicinal uses. This is a page about growing garlic.


Growing Watercress

Growing Watercress?This is a page about growing watercress. You do not actually need a stream on your property to grow watercress.


growing ginger

Growing GingerGrowing ginger begins with a trip to the produce section at the market. This is a page about growing ginger.


Raw Cocoa Beans

Growing Cacao?This is a page about growing cacao. Chocolate on the tree; cacao is a native of hot, rainy locales, usually near the equator.


Oyster mushrooms growing

Growing MushroomsGrowing your own mushrooms can provide a continual supply of these tasty fungi. You can choose from a number of varieties such as: portobello, shiitake or oyster mushrooms, to name a few.


Growing Artichokes

Growing ArtichokesThis is a page about growing artichokes. Artichokes are easy and fun to grow. They have beautiful purple flowers and are a tasty addition to the dinner table as well.


Growing Strawberries

Growing StrawberriesThis is a page about growing strawberries. Strawberries are a tasty and healthy fruit that the whole family can enjoy. Growing them in your garden can be quite easy and rewarding.


Okra Plant with Blue Sky in Background

Growing OkraThis is a page about growing okra. Okra is a great addition to many homemade dishes. Grow your own okra at home and you have it available to use, fresh as can be.


Bok choy growing in a field.

Growing Chinese CabbageThis is a page about growing Chinese cabbage. There are several varieties of cabbage referred to as Chinese cabbage, such as Napa cabbage or bok choy. These cabbages are a great choice for your kitchen garden. Then all you will need are some delicious recipes.


Mixed veggie and flower garden with gravel paths.

Organizing Your Vegetable GardenThis is a page about organizing your vegetable garden. A successful vegetable garden is often the result of careful planning and organization. This does not necessarily mean straight orderly rows, but does involve envisioning the garden in its various stages of development.


Tomatoes growing with blossom end rot.

Blossom End Rot on VegetablesThere is nothing more frustrating than planting and caring for your garden all season only to have problems right before harvest. Here are some tips for dealing with blossom end rot on veggies like tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, or squash. This is a page about blossom end rot on vegetables.


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Growing Truffles?How do I grow truffles?


Kiwifruit growing on the vine.

Growing KiwifruitThis is a page about growing kiwifruit. Kiwis grow on a vine and require trellising. If you live in a zone suitable for growing kiwifruit, you can enjoy the opportunity to have fresh kiwis in your own backyard.


A bunch of cherries still on the tree.

Using Up Your Cherry HarvestThis is a page for using up your cherry harvest. If you are lucky enough to have a fruiting cherry tree in your yard, you may now have too many cherries for your family to eat before they go bad or before the birds eat them. Here are ways to preserve, cook, freeze or get rid of your abundance.


Half of a honeydew melon and slices.

Growing Honeydew MelonsThis is a page about growing honeydew melons. Growing your own honeydew melons can be very rewarding, especially as it is often difficult to find a really sweet one at the market.


Cantaloupe growing on a vine.

Growing CantaloupeThis is a page about growing cantaloupe. Cantaloupe can be expensive to buy at the store. Growing your own can help save you money.


Blueberries growing on a bush.

Growing BlueberriesThis is a page for growing blueberries. Blueberries are great for baking or just eating by the handful. Their high levels of antioxidants make blueberries a healthy part of your diet.


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Something is Eating My Tomatoes?Something is eating the tomatoes at the bottom of my plants in my garden in southeast Pennsylvania. What could it be? A rat? squirrels? rabbits?


Growing Tomatoes, Red Tomatoes on White Background

Growing TomatoesThis is a page about growing tomatoes. Tomatoes are a very rewarding addition to any garden. They are relatively easy to grow and you won't have any trouble finding ways to use them at the dinner table.


Bunch of concord grapes against autumn leaves.

Growing GrapesThis is a page about growing grapes. Growing your own grapes can be a rewarding and delicious experience. Whether you are thinking about a table or wine variety, there are some important factors to consider, such as choosing the right variety for your area.


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Preventing Clubroot in Cabbages?I have heard of dipping cabbage plant roots into a chemical before planting to prevent clubroot. I don't know what chemical or whether this is a good idea. Has anybody got knowledge or opinion on this?


giant pumpkin

How To Grow Giant PumpkinsWhether your goal is to make a statement with your fall display or win first prize at a local pumpkin weigh-off, once you've mastered some pumpkin growing basics, growing the giants isn't really that hard.


Garden: Growing RutabagasHere's a picture of some of the rutabagas I grew in my garden. I also grew some very large lettuce leaves and large garlic bulbs. I love to grow large tomatoes, 2 pound ones. We have fresh veggies all the time. What we don't use, I freeze them and share with friends and neighbors. It's a very good pastime, saves on food.


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Wash and Freeze Your Apple HarvestWith apples so good and plentiful now, why not freeze them so that you may enjoy sauces and apple desserts all year. Fill empty spots in your freezer with apples that have been washed only. Don't pare, core or peel. Just put in plastic bags before storing in freezer.


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When Should I Plant Garlic?Last fall I planted some fall garlic and it just about all rotted in the ground. Is it too cold here, or is there something I didn't do? Is spring planting better for here?


A giant homegrown zucchini

Giant ZucchiniI just wanted to show everyone the giant zucchini I grew this year. This is the first year I have grown them and this is a whopper. It is 14 1/2 inches long. I'm sure it probably would have gotten bigger but my dear husband pulled it off first.


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Growing Madagascar Grapes?Does anyone have information about Madagascar Grapes? Information about the seeds, growing instructions, can it grow in Texas heat and black soil, etc.?


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Potato Plants Not Blooming?I planted potatoes in pots on my balcony. They are now over a metre and a half high but have not bloomed. There are 5 plants, only one has had 3 blooms.


Small Tomatoes?I live in Montreal Quebec and made myself a small garden outside my office. It's full of tomatoes but some are not too big and all of them are green still. I took off the branches with no tomatoes very gentily to give more power to the tomatoes. Did I make a mistake?


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Big Leaves but Small Potatoes?My potato plants have huge leaves but only a few small potatoes. What is the problem. We use cow manure for fertilizer.


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How often should I water my vegetables?How often should I water my garden vegetables?


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When Should I Pick My Chili Peppers?I am growing Santa Fe green chili peppers, they are about 8 inches long, but not sure if ready to pick? How do I know when to pick? Once picked how do I remove skin, for cooking. I know its tough skin, most say grill or broil, is there any other way?


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Planting Food in Creosote Logs?My mom and I are planting a garden. She has some old creosote logs about 40 years old. Is it ok to plant strawberries in the holes of the logs? I don't want anyone to get sick on strawberry short cake.


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Protecting Green Pepper Plants in the Winter?I need advise on what do to about bringing my plants indoors now that the winter cold is coming. Any suggestions out there? I'm a new gardener and I had a wonderful crop of peppers all summer and fall and would hate to hurt them now!


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Growing Escarole?How difficult is it to grow escarole?


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Zucchini Dying After Producing?Can you tell me why my Zucchini and Cucumber plants produce a few vegetables, then quickly die? The plant starts decaying from the bottom of the stem and rapidly progresses upward.


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Skinny Asparagus?Why do some of my asparagus come in very skinny while others nearby are very fat? Also, why do some of them become woody, no matter what their size is?


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Grape Tomatoes Splitting Before They Are Ripe?My grape tomotoes are splitting open before they are ripe. Does anyone have any advice?


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Holes In My Cherry Tomatoes?Here's the problem: When they turn red, something is getting to eat them before me. Now I know some smart gardener out there can help me by telling me what to do so I can enjoy at least one tomato.


Now Is the Time for a Victory Garden - raised beds with leaf lettuce and other crops

Now Is the Time for a Victory GardenWith all the extra time spent at home and uncertainty with COVID-19, now is the perfect time to be planting a victory garden.


Harvesting Potatoes from a Potato Tower

Harvesting Potatoes from a Potato TowerWe made a potato tower two years ago. We planted it with seed potatoes, added soil as the plants grew, and then proceeded to forget about harvesting them.


Growing Tomato Slices

Growing Tomato SlicesI don't mean you can get ready sliced tomatoes off a plant that would be silly. However, rather than pay for an expensive pack of seeds, or go to the trouble of picking seeds out of a tomato and drying them, you can actually plant slices of tomatoes.


Salad bowl planter.

Fresh Salad BowlWhat could be better than a fresh salad bowl? I use a low ceramic bowl, plant a variety of lettuces and herbs each spring. Throughout the summer I go out to my salad bowl and pick fresh greens for dinner.


Grow your Own Tomato Plants  - plants in cups

Grow Your Own Tomato PlantsLast spring was the first time we ever tried growing our own tomato plants. We had a big plastic tank that didn't work well for what we got it for. My husband removed the plastic and used the frame to make a greenhouse.


Celery growing in the ground.

How to Grow CeleryCelery can be grown in just about any climate as long as you have the time and patience. Traditional trench-grown celery, which requires specific soil conditions and constant attention over a long growing season, has given this vegetable its demanding reputation.


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braiding garlic

Braiding GarlicHere's a great video with instructions for making a garden braid.


Stackable Potato Tower

Stackable Potato TowerGrown your own potatoes at home with this stackable tower. Learn how to make it in this short video.



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Intercropping in a Maize Field?Which crop is used for the intercropping in a maize field?


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Zucchini Plants Stopped Setting Fruit?I'm growing courgettes in green houses. The problem is that my production has stopped after a few weeks even though my plants are strong and have green large leaves. Bees are also working very well. I don't think there is poor pollination. Can you give some suggestions as to what may be the problem?


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Tomato Plants Stopped Blooming?I have tomatoes on my 6 plants. I have picked about 12 and they taste great. I have lots of tomatoes on the plants, but I noticed there are no flowers on the plants now.


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Indoor Roma Tomatoes Not Flowering?I started a project at work growing Roma tomatoes from seeds. I transferred them into buckets (sand buckets like for the beach) they are now really tall, but not flowering. They face south so they have direct sun for 7 hours a day. I planted the seeds in April. Am I doing something wrong?


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Planting Spaghetti Squash?Planting spaghetti squash too close - what will happen? Hubby planted seeds 2 inches apart. Should they be thinned and by how much


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Zucchini Buds Falling Off?I have two zucchini plants planted in a single 5 gallon pot. They seem healthy overall and I even harvested one fruit this season. But all remaining fruit buds that are forming on the plants are turning yellow, becoming limp and falling off even before they blossom (flowers don't open).


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